I'm hearing on the news recently from conservative pundits that “their way isn’t working.” This quote is in reference to the Biden administration and his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who are only of late admitting that we have a border situation. The entire administration continues to ignore reason and recommendations from US border patrol and governors from many states concerning the tidal wave of illegal immigrants through our southern border. First, we have the illegals ignoring our laws, and, secondly we have the power of our government, Mr. Biden, who is encouraging and enabling this lawlessness.

So, in response to the conservative pundits, I say that “their way” really is working. In fact, it’s working so well that none of us can believe it. Things, for the Democrats seem to be just peachy and are going exactly according to their plan. This is just what they wanted, and none of us should be surprised.

By design, the party in power is taking a wrecking ball to our country. But what’s really sad is that we’ve not seen anything yet. They are on a roll. America will never be the same; that’s what they wanted. The country that most all other countries looked up to has become a laughing-stock.

It is sad that we cannot believe anything that this administration says to explain what is happening because everything from them is smoke and mirrors. They are well-aware that the American public, who is overwhelmingly against what they are doing, will vote them out of power in short order, and they are cramming into lopsided (one party) legislation anything and everything they can do to achieve their ultra-progressive policy as quickly as they can. If you aren’t yet convinced that Biden should go away, wait a bit until your taxes skyrocket, interest rates do the same, and your retirement and inheritance becomes worthless.

Sound incredible? Ignore the warning signs and just watch. This is all coming for us. How else will all their spending be funded?

Everyone sees how detrimental this is to our country, everyone can feel what is happening as a result. Sadly, these progressives have no remorse, and if left unchecked will do far worse. Although it’s hard to imagine things being worse, just think back ten years ago when some of us were concerned about the direction our country was going. Shame we can’t go back to “pretty bad,” in favor of where we are now.

I am ashamed that this has been allowed to happen. I’m not surprised to hear other countries calling us a “nation of fools.” This could only have happened by deception, a current president who campaigned as a unifier and a foreign policy expert who is neither. King of buffoons, yes. We have an electorate who believed him, and puppeteers in charge who we should remain worried about concerning future fraudulent elections.

Please, someone, remind me just how bad those evil tweets were from President Trump. Then we can have a rational discussion of who the real fools are.

Eric Redmon is a resident of Frederick County. 

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We call ourselves a country with Christian values but never live up to them. The people of Haiti have had the assassination of their President, major earthquakes and storms that have ravaged their country. There are roving gangs that make it very dangerous to live down there. If you and your family were living down there, would you try to get some place that is safer? Where is your compassion for these folks? I think I’m with the envoy from the DOS who resigned. He couldn’t be part of the mass deportation of these folks. Maybe, we can’t take them all but we should be part of a humanitarian effort to help them. As far as the authors taxes going up, does he make over 400K? I doubt it. Did the author have the same concern when Trump had the tax cut that blew up the debt and benefited the wealthy? Biden’s plate has been full. He has to deal with a significant portion of our country who will not be vaccinated under any circumstances. That’s not on him. That’s on the Trump supporters. Hospitals in other states are now doing triage and yesterday even Valley said their resources are being strained. Now, Mitch McConnell has made up a rule that the party in power is solely responsible for raising the debt ceiling. The Democrats did the right thing and helped raise it when Trump was in power. Mitch is willing to risk the credit standing of our country for political gain. The author will really see high interest rates and economic turmoil unless Mitch changes his tune. There’s a lot of mess to clean up. We have never had an administration take office right after an unsuccessful coup attempt with over 40% supporting the overthrow of democracy. This afternoon all eyes will be on Arizona. From preliminary reports, they won’t get their desired results. I guess it will be time to create another grift.


Arizona sham audit results were leaked by NBC. Guess what, Biden is still the winner. Sniveling Trump Toadies couldn’t even buy an election win.


Joe Biden, the "King of Buffoons".

But I'll say this for him: He knows there's no such thing as an invisible airplane; the Continental Army was not named after George Washington and they didn't capture British airfields (well, maybe invisible ones); it's a bad idea to ingest Lysol; you can't cure COVID with a sunlamp; Frederick Douglas is dead; how to pronounce "Yosemite"; the difference between the Baltic states and the Balkan states; India and China share a border; you can't nuke a hurricane; you can't change a hurricane's path with a weather map and a Sharpie; the sound from windmills ("wooo, wooo") doesn't cause cancer; England does not have a Prince of Whales...

I could go on.

And he beat Trump by 8,000,000 popular votes and an Electoral College landslide (as defined by Trump himself).

What a buffoon!


You’re right, Mr. Hess. The results of that sham of a fiasco audit in Arizona prove the Republicans can’t even buy an election result much less win honestly.

Keep whining Republicans.😢 That’s all you have. Trump lost the election because 81 million Americans wanted better leadership than someone who plays in reality TV, watches TV most of the day, can’t sit through a briefing, proved to be a security threat, preferred playing with strong man murderers and thugs than standing with our allies, called the Covid pandemic a hoax, and, while did push for the vaccine and succeeded, can’t get his own followers to get the shot. His lies, conspiracies, and cowardice has poisoned the minds of millions who booed him at a rally, refuse to be vaccinated, are overfilling the ICUs of our nations hospitals and dying at a higher rate.

Please show me where any of this could be considered success other the the actual vaccine.

Catherine Giovannoni

President Biden is doing a great job of cleaning up the mess created by the Trump administration. His policies are popular with the American public. While Republicans continue to spend their time on ginned-up culture war nonsense (whatever happened to Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head?), President Biden's administration is getting shots in arms, returning Americans to work, and putting cash in the bank accounts of middle-class Americans.

Don Hess

This laughable. Every time there is a new administration, the supporters of the party out of power spout ridiculous claims of pending doom. Yet, the future comes. The more I hear from people on the right and the left, the faster I run to the center.


Work for the government - you must take the shot or lose your job. Illegally entering the country - no shot necessary. No test necessary - just add yourself to the unvaccinated, illegal mass that could reach 2 million people this year and go spread the disease. Inflation will be so bad that Jimmy Carter will be thanking Biden for making him look like less of an idiot. Xi Jinping will be thanking Biden for giving Taiwan away. Putin has already thanked Biden for approving his pipeline to Germany and killing the Keystone XL pipeline in our country, killing 11,000 jobs in the process. Macron has recalled the French ambassador because Biden stabbed France in the back with no warning. Boris Johnson and several other leaders have excoriated Biden as untrustworthy because of the ineptitude he showed with the botched exit from Afghanistan. There are still Americans and Afghani allies stranded in that country and the Taliban is killing every Afghan ally they find.

Lou Knapp

Joe Biden is the "President of Chaos" and "Prince of Divisiveness". He is obviously the worst Chief Executive this nation has ever elected.


And, guess what? President Biden is still the winner in the sham audit in Arizona. President Biden even gained more votes and Trump lost by a bigger margin. This news just came out.

Rage all you want. President Biden is leading our country. Judge all you want. This is a few months compared to the four years of Trump buffoonery. Trump is a traitor to our country, our democracy, and the Constitution. He’s still trying to steal an election he couldn’t honestly win. If you love our country, why would you support this?

Spock Here

Because they want the chaos....


That’s truly sad, Mr. Spock. Although I vote Democrat now, I didn’t always. I voted Republican when there was some decency and integrity.

The results of the sham “audit” in Arizona prove that truth will stand and our Democracy will stand against liars and conspirators. This “recount” seemed sewn up and bought. Golly, Biden still won and Trump still lost.

Doc Samson

Excellent points, sir! You have but to view the news outside the US to see how ridiculous (or weak) we look to the rest of the world...

Old Western Man


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