Within the last two-plus years, Homeland Security, and the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has come under intense scrutiny for enforcing immigration laws that were passed by Congress to protect our nation’s sovereignty. But today, certain congressional delegates are now calling ICE unconstitutional, and want the agency abolished.

Many of these politicians would like you to believe they have always thought this way, but their voting record shows otherwise. The 2002 Homeland Security Act (107th Congress) was passed by a vote of 90 Yeas to nine Nays, right after the horrific 9-11 terrorist attack. For the record, the following individuals voted in favor of the Act that included the branch of ICE, but today oppose the agency and its mission: Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden, John Kerry, retired Senate leader Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and Chuck Schumer.

And what did they vote for? They voted in favor of more security for the American people, or so I believe. To emphasize this point, take a moment to review the contributions/outcomes of ICE since its inception, at: It is hard to comprehend why any reasonable and law-abiding citizen would be against the mission to keep us safe. But that’s where we are today, with one distinct group.

So what has changed? In my mind, three things have changed: 1). One political party is struggling to gain their identity for the upcoming 2020 elections since all they have done is obstruct and investigate, vs. passing laws that benefit our citizenry. All of their energy has been expended on Russian collusion; no wait, obstruction; no, change that to cover-up; no, change that again to impeachment.

2). Based on sheer numbers alone, the last two years have seen a record-breaking number of illegal immigrants entering our country that are well- rehearsed in repeating the memorized Asylum language. More than 76,000 in the month of Feb. 19, and the number has only grown. So while one party wants to stop this flow of un-vetted individuals for our nation’s security, the other party desperately needs this added demographic to win in the next election. And finally, 3). Donald Trump is the president.

Any American who values our sovereignty and cherishes the concept and realities of living the American Dream has to be concerned with the amount of illegal and un-vetted individuals entering our country only to be released into the interior due to overcrowding in our holding facilities. Did we not learn our lesson with the insider threat that resulted in 3,000 innocent Americans losing their lives on 9-11?

Individuals coming to our country must be vetted thoroughly if we are to maintain our way of life. And if you and your family’s security is not deemed important, then at the very least consider the financial burden to all Americans to hold, keep, feed, provide medical care, and provide education and recreational activities, lawyers, etc., to non-residents. I may appear calloused with my next comment, but “I would rather my tax payer money go to assist my fellow Americans.”

Since it is apparent we cannot rely on the media to call out the bad and conflicted actors, we must! And we do this by voting those who fail to support our security out of office. And if we vote them out of office, we strengthen our resolve to remain a nation of laws.

David A. Eddy is a resident of Middletown.

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Amen! The letter writer is absolutely right. The greater good of the citizenry of this nation (emphasis on the word "citizenry", i.e.: legal citizens of this sovereign nation) is no longer not merely the priority but relegated to perhaps a fleeting thought as the once stable Democratic Party rabidly fights for "rights" of illegal aliens, minority groups such as homosexuals & causes like "gender fluidity". The duly elected President is speared with slings & arrows at every turn & cries for "impeachment" have literally been rallied since the morning the election results were tallied & the race called. The party overall has been over-run by extremists & radicalized persons whose intentions are to alter Constitutional laws. The throes of our founding fathers turning in their graves is deafening.


Dont forget spelling, grammar. And recism. Never any substance of real issue. ILLEGAL is not Legal . Whats so difficult to understand the difference. Again Spock. How many ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are you willing to take into your house and assimilate into our society. Financially support. You have yet to answer that question. Maybe the coyotes shoule get more money and send to the " happy" countries

Spock Here

Charity begins at the top with our "nation of laws." The faux pro life evilgelicals don't care about laws that should apply to the head trump, and his cabinet / administration.


Still no answer on how many illegal immigrants you are taking in. How ironic for Mr. " charity"

Spock Here

I've answered you about this at least twice. Go look.


How many means numbers. Like 1,2,3,etc. You only come back with insults, or charity begins at top. Believe me i keep checking back to see how many. Unfortunately you must not understand simple english. Again...HOW MANY??

Spock Here

Again, I already answered this question. I do recall you didn't respond to it either


Well written rational thoughts, thanks for sharing these views. Far too many politicians today choose popularity over principles, & the laws of our great nation.


Great idea. At the next election, I am voting against Fox News.


Thank you Mr. Eddy, for your reasoned, common sense review of our immigration problem and the group that is aiding and abetting its continuation. The buffoons that control the Democrat party and a completely biased media should, at the least, be voted into obscurity.

Spock Here

Yes, Faux news should certainly be voted into obscurity, along with the buffoon in chief


You really hate law and order, don't you? And you really like to call people names when you don't agree with them but know they are right and you're wrong. [whistling]


Yes, he really does. Easily baffled by fact, lowered only to name calling, never a substantive response.

Spock Here

Pardon me, he is a buffoon. And a racist homophobe mob boss serial liar and adulterer, has sinned more than most people you condemn as sinners, and speaking of name calling how about your little racist "Kenyan muslim" birther stuff when referring to a past president.?

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