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Winchester Facilities Maintenance and Parking Division Manager Corey MacKnight (center) is flanked on Tuesday by his two parking enforcement officers, Sherry Berry-Campbell (left) and Paul Meola. Issuing parking tickets to irate drivers can be a difficult job, but the three said they enjoy their chosen careers.

WINCHESTER — They’ve been ridiculed, physically threatened, verbally harassed and compared to Nazis. People accuse them of hiding in wait until they can pounce on their next innocent victim. To some, they are the most hated people in downtown Winchester.

Corey MacKnight, Paul Meola and Sherry Berry-Campbell are the three people directly responsible for issuing parking tickets in Old Town Winchester. That puts them in the line of fire from anyone who thinks they didn’t deserve a fine.

“Ninety-five percent of the people we deal with every day are exceptionally great people,” Meola said.

What about the other 5%?

“They’re pretty bad,” Berry-Campbell said.

Meola and Berry-Campbell are downtown Winchester’s two parking enforcement officers. They report directly to MacKnight, the city’s facilities maintenance and parking division manager.

“We’re a team,” MacKnight said on Tuesday.

Overall, Meola and Berry-Campbell said they like their jobs. They get to stay outside all day and provide valuable services to people in Old Town.

“We help people that are lost, we help people find cars, we help people who trip and fall,” Meola said.

But they also have to work in the rain and snow, heat and cold, and deal with irate people who believe they are being unfairly punished.

“We get pretty abused out here,” Meola said. “We’ve even had to get a restraining order against someone in the city.”

Contrary to popular belief, Meola and Berry-Campbell said they are not obligated to write a certain number of tickets per day, week, month or year. There’s also no truth to the rumor that parking tickets are only issued so the city can collect more money.

“For every one person who has to pay a ticket, there are five or six we let slide because we understand their situations,” MacKnight said.

For example, people who pay for parking using the city’s ParkMobile smartphone app sometimes make an error when entering their vehicle’s license plate number. MacKnight said he and his enforcement officers will let them off the hook, but only once and only if they promise to correct the mistake before they park again.

But make no mistake — if you deserve a ticket, you’re going to get one.

The latest excuse used by some drivers is they can’t put money into a meter because of the national coin shortage. MacKnight said that doesn’t fly because anyone can use the ParkMobile app to pay parking fees online.

Other popular excuses for illegal parking, according to Meola and Berry-Campbell, are, “I didn’t know I had to pay the meter,” and, “I was only stopping for a minute.” Neither of those lines stop a driver from getting ticketed.

Meola and Berry-Campbell would have a lot less stress in their lives if Winchester didn’t charge people to park downtown, but MacKnight said removing the meters and parking garages would actually hurt Old Town businesses.

“You want customers to shop, dine and do their business while having a convenient place to park,” he said. “In order to have turnover, you have to charge people so they won’t stay there all day.”

MacKnight explained that downtown business owners, employees and residents want to park as close as possible to their stores, restaurants, offices and apartments. If there was no charge to park, prime spaces on streets and in the four downtown autoparks would almost always be claimed by their vehicles, making it hard for visitors and shoppers to find a good parking spot.

All money collected from parking fees and fines goes to the Winchester Parking Authority, a self-sustaining government agency that enforces regulations passed by City Council and uses revenues to fund parking improvements. All four downtown autoparks were built and paid for by the authority, and the group is currently storing up a reserve fund because it believes a fifth garage may be necessary in the near future.

Parking fees and fines also pay the salaries of MacKnight, Meola and Berry-Campbell. While MacKnight is a salaried city official, his two enforcement officers are paid by the hour.

MacKnight said he was up front with Meola and Berry-Campbell when he hired them two years ago.

“I told them this is not an easy job,” he said. “You have to have a thick skin and the right personality.”

They also have to have comfortable footwear. Meola said he and Berry-Campbell walk eight to 12 miles every day while patrolling Old Town.

“Last year, I totaled over 2,700 miles,” Meola said.

Despite the negative aspects that go along with being a parking enforcement officer, Meola, Berry-Campbell and MacKnight said they enjoy their chosen professions.

“At the end of the day, we all have a job to do,” MacKnight said.

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After reading the title of the article I expected it to be about the City Council, Kevin Sanzenbacher and Anthony Williams. Such a misplaced title to an article.


I agree with Ben Weber, unfortunate headline based on today and the divisions that are so much a part of our lives.Maybe hate the City of Winchester for employing them to do this dastardly job, but not the people. You did not think this one through.


Who's a Marxist? Easy, I'm looking at his picture...Don't you have a "Peaceful Protest" riot to go to?


What in heck are you talking about? Did you forget your meds?


These people are just doing their job. If you didn't try to park for free, you wouldn't have a problem with them.


Did anybody hear that Marxist burp?


Pretty sure you wouldn't know Marxism if it slapped you in the face.


Says the blue clown.


Says yet another coward...


If someone can't cough up a couple quarters to park, they are too stupid to be allowed to hate anyone.


I've lost count how many parking tickets I got in Old Town starting around 1985. But, I have to confess I deserved every ticket. It's a tough job and I thank them for doing it.

Bernie Mac

Who pays for their parking? The taxpayers, I'd bet.


Why shouldn't their employer pay for them to park at work? This seems like a really stupid comment...what is your issue?

Bernie Mac

Good Lord! Did you miss the part where they work for the city/taxpayers? They should pay for their own parking. Just like the private sector.


Nice to meet you. I hate you.


Worst article title in the world! Sorry to say this but we all know that folks in this day and age can’t read between the lines anymore. You may have just placed a target on these good people. Please change the title of the article.


Too late, it's already in print

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