‘Puffery piece’

With respect to Mark Lore’s letter published in “Your Views” on Nov. 26 about the virtues of his 32 years in the Foreign Service and what a super job these civil servants do in the Foreign Service, I would like to remind Mr. Lore of my grandfather’s old adage: “It ain’t the whistle that pulls the train.” What a puffery piece.

Roger Carroll Frederick County

Roger Carroll

Frederick County

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I understand the dislike for some "bureaucrats." Either because of government bloat or the "deep state" theories that are all over the place. Or some other reason I don't know about. I hate waste, which is why I see room for a clean up. But the intense dislike and distrust shown for our intelligence agencies, foreign service officials makes me ask number one: why? Number two: what should we do about it? Number 3: Who should do their jobs? Number 4: Who should be in charge of keeping Americans safe? Instead of grousing about them, what are suggestions for positive change? It would be interesting to try to understand what the issue is.


Annnnnd.....the liberals leap to the defense of bureaucrats. No real surprise there, eh. Next, they’ll be singing the praises of the intelligence agencies.


So the peanut gallery leaps at the chance to lambast a 3 decade career in the foreign service. My, the Grinch arrived early this year!


Mr. Carroll's comments demonstrate his ignorance. The foreign service is there to implement policy, not "pull the train." The tragedy is that there's no coherent policy to implement.

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They aren't the whistle, sir. I believe most of our civil servants do wonderful work. It is really sad when people disparage them; they include teachers, health care workers, first responders, diplomats, envoys, etc. Are a lot of sectors bloated? Yes. Can the government civil servants be thinned out? Probably. Why, some civil servants obey subpoenas and testify under oath. Some other civil servants as well as public servants refuse to do so. Sad.

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