WINCHESTER — Eight years after it was reported to police and 14 years after it purportedly began, a man has been arrested over child molestation allegations.

Elmer Mauricio Amaya-Orellana, 46, faces two counts of aggravated sexual battery. The 26-year-old complainant went to police in 2011 and said Amaya-Orellana began abusing her when she was a sixth-grader, according to Winchester Police Department Detective Charles C. Barlow’s criminal complaint. She said Amaya-Orellana touched her inappropriately in her home and forced her to masturbate him.

Barlow said Amaya-Orellana agreed in 2011 to come to the police department for an interview, but left the country. The complaint didn’t say where he went or how police learned he he’d returned to the U.S. Amaya-Orellana was arrested Monday in Winchester, according to the department’s arrest log.

Amaya-Orellana was being held without bond at the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center on Tuesday. A Northwestern staffer said U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a “detainer” on Amaya-Orellana, meaning he faces deportation proceedings when his criminal case is adjudicated.

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Mark Anderson

Can I ask what his ethnicity and immigration status have to do with his alleged crimes? Is it pertinent in anyway, or is it just another opportunity for you to exploit victims to push your terrible political ideology?


Mark.... If I were this childs father and this happened, Wouldnt the obvious answer be if this individual had not been here illegally my daughter would not have been molested. People who are not here can not commit a crime. The fact that he is here illegally have given him a platform to commit his abuse onto our most vulnerable.. Our. If keeping illegals out saves one child then its good enough for me. By the way it is enforcing law. Evidence shows those who live a criminal life...... commit crimes. They are criminals when they violate the laws of america and the rights of a America to have borders like every other country and protect those borders and enforce American law.


Another reason liberals disgust me. We could have excellent border control by now if it wasn't for their constant fight supporting these criminals!!!


Where do we seek asylum from these illegal immigrant predators?


Good question ralcabin.


When will we learn that terrible policy at the border are harming many especially innocent children as indicated here. Why would we want to import molestors when we have plenty now. I realize they are all not molestors. But we are not enforcing illegal entry. Plus we are creating sanctuary states and cities for people like this? I consider my grandaughter and other innocent children as well who depend on being protected. But there is policies that make them more vulnerable. Sad.


I guess this means he was not a legal immigrant if he faces deportation. I find it sickening that child molesters get so little time behind bars. What they do can mess up the psyche of their victims for the rest of their lives. I have grandchildren fron ages 10 to 4 who were molested by their stepfather. He actually got on stand and admitted to the sick things he did for years. He only got 7 years and was out in 3 for good behavior. What a crock...


ALL child molesters deserve a bullet to the head. Nothing less.



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