So America’s Roman Catholic bishops voted to move ahead with drafting new guidance that is aimed solely at denying President Biden communion, despite warnings from the Pope’s top doctrinal official.

As a former Catholic, it’s this type of hypocrisy that drove me from the church. Is abortion truly the most pressing problem facing our world today? I don’t see those same bishops talking about climate change, social justice, election theft by right-wing legislators, quality public schools, health care access and income inequality.

Are those bishops prepared to ask every worshiper who approaches the communion chalice “what’s your stance on abortion and access to contraceptives?” I would guess that up to half of American Catholics today support access to contraceptives and support a woman’s right to choose, as evidenced by our declining birth rate in this country and declining seats in pews.

Are Catholic bishops willing to turn away those people too, and then lose the donations that those congregants bring?

I doubt it, because those same bishops need the weekly donations from worshipers to pay for the sex abuse cases they are still litigating and paying for at Catholic diocese across the country.

The right to life encompasses so much more than what Catholic bishops would have us believe. And that’s a right to live in a safe, clean world with access to affordable housing, jobs that pay a living wage, health care, freedom from gun violence, a quality public education, and social justice. I don’t see those bishops denying right-wing Republicans communion when they attempt to undermine Democracy, take away the Affordable Care Act, deny the reality of climate change, deny rights to LGBTQ individuals, promote a gun-toting culture and so many more socially destructive policies.

Bishops certainly play a role in advancing moral principles but should not single out individuals nor bring politics into religion. How refreshing it would be if they could do what Jesus did: offer love and acceptance not judgement and scorn.

Teri Merrill is a resident of Winchester

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Actually, Mr. Kovach, we likely won’t be shocked. Not sure there’s anything left to shock us with. As I said before, watch “Spotlight” if you haven’t seen it already. It’s on Netflix. You think shuffling some perverts off to a monastery is shocking? See how many hundreds of priests Cardinal Law moved around until the Boston Globe exploded open the scandal.

Ken Kovach

My wife is an RN and in the 90’s she was hired by the Monastery to start what they called a retirement center for elderly priests and brothers. Looking back, my wife and three daughters are creeped out by the experience and now realize there were times when they were being groomed. Fortunately, the violations were very minor boundaries because, I believe, I was watching very closely. At the same time, some of the pious priests were the best men I have ever encountered. It’s a long story that, someday I might write about.


Yes, Mr. Kovach, that is creepy and I feel bad for the women in your family. Surprised? Shocked? Not one bit.

Ken Kovach

Amen Teri!

Goggle the names of some of the well-known priests that were relocated here to the Franciscan Monastery in the 90’s. Be prepared for a shock!


The bishops are playing a risky game. 50% of their flock voted for the Democrats. I imagine they will cling to their so called moral high ground while donations dry up and churches close.

That’s what happened in Boston after the explosive article about sexual abuse in the diocese appeared in the Boston Globe.


When your only argument against the church is their stance against the murdering of babies, you should probably sit this one out !!


I don’t think I need to remind anyone that the Church’s stand on abortion and birth control which they group together, targets specifically women.

I have listened to the so called homilies at church which are nothing more than sex rants, targeting women specifically, and never mentioning the responsibility of men.

The bishops have chosen the path of supporting Trump and the Republican Party. The Republicans want to force women to give birth but then remind them that they’re on their own since Republicans don’t support the social programs that will help new and/or economically disadvantaged mothers.

The bishops stood silently by while dozens of prisoners were murdered. President Biden has publicly stated he, personally, is against abortion and, yet, the bishops are going after him.

This is political and they deserve to lose their tax free status.

Old Western Man

Perfectly stated, GTS.


You want another stance? Watch the movie, “Spotlight” if you haven’t seen it already. Academy Award winner best picture. Well acted and well written. Currently on Netflix.

Read how a team from the Boston Globe broke open the Church’s hidden plague of sexual child abuse.


You pretty much lose the moral high ground of championing the rights of anyone when for decades you move known child molesters to other areas and allow them to reoffend and actively work to cover that up. Once a child is born, do all that you can to help them and nurture them, and quit concerning yourself with a woman and her doctor’s healthcare concerns. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. And most especially when they are molesting children in those houses.

Spock Here

Exactly, Shiny!



john brown

the bishops should focus on the damage done by pedophiles in power in the Catholic church. that alone will keep them busy.

Catherine Giovannoni

If they want to involve themselves in politics, they should pay taxes.


Absolutely, Catherine! 😂. No stronger weapon than hitting them in the pocketbook.


Catherine, you read my mind.

john brown



Didn't know guns were violent. Knew people were, not chunks of metal. Weird.


Thank you Teri. Well put.


No Brain, please learn to write a sentence before you return to the forum.

For the record, President Biden, personally and morally does not support abortion. Nevertheless, neither does he support forcing his moral or religious beliefs on a population that does not agree. The Bishops are going after a pro choice party line and not that of an individual but are naming Biden specifically.

Let us not forget the number of executions that were done just a few months ago. In fact, more than any president within the last hundred years. The pro life stand of the church also includes a stand against capital punishment.

Not a word was said. It appears the bishops are hypocrites.

Spock Here

They need to clean up their own house, decades ignoring buggering boys and they think they can judge anyone?


The Catholic Church has lost any moral credibility. Abusing boys, Denying women the priesthood, celibate men denying birth control to women and now going after the President because he supports a woman’s right to choose to abort an unwanted pregnancy. I hope they do try this and more people will see through the their wrong headed religion and leave it like so many have done already. Religion isn’t want it used to be!


So then u should add killing babies makes it ok with u and your fellow party members. If catholics say a man is a priest then why do u care? U say a man can take from woman and wrestle them because they fell pushy like u? U make no sense stupid


This document the bishops are going to write is supposed to be a learning document on the Eucharist. In November, when it’s supposed to be released, it is hoped that abortion, pro choice, pro life, or President Biden are not mentioned.


Why does it matter to u nuri? Should we not mention u called the disabled hateful names and your fellow caps gf defends it that is a lawyer. U have harrased woman. So shut up. It will be made public. It's coming oh it's coming.


Oh and nuri when u say things against numerous woman and demene them u are equally as guilty. That's what God say. An eye for an eye.


Try me, pup. Just try me. You've been barking all day, little doggie. You finally gonna bite? I didnt think so.

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