WINCHESTER — Getting stabbed six times in the chest is something a person would tend to realize immediately, and stabbing someone should be hard to forget, but not for the complainant and suspect in an alleged Sunday night stabbing in Winchester.

The incident occurred about 11:30 p.m. in a home in the 300 block of Charles Street, according to a Tuesday email from Winchester Police Department spokeswoman Lt. Amanda Behan. The complainant and the suspect live a short distance from one another on the street. Charles Harris told police he was stabbed by his friend Stacey Allen Cooper. Behan said a report on the fight didn’t say what it was over.

The 54-year-old Harris said he fought with Cooper, 52. As he walked home, Harris realized he’d been stabbed, according to a criminal complaint written by Detective Jonathan D. Dixon. After Harris was hospitalized at Winchester Medical Center, it was determined he had six stab wounds in the chest.

Dixon wrote that a red folding knife was found outside of Cooper’s home and Cooper admitted it was his. Cooper said he was attacked by Harris and “may have pulled out his knife and may have stabbed Harris, but cannot remember,” according to the complaint.

Cooper’s criminal record includes convictions for assault and battery, domestic assault and battery and cocaine distribution. In 2010, he was shot in the leg during a fight by the intersection of Fairfax Lane and North Kent Street.

Cooper was charged with malicious wounding over the stabbing. He was being held without bond on Tuesday night at the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center.

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Betcha a nickel it was over drugs. Always is.


No it wasn’t. Stacey doesn’t do drugs anymore. He might have some beers after work but that’s it. His cocaine charge was in the 80’s. He is not a kid. He is over 50 now and is a family man. Who knows what they were fighting over. But it was not drugs.

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