WINCHESTER — On Friday, Purcellville-based TMG Construction Corporation broke ground on an approximately 20,000-square-foot building that will house six private aircraft hangars at Winchester Regional Airport.

This is the first half of the project’s first phase. Once completed, phase one will feature 11 box-style hangars grouped into two buildings along the airport’s southeast side. This is part of a multi-year project to build 32 hangar condominiums at the airport. Collectively, the 32 hangars are known as KOKV Hangars. Each hangar will have airfield access and will be heated, insulated and equipped with a bathroom. Other amenities include central compressed air, internet, electronic access control and an outdoor picnic area. Additional configurations are available to meet the needs of each owner.

A condominium association established by TMG will operate and manage the hangars, which are for sale and range in price from $567,000 to $620,000.

“We’ve been waiting a long time for this day and I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to finally have our groundbreaking,” TMG President Tanya Matthews said during a groundbreaking ceremony inside the airport terminal at 491 Airport Road in Frederick County.

A partnership between TMG and the Winchester Regional Airport Authority was formalized in June.

TMG Executive Vice President Joe Matthews said the hangars are “about providing community and a home away from home for all of us.”

Airport Executive Director Nick Sabo called the project “truly groundbreaking.” He said the partnership with TMG fulfills a need to provide more hangar space to the local aviation community without burdening local taxpayers.

Winchester Regional Airport — a general aviation airport located on about 380 acres — currently has 61 T-hangars and seven corporate hangars.

“It’s going to increase the airport’s economic output,” Sabo said. “It’s going to bring high-quality, in-demand aviation infrastructure to this region. And while it’s true that airports can be challenging environments for innovation, and the status quo is often the winner, it didn’t happen this time, and we are so happy about that.”

The first six hangars should be ready for use in the summer. Then TMG will begin construction on the next five hangars to complete the first phase.

The overall build-out of KOKV Hangars will take up to six years.

TMG plans to invest $18 million to $20 million in the 32 hangars, company officials previously said.

Sabo and Airport Authority Chairman Bill Pifer said they enjoy working with Tanya and Joe Matthews.

“Not only are they incredibly reputable people, some of the nicest people you could ever meet, they’re also very well-qualified,” Sabo said. “And their company has a long list of qualified projects at airports that are in the aviation industry. And they did not flinch whatsoever when we started talking seriously about development at our airport.”

Three tenants have already purchased hangars and about 30 others have expressed “serious active interest,” Joe Matthews said.

For more information about the project, visit or call 540-751-3480.

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The Winchester Airport is for only private planes, no commercial flights. We shouldn’t pay for rich people to store their planes. A private airport should be privately funded.


Lots of "taxes" are got by the Gubment man buying those planes and paying for gas and hanger fees etc. So naturally the envious boo hoo about taxes. never mind 50% who dont pay a dime in federal income tax. Never mind them. Cheers

Chris 22602

Rich people getting cheap plane taxes while the rest of us pay ridiculous amounts for cars. Thanks a lot GOP!

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