Much has been reported in various forms of media about the lack of civility, blame placing and finger pointing and general absence of decorum by our elected officials in Washington and Richmond. What has transpired on both sides of the aisle is remarkable for being exactly what we, as constituents, do not want in our representatives. Until recently, I was thankful that these embarrassments were only occurring at the federal and state levels but in viewing recent Frederick County Board of Supervisors meetings, as an interested and concerned constituent, I can no longer state that.

As a resident of the Back Creek District, the bile and vitriol spewed by my supervisor, Shawn Graber, has left me unable to remain silent. This is not a new development as Mr. Graber has used the attack dog method since taking office a year ago. Just last night, I witnessed personal attacks on a citizen looking for an appointment to a county board, the schools’ superintendent and, amazingly, the chairman of the Board of Supervisors.

At other meetings, I have seen these same verbal barrages of paranoia and mistrust levied at others, to include the County Administrator and the School Board chairman. To say the least, this is unnecessary and unprofessional. I choose to watch these meetings to be engaged in what is occurring in our wonderful community. Had I wanted to watch a clown act like this, I would tune in to Jerry Springer.

Service on any board requires working with others to be effective. I call on Mr. Graber to cease with the theatrics and negativism and represent your constituents in an honorable and professional manner. We deserve better.

Stuart Wolk is a resident of Frederick County.

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Amen R5!


Mr. Wolk –

I concur that more civility is needed in society today – on both sides. But you appear to be a typical example of what you are criticizing – you are calling your Supervisor, in a public letter: “bile and vitriol spewed”, “attack dog method”, “verbal barrages of paranoia and mistrust”, “clown act”, “theatrics and negativism”.

That is the pot calling the kettle black, and bears little resemblance to anything approaching “civility”. Try practicing what you preach, Mr. Wolk.


Unless your account was hacked, i’m certain i read something from you yesterday saying how “disgraceful” Democrats were imposing their “censorship” in your defense of David LaRock. Though in his case it was the pot that calked the kettle “colored”, I believe. It’s often said we’re known by the company we keep, and it’s also quite telling in who we choose to defend.

Spock Here

she never met an "outsider" that she liked


Mr. Wolk is just calling it as he sees it. This has been Mr Graber's tactic since before he was elected. He once threatened to sue me over repeating something that he said on the public record.

Steve Cunningham



Something to add?


Then stay silent.

Doc Samson

@Steve - Don't you know only Nuri can tell others what to do? Only Nuri can judge who is worthy of posting here. Only Nuri... well, you get the picture, even if he doesn't. [lol]

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