No, Frederick supervisors have increased school spending for at least the fifth straight year


After the Board of Supervisors passed the Fiscal Year 2020 budget including funding for schools, Dr. David Sovine wrote letters to school employees and parents outlining a summary of his budget. After hearing again that the Board of Supervisors had cut the school budget, I wrote a letter in response and asked the school administration to distribute it to the same recipients that had received the earlier letters. Unfortunately, that letter was not sent. Contrary to the perception of some, the Board of Supervisors actually has increased the school budget for at least the last five years.

The Board of Supervisors approved the FY20 budget on April 10, 2019 which included money for education. The total school budget is $218.4 million with revenue from the federal, state, and local governments. This is a $10 million (4.8 percent) increase from the prior year. Frederick County will provide $106.7 million in the coming year with contributions of $86.4 million (operating), $4 million (capital after July 1), and $16.2 million (debt). The total local expenditure is a 7.5 percent increase from the previous year. In the last 5 years, Frederick County has averaged an annual 5.5 percent increase on total school expenditures which is higher than the average 4.5 percent total school budget increase.

According to School Board data, our teachers are paid more than the teachers of adjacent counties and more than the average of teachers within a 30-mile radius. Frederick County also pays more to teachers as a percentage of household income than Loudoun County although Loudoun County pays more in dollars. However, their household income is 82 percent higher than Frederick County household income and their cost of housing also is significantly higher.

The school budget provides for the purchase of eight new school buses and other high-priority capital improvement projects. A slight adjustment of less than .25 percent could have provided the additional funding to purchase the additional five buses that the school administration says are needed to meet their 13 bus replacement per year cycle. We are hopeful they will make those adjustments next year.

Many educators came out to lobby for this budget, but we also had calls from others who were afraid to make public comments for fear of losing their jobs. That is unfortunate. Public employees should have the ability to speak in favor of a budget, but those opposed should not have to fear for their jobs if they opposed a budget. That needs to change.

We look forward to working with the School Board to continue to appropriate the money to provide Frederick County students a great education.

Blaine P. Dunn represents Red Bud District on the Frederick County Board of Supervisors.

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Teachers living on the Eastern side of Frederick County can travel less than 30 miles and make $30,000 more a year in the schools in the West of Loudoun County.


Will you please cite your source since the data from Frederick County and Loudoun school sources shows a $30,000+ difference only after 30 years of teaching and a MA or PhD degree. Teachers with a BA and 10 years have a $14,626 difference, 20 years have a $15,914 difference, and 25 years have a $21,743 difference. Those with a MA or PhD are about slightly higher. Thank you.


a veteran teacher with a SpEd degree is leaving our schools to make $30,000 more in Loudoun. From the Eastern side of the county (your district) there are 7 Loudoun County schools in a 30 mile radius. School sources show that for every step increase, teachers will make more in Loudoun. Where you draw your radius for comparison is important. We are losing good teachers because 30 minutes is an easy commute and just about 10 minutes further than if they were to drive across the county to Fred. Co. Middle.

Steve Cunningham

Thank you Blaine for looking out for ALL Frederick County taxpayers!! The county is on a very tight budget and you look at it very fair, I for one appreciate all of your efforts.

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