Why wasn’t Northam ‘sent a message’?

Since President Trump has taken office, Democrats have tried to exploit the strong dislike some have of him by attempting to connect Republicans to him. In other words, they say “vote for Democrat X in order to show your dissatisfaction with Trump.”

Fair enough. This has been a political ploy used for decades. In the right districts it has worked. Our own congressional district saw such a successful appeal in the defeat of Congresswoman Barbara Comstock.

But here’s a question I have for those who voted against Comstock for this reason or intended to vote against Republicans in last week’s election for Virginia’s legislature because of their dislike of Trump. Because of the racist, repugnant, and disgusting revelation of Gov. Northam’s yearbook picture and caption, why shouldn’t we vote for Republicans to “send him a message,” as the saying goes, that we don’t want representatives who will be allies with such a leader?

Or, we should ask them, if elected, will they call for his resignation, as, to their credit, some incumbent Democratic office-holders have?

Paul Zisserson

Lake Frederick

Paul Zisserson

Lake Frederick

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Trump and his father were cited for housing discrimination in the 1970s. Trump has said many racist things since that time. Trump was the leader of the racist Birther movement. Trump has refused to say he was wrong about the Central Park Five who have been exonerated by DNA evidence and the conviction of the real rapist. Trump makes racist comments all the time via Twitter. No comparison with Northam.


On this Veterans Day, it is appropriate to note that the governor answered the call and served in the military. Trump's daddy got a free pass for his boy from a doctor who just happened to be a tenant in one of his office buildings. Doing something stupid 39 years ago is quite different from Cadet Bone Spurs doing something stupid now on a daily basis.


Shill away, shill away


Wrong anon. Trump as done more for the minority communities than Democrats. If you really think everything the left is professing it will not come to pass. Nothing is free and eventually you and I will pay for it.


The blackface was wrong but his life after college has been very positive. He is a veteran and a doctor. He has made the world a better place even before he was a governor. His life as an elected legislature has been defined by helping out those in needs and making life better for everyone including African Americans. None of this can be applied to Donald Trump. This is why some, including myself, are willing to forgive and not send a message. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Donald Trump will never change his way and people need to keep sending him messages.


The very fact that he was a student learning to be a member of one of our most prestigious professions is what makes his blackface or Klan outfit or nickname so egregious. I'm sure there were many racists physicians in the segregated South who "did good work." In my opinion, he went too far over the line at a period in our history when such actions and words should have been unthinkable. It's a disgrace that he has remained governor. As far as Trump is concerned, I noted that it's fair game to take out your anger at him by voting Democratic. I don't know if you are referencing me about "casting stones," but yes, I'm quite imperfect.


So, it's okay to throw stones at Trump, but to quote the Bible when a Democrat is in question?


He advocates killing babies.


So do you if the baby is in the arms or womb of a woman trying to cross the border seeking a better life.

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