I want to tell the people of Winchester and the surrounding area how impressed I was with their visible action of respect and honor. Saturday, I participated in the funeral service for a young woman who lived in Winchester.

I travel a lot, and in my 73 years, I have attended a lot of funerals. But none have impressed me as much as the Winchester community did. As the 100-plus cars moved from the Enders & Shirley Funeral Home chapel in Berryville to Shenandoah Memorial Park Cemetery, vehicles in the opposite lane pulled over. They stopped until we'd passed. This happened repeatedly on that long drive. Very few cars didn't pull over. In one instance, a gentleman cutting his lawn stopped, got off his tractor, and stood in silence as we passed, his hat in hand.

I have never in all my life seen so many individuals react in a most honorable way for people they didn't even know, that is, pausing with reverence and respect for the deceased and the mourners who were suffering in spirit and loss.

I have to tell all that read this that I feel the Berryville/Winchester area is exceptional, and the residents the most charitable individuals I have ever experienced. Clarke County must be a place where people care about others, and the sense of community has taken place in the area's values.

I felt moved and admired these beautiful people we passed by today. In our current lives, where everyone is in a hurry and has little empathy for others, it is heartwarming to see such humanity. I want to thank every one of them for their generosity and kindness of spirit.

Cheryl Sella is a resident of Ashburn.

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Mark Gunderman

The folks here are mostly down to earth, resourceful, friendly to outsiders and possessing a reverence for church, nature and our prolific history. It is a wonderful valley composed of generally kind, generous, loyal, independent and noble people.


Exactly why I love living in Clarke County.


This type of respect is admirable and encouraging to know that people in our area have the character to pause in respect for the dead as well as the living participating in the funeral procession. Keep it up Winchester!

Catherine Giovannoni



Another good example of this beautiful valley we call home. Once again,good people out there doing good things everyday. Blessings to all.

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