WINCHESTER — A 20-year-old man was shot during what he said was an attempted robbery on Smith Drive in Frederick County about 2:15 a.m. on Tuesday.

Anner Obed Alvarez Rios said he was walking near his Smith Drive home when a silver car with three men in it stopped near him, according to an email on Wednesday from Lt. Keith Covert, Frederick County Sheriff’’s Office spokesman. Alvarez Rios said one of the men pointed a semi-automatic pistol at him while the others started to go through his pockets. When he struggled with the assailants, he was shot in the ribs, with the bullet exiting through his back.

Rather than seek immediate medical attention, Alvarez Rios told investigators he went to his home and treated the wound with a combat gauze marketed as QuikClot and peroxide. Police didn’t learn of the shooting until they were notified by Winchester Medical Center staff after Alvarez Rios arrived there about 2 p.m. on Tuesday. “Asked why he didn’t call 911 or go to the hospital after the incident, the victim said he didn’t want to upset his mother,” Covert said.

Alvarez Rios refused to describe the suspects, who he said drove toward Berryville Pike (Va. 7) after shooting him, and he said he didn’t want police to investigate, according to Covert.

No blood or shell casings were found in the area where Alvarez Rios said the shooting occurred, according to Covert. Because of the lack of cooperation from Alvarez Rios, Covert said he was unsure if the shooting was a random attempted robbery or if Alvarez Rios was targeted.

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It will come out conservative. Criminals don't obey the law. Lesson learned, walking dog, have your legal license with you and be armed


Maybe self inflicted.. accidentally???


Easy to deduce that it was drug and/or gang related, he's here illegally because he didn't report it, and he knows his attackers.


It's nice that we can always count on you to remind us that everyone with a "foreign" sounding name is here illegally, and that these "illegals" are the cause of all of our country's woes. 🙄


A guy got SHOT and didn't head to the hospital...there has to be something rotten happening.


Just merely rebutting the incessant cry that Mexico is only sending it's finest citizens to invade our country.

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