On Nov. 5, I’m voting for the pro-life candidate for the VA House of Delegates, District 29. That candidate is Irina Khanin.

I’ll tell you who is not pro-life: incumbent Del. Chris Collins. Just look at his record for the past two legislative sessions and you’ll see that he talks about being pro-birth, but he offers little or no protections for actual living, breathing Virginians.

He voted against Medicaid expansion (HB 5001S1), which now helps more than 300,000 Virginians get access to health care services. That’s a pro-life policy helping real people and was enacted despite his lack of support.

He voted yes to reinstate a tax credit for the coal industry (HB665), but he voted against multiple bills that would create regional initiatives on climate change, including carbon cap and trade programs and solar subsidies (HB2269, HB1372, HB1270 and HB30, item117#1h). Climate change is an existential threat and will continue to negatively affect Virginia crops, seashores, air quality and, ultimately, its residents, now and in the future, but Rep. Collins voted against sound pro-life policies that begin to address these effects.

He voted against bringing the Equal Rights Amendment to the floor for a vote (HR 274); the Amendment would outlaw discrimination based on gender. Rep. Collins votes yes on bills that deny reproductive choice for Virginia women and tells them they don’t deserve equal rights. This is an anti-women stance, not pro-life.

And he voted to end a special Virginia legislative session on common-sense gun safety. Protecting students, concert-goers, Walmart shoppers, workers, government employees, and Virginians alive today from the horrors of mass shootings and gun violence is a pro-life policy. Rep. Collins is strictly pro-gun and offers no solutions on ending the scourge of gun deaths in our state.

Don’t let anyone tell you pro-life strictly refers to anti-abortion. Pro-life means protecting our environment for today and the future, strengthening our public schools, improving access to health care and mental health care services, respecting women and their equal and reproductive rights, enacting common sense gun-safety laws, and ensuring that all Virginians can live safely and productively, regardless of income, race, gender, or gender identity, or religion.

My pro-life candidate is Irina Khanin for the House of Delegates in the 29th District. And so are other pro-life candidates: Ronnie Ross for Senate; and Wendy Gooditis and Mavis Taintor for the House of Delegates.

Teri Merrill is a resident of Winchester.

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Chris Collins voted against the Pro-Death bills so how is he not pro-life? Oh, the hypocrisy of the author of this letter. Medicaid for all actually means very little medical care for anyone who really needs it. There are only some many healthcare professionals to go around. You give out free healthcare for those who can pay for it themselves and the individual's piece of the pie gets smaller and smaller. And climate change is the biggest hoax ever enriching the rich and robbing the poor. The good old earth as survived every prodiction of doom and gloom ever made. Wise up people, you are being had.


(are these wearying weak comments indicative of many other Virginians who write here?) What a pity...


[thumbup] I'm the rfounder-pres., National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance Inc 501c3 w/300 000+ Allies who know that U.S.A. does not yet have a constitution like other, wiser nations' that makes Sex Discrimination against MALEs as well as FEMALES a Violation of its Constitution! Sad that we have to fight this hard for 100 YEARS to make strides toward U.S.A. becoming the Democracy it already claims. But we are not only willing, but determined to achieve ratification of just one more wise state so that this noble Amendment is codified in our U.S. Constitution. Finally, after 100 years of hard, sometimes dangerous work by now-men and women alike.

[thumbup] Why Not, if lawmakers in this fine state can bring themselves to drop the old Fake prognostications of the 1970s.

We ARE beyond all those lies,after all, aren't we??

Steve Cunningham

Chris Collins has done a lot for this community while serving us in the General Assembly. It is little wonder that Teri Merrill was soundly defeated in last years City Council elections. This letter is a good reason why we need to vote for Chris Collins to keep radicals like Irina Khanin out of office.


Irina is a radical? I think not. BTW, she wasn't "soundly" defeated. It was a close election against an incumbent.


Typically, The Other Party sadly consistently resorts to neomedievalist FAKE "facts" to put forth hoping you won't notice. But, we know better.


Discrimination on the basis of gender has LONG been highly illegal - it is prohibited by Federal Law & complaints are taken very seriously. Last I knew, VA was part of the Federal government.


Sorry, but your sarcasm is misplaced. One loses credibility when no evidence is put forth. You lose credibility BECAUSE

1. LAWS can and are overlooked, ignored or overturned, such as the Fair Pay Act of long ago that daily is broken as women workers are paid on average 20% less than males--same job, same hours, same or better credentials, capabilities. (In fact, that's the sort of inequity that necessitates a U.S. Constitutional change. 38 states must vote for/ratify a U.S. Constitutional Amendment. Now, only one more state is required to do that.

2. Constitutional Amendments are are adopted in perpetuity; extremely difficult to overturn.

3. Virginia is a State, with a State Constitution. It is not part of U.S. government.

Before one spouts off incorrectly, without doing the necessary search for truth, one loses credibility. Sadly, you lose.

PS The economic benefits of our nation codifying this fine Amendment are amazing: respected sets of Economists predict that codifying this Amendment in our U.S. Constitution will boost our Nation's Gross Domestic Product by 15% as noted by other, wiser nations loooong ago. That is Seconded by the UN, the IMF, and the OECD. It is Win-win for males as well as women...and as well, for the Nation at large. Best to check on your opinions first next time.


Adam Schiff must have a new pen name in the Star. Truly a master of misdirection!


Maybe its George Orwell come back to life with an addendum to 1984....war is peace, etc.


How wearying..George Orwell NEVER SAID "WAR IS PEACE", nor would he ever either.


How could you have ever made it through school without having read 1984? In the book, War is Peace is one of Big Brother's slogans. I was using the reference to point out the "orwellian" nature of the letter in which opposites are said to be equals. Rather than being wearied, why not read a #*&%$ book. [wink]


Just looked you up. You seem to have quite distinguished credentials. I now realize, though, 1984 was probably written well after you graduated. I apologize: Had I known you were an elderly retired lady, I wouldn't have been so rude. Even though a pinhead socialist and a racist, Orwell wrote a good book, 1984, that is now often required reading in high school. He may not have said (much less personally meant) WAR IS PEACE, but it was a foundation of the book's fictional society. It was to this that I was referring.


Again, evidence is needed for full credibility, a common failing of the naysayers. You lose, too. Sorry.


No doubt, all the evidence in the world would not convince you of anything. You are a true believer....just like all the religious fundamentalists you no doubt shake a self-righteous finger at. You "religion" just happens to be different.


I believe we have been the victims of a drive-by posting. lol.

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