‘Moms Demand Action’ on guns

Gun violence prevention is a big topic of discussion in the current 2020 presidential race. But most gun-violence prevention bills introduced in the state of Virginia never make it out of committee, thus restricting the public’s awareness of these bills and prohibiting the rigorous discussion these ideas deserve.

My whole life has been spent voting conservatively because of the “pro-life” component of the conservative platform. But it seems hypocritical to call oneself pro-life while ignoring every bit of data that would show that lives would be saved if common-sense gun legislation was introduced and passed.

Because of the data, the risk to our children of mass gun violence, and the 100 Americans who die daily secondary to gun violence, I co-lead the Winchester chapter of Moms Demand Action, a nonpartisan grassroots effort to end the gun violence epidemic.

We can do this. We can be both for the Second Amendment and sensible gun legislation. Our children need us to act.

Jennifer Miller

Stephens City

Jennifer Miller

Stephens City

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There is common sense gun laws on the books. Enforce them and not make new laws. Criminals do not obey laws.


Then why have any laws?


Why have cars, a lot of people die in auto accidents every year.

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