On 9/11/2001 my wife, son and I were living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Because of the time difference it was evening when we got word of the attacks. We immediately tuned into CNN and Sky News to try to follow what was happening on the other side of the world.

Ironically, although surrounded by 160 million Muslims, we felt perfectly safe. The Bangladesh Government immediately took steps to secure western embassies and residential areas. By the next morning our embassy and the American school were surrounded by Bangladeshi security guards, and within a few days we were once again moving safely around in the city. I relate this simply to underscore the point that Islam is not and never has been the enemy.

The attackers on 9/11 happen to have been Muslims, but fanaticism is not unique to Islam. In our time we have had Buddhists attacking Muslims in Myanmar and Hindus in Sri Lanka and Hindus attacking Muslims in India. Jews have committed acts of terrorism against Muslims in Palestine, and vice versa. And in this country, “Christians” not so long ago stormed our capitol, apparently prepared to kill those who stood in the way of their demented, apocalyptic vision for our country.

The post 9/11 quest for vengeance led this country down a dark road that involved betrayal of our better selves. Today, polls reveal that most Americans believe we’re worse off as a country for our pointless invasion of Iraq, our 20-year involvement in Afghanistan, and our embrace of torture and “extraordinary rendition.”

Can we, on this anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in our history, agree that the real enemy is anyone and anything that leads people to deny the full humanity of others, to deny that we all share the divine spark and that we are all God’s children and bear God’s image?

Let’s honor those who died and those who still suffer the physical and emotional scars of 9/11 by reaffirming our commitment to the values of which we can be proud — democracy, the rule of law, and mutual welfare and respect.

Charles Uphaus is a resident of Frederick County. 

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Doc Samson

"Jews have committed acts of terrorism against Muslims in Palestine"...

It always comes out from the Prog-Left eventually. Their moral equivalency always ends up leading... where? [rolleyes]

Old Western Man

@Doc that is a remarkably deranged assertion that is quite popular in pro-terrorist circles. Meh, democrats being democrats (shrug)

Mr Incredible

The CIA factbook says there are 22 low to mid grade wars going on on the planet today. 17 of them are muslims that can't get along with their neighbors. Maybe it is islam after all.

Mr Incredible

The CIA factbook says there are 22 low to mid grade wars going on on the planet today. 17 of them are muslims that can't get along with their neighbors. Maybe it is islam after all.


"Christians" attacked the Capitol? You know that? Is that what they were told to do in church? Neither did Trump. Terrorist Jews? Well during the 1940s six million of them were rendered incapable of terrorism. And since white Christian males are the biggest threat to this country, it certainly is concerning the way they took over Afghanistan, hunting down opponents, cancelling women's rights, and are now happily parading around in the heavy military equipment we left.

Old Western Man

[lol][lol][lol] comparing a non-denominational unarmed protest with a few trespassers/vandals at the US Capitol, with the horrific actions of 9/11 religious fanatics is delusional and the very definition of moral equivocation for political effect. Only an absolute dope would thumb up such a preposterous assertion... oh, wait. [lol]

No Mr. Uphaus, there is zero chance that I will lend credibility to your delusions.

john brown

where were you on January 6, 2021 ...old white man? based on your statements you were either a participating traitor or a armchair traitor ... which one are you?

"trespassers/vandals" indeed!


Mr. Western, your January 6th recollections are delusional at best, outright mentally ill at worst. A few trespassers don’t threaten to murder the Vice President or defecate on the floor.

I suspect you’re simply regurgitating the lies Tinkerbell whispers in your ear.

john brown

Stop before the less knowledgeable accuse you of promoting the dreaded CRT..lol

You are being entirely too kind and honest about "them"

john brown


Thank you Sir.


Thank you, Mr. Uphaus.

Catherine Giovannoni


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