You have heard that necessity is the mother of invention. Necessity arises out of chaos — things not working well. Chaos is a Greek word used to describe “the beginning” as in John 1:1. In Chaos was the Word is how the Greek reads.

Utopianism seeks to minimize chaos by ordering society from on high. Do as I say, or I (the government) will cause you to suffer and therein lies its flaw. Mankind naturally wants freedom of action what we call liberty. In a free society, there are some restrictions based on maturity and the concept of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

There is always some level of chaos in every society, some level of laws and some level of crime. Under liberty there is a high standard to be met of harm to society or others and the pressure to confirm is light. So, the non-conformist is tolerated as are dissenting viewpoints. My daughter in high school choir disagreed with one song. So, when that song was performed, she stepped out of the choir and stood beside it in quiet protest. No unusual pressure was brought to force conformity and she rejoined the choir for the next song. That is liberty.

Today, dissent is called hate speech and motives devolve into unacceptable racism. Insisting on your individuality is labeled “privilege.” And so group think is sold to Americans to force conformity and make the masses easier to manage. What is lost is the low-level chaos and independent thinking that leads to invention. By chasing conformity, we are losing the creativity of the human spirit.

David Sparkman is a resident of Frederick County.

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En arche ēn ho Logos, kai ho Logos ēn pros ton Theon, kai Theos ēn o Logos. – John 1:1. I'm not a scholar of Biblical Greek, but nowhere in this passage do I see the word "chaos." "In the beginning" (en arche) "was the Logos" (en ho Logos). "Logos," of course, can be translated as "word," "reason," "ground" (of being). Mr. Sparkman needs to brush up on his Bible.

Spock Here

Your daughter did the right thing. So did Colin K. Dissent does equal liberty. But I think you kind of missed the whole point with the rest. Not surprising in Sparkyworld


Unsurprisingly hypocritical from the black sheep of the Frederick County Republican Committee. The drone of chanting and righteous indignation on display at your little rallies and committee meetings display a creepy level of conformity with the party line, despite personal feelings. You seek blind followers, not thinking members. Fortunately, the FCRC has supplied them in droves.

Pity the rest of the county is slowly leaving them behind.

Bernie Mac

All projection. Every single word. This is a very common tactic with the extremely weak Democrats. Accuse the Republicans of that which you are guilty of. Good job, Bry. You never fail to put the Democratic Party above integrity and honor. Party first, party last, party above all else.

Spock Here


Doc Samson

@Bernie - Exactly. A kid touching, foreign gov't meddling, racist is only absolved of his sins if he supports that DNC narrative, don'tchaknow!

I love it when Spork and L'il Fascist display exactly what they cry about other's doing. Creepy, indeed...

And we all know who they'll blame when the economy tanks, racial/cultural divides deepen, and Joe starts up his "Apology to teh World" tour on his knees... [rolleyes][lol]


Trump was in the DNC?


yawn... more drivel from the cowardly goat.

Come back when you have grown a spine.

Bernie Mac

Tough talking big man on the internet.


@Bernie Mac, try me.

Spock Here

He's a creepy guy who likes to say he "knows" how people voted....Can he really peek at that stuff? Ew


Sounds like he's a bit of a stalker. No wonder he hides his name.

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