Mountain View Motel

A Capon Bridge, W.Va., man has been charged with malicious wounding after a man was beaten Saturday night at the Mountain View Inn in Gore.

GORE — A Capon Bridge, W.Va., man has been arrested for the malicious wounding of a man on Saturday night at the Mountain View Inn in the 6800 block of Northwestern Pike (U.S. 50) in Frederick County.

Dustin Synovec, who is approximately 25 years old, was arrested after he allegedly confessed to the incident, Lt. C.T. Streit of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office said.

About 10:20 p.m. Saturday, witnesses told police they awoke to the sound of a large fight and shots being fired at the motel, Streit said. They said one man was lying on the ground covered in blood. According to Streit, the man was unconscious with multiple injuries to his face. He was taken to Winchester Medical Center for treatment of his injuries.

There were no bullet shell casings found at the scene, and the victim did not suffer from any gunshot wounds, he added.

Witnesses told police several shots were fired into the air, Streit said. They also said they saw three or four men flee the scene in a pink car.

According to witnesses, Synovec and the victim appeared to know each other, Streit said, adding that the incident was not gang- or drug-related.

Streit was unable to provide an update on the victim’s condition.

The incident remains under investigation, he said.

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