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Jose Grande, of Fairfield-Echols Construction of Fishersville, sands the top of a recently poured cement bridge anchor for the new Crossover Boulevard bridge in Frederick County. When completed, the four-lane bridge will span Interstate 81. The project is slated for completion by Sept. 10, 2021.

WINCHESTER — Construction of Frederick County’s portion of Crossover Boulevard is ahead of schedule, according to Frederick County Assistant Planning Director John Bishop.

When completed, the four-lane bridge will span Interstate 81 and connect the new road to Front Royal Pike (U.S. 522). The $20 million project aims to ease traffic congestion and prepare for future development in eastern Frederick County.

Work on the bridge began in May and is slated to be wrapped up by Sept. 10, 2021. Winchester-based Perry Engineering was awarded a $17.59 million contract to build the structure.

“I’m optimistic we can complete early, but our contract completion date remains September and I’ve got no reason to think we will not hit that date,” Bishop said on Monday, barring any weather delays or other issues.

Bridge beams are slated to go in place this month, he said.

Winchester’s portion of Crossover Boulevard, which extends from Tevis Street to about a third of a mile from I-81, was completed in January 2019 for $1.9 million.

Once the county completes its section, Crossover Boulevard will cut through the planned Heritage Commons development, located east of Winchester. The 150-acre property is owned by Baltimore-based MMA Capital Management, which plans to build 645 residential units and at least 107,500 square feet of commercial space at the site. The firm has not said when development will begin.

Heritage Commons developers is matching Virginia Department of Transportation funds to build the four-lane bridge. They also will match state funds to build a traffic circle on the Heritage Commons property and a four-lane extension of Crossover Boulevard from the traffic circle to the intersection of Front Royal Pike and Airport Road.

Design plans and drone photos of the project can be viewed online at the Frederick County website at:

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Long overdue.


Just what we need, more people and more traffic in the area. You can hardly get around already.


Did you even stop to think of the impact this will have before complaining? It should allow for decongestion of the 50/522/81 intersection, allow another route in and out of the south end of the city (heavy retail district), and allow another route of access to 522 (Costco, Airport Road, 522 South), in all likelihood, it will not cause more traffic, it will take some of the strain off the crowded routes.


What about the 645 residential units. They are not going to sit empty.


Maybe you should have bought the land and locked it into agricultural use so it wouldn't be developed then. I don't think they are going to complete 645 residential units over night and there are other roadway projects planned as development takes place to assist with traffic.

Steve Cunningham

This will actually help with the traffic on that side of Winchester and Frederick County and most of the funding was provided by the developer.

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