Thanks, Dems, for voting GOP

A resounding “Well Done!” and “Thank You” to each of the many Frederick County residents who, having previously voted in local Democrat elections, joined the Republicans in choosing GOP candidates in the recent (April 30) local Republican election process. In doing so they helped to choose the Republican candidates for the general election in November. Those of us in Frederick County, who regularly vote as Republicans, are pleased with the help you provided.

However, please do not forget there are responsibilities that go with your vote. Remember, you signed a pledge, that by voting in a Republican election process, you agreed to support only Republican candidates in the next general election, which is in November.

The pledge specifically mentions you cannot publicly support any Democrat or Independent candidate. Doing so may have a negative effect on your ability to vote in future local elections. It would be a shame, after your generous support of Republican candidates, to learn you did not honor the pledge you were so willing to sign to qualify to participate in the Republican April 30 election process.

Margaret Hobble Frederick County

Margaret Hobble

Frederick County 

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Chris 22602

VA Code 24.2-607. Prohibited conduct; intimidation of voters; disturbance of election; how prevented; penalties. A. It shall be unlawful for any person to hinder, intimidate, or interfere with any qualified voter so as to prevent the voter from casting a secret ballot. The officers of election may order a person violating this subsection to cease such action. If such person does not promptly desist, the officers of election, or a majority of them, may order the arrest of such person by any person authorized by law to make arrests, and, by their warrant, may commit him to the county or city jail, as the case may be, for a period not exceeding twenty-four hours. Any person violating this subsection shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. As Trump would say - “lock her up!”

Spock Here

Gee Margaret, you must be a hit at the cocktail parties


Again Spock no real comment now cocktail parties. You have a real discrimination problem Not everyone who disagree with you are alcohol or drug users, unintelligible or racist. ZGROW UP and reply to the real issue

Spock Here

My point was she would put a social gathering to sleep by yammering about this. Sorry it wasn't clear to you


In your dreams Margaret. You had better pray that no one takes your non legal, invented-from-the-smoke-of-the-good-old-boys-primary process to court. It will never stand up. There is no legal basis for it, and there can therefore be no penalties from it. It is NOT a legal contract. Under Virginia law, voters are just voters, not republican voters or democratic voters as any kind of legal class. Your process is meant to be elusive and elitist, held way off in one corner of the county. A much more important issue is the talk about Republican operatives refusing to let school teachers vote on April 30th and turning them away, on the basis of some hallucination that no teachers are Republicans. Seems to me there are two counts of voter suppression at work here, both prosecutable offenses.


No one in Virginia registers by party. This is bluster and fearmongering. I would love for them to try to keep someone from voting. Then, the ACLU can get involved.


Do we need to revisit 9th-grade Civics? Are you suggesting that because I voted for the least offensive Republican that I cannot vote for the better of any two candidates? And then we criticize countries like Russia because 97% of the people vote for the only candidate on the ballot? Are you really willing to elect the lesser of two candidates because I voted in a primary for the better of the bad guys? Have you thought this out completely? Because it seems to me that given what you are suggesting would result in a very bad government. Maybe we need to change the pledge. Perhaps that is where the problems lives.


I am confused by the term "non-binding pledge". Yes, as the ballot box is private and no one knows how someone votes, a pledge cannot be enforced practically. A pledge is a matter of honor, this one knowingly entered into. Your abuse and lack of honor says a lot about you. What do you teach your children?

Chris 22602

I teach my boys they can’t grab women by the genitals and just start kissing them.


You cannot stop someone from voting in a primary based on violating your non-binding pledge. Everyone knows that in Frederick County, if don't vote in the GOP primary, you basically have no say in the general election. If a race was between Jesus (D) and Satan (R), we all know who would win. After all, that Jesus is a brown man! Have you heard some of the stuff he says? Have you seen the people he pals around with? He's for free healthcare! And caring for refugees! He talks a lot about caring for the poor and the afflicted. Sounds socialist to me!


Jesus had very clear messages, unobscured by any hidden motives. In fact, he had them written in the most read book in history. His truths transcend the color of skin, and he held all accountable. Jesus believes in the sanctity of all life.I have trouble believing he is your candidate, CRT.


You would deny access to healthcare to those who need it. You lie quite a bit on these pages, "doctor". You are not one to cast the first stone. Wait, do you have something in your eye....


Not everyone is a Christian and we don’t have to buy into Christian dogma. That’s why we have a separation of church & state.

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