GAINESBORO — A motorcyclist fatally crashed on South Hayfield Road by the Northwestern Pike (U.S. 50) intersection in Frederick County about 7:15 p.m. Monday.

Police said Gary L. Fletcher Jr., 31, of Shawneeland, was southbound when he lost control of his 2019 Suzuki GSX, veered left and collided with a tree in a yard behind an abandoned house at 113 S. Hayfield Road.

Lt. Warren Gosnell, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office traffic division commander, said on Tuesday that Fletcher crossed Northwestern Pike from North Hayfield Road before crashing. The crash occurred about 30 yards south of the intersection, near the former NB Market on Northwestern Pike.

What caused Fletcher to lose control remains under investigation, but Gosnell said speed isn’t believed to be a factor in the crash. The speed limit on that area of Hayfield Road is 45 mph.

Fletcher, who was wearing a helmet, was thrown a short distance from the impact. He was pronounced dead at Winchester Medical Center.

Gosnell said Fletcher was headed home after attending a barbecue in Berkeley Springs, W.Va. His girlfriend was following him. She declined to comment at the scene.

Gosnell said a driver heading south on South Hayfield saw Fletcher stopped by the intersection of North Hayfield Road and Northwestern Pike. The driver passed him and through his rearview mirror saw Fletcher resume traveling and crash. Gosnell said Fletcher may have stopped to wait for his girlfriend.

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There is no picture of the crash on here

Doc Samson

It was removed after the comments below were made...


Bet it was gravel in the road. That's a bad combo for a motorcycle. RIP Gary.


The person who wrote this article is absolutely disgusting. Why was a picture of the scene needed? So that way the family who didn’t have to see it could have to now see what happened before they lost their son, brother, cousin, uncle? And his girlfriend declined to comment? Who in their right mind would try to question someone who just watched the love of their life die, all for a stupid news article? This is devastating for those close to Gary and that is obviously something the Winchester Star does not care about.


This needs to be removed! Family and friends do not need to see his bike crashed into the tree this is awful and you all should be ashamed! Have you no respect for the mourning family? The last thing we need to see is the picture imbedded in our memory! We lost someone dear and do not need this picture to be broadcasted. If this was your loved one or friend would you want someone to take this picture and share it to everyone? I certainly hope not! This just causes more unnecessary pain!


Those who frequented Costco most likely knew Gary. Prayers to his family and friends.

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