Several readers, more educated and intelligent than I am, have contributed letters to both sides of Climate Change.

I am an ex-smoker. It did not take the Surgeon General to tell me that it was bad for my health. I knew every puff was killing me. There are more than a billion cars travelling roads daily. While great strides have been taken in controlling automobile emissions, you would not want to stick your nose against an exhaust pipe. Most humans cannot visualize numbers more than 100. Now multiply that by 10,000,000 to get to 1 billion. Intuitively, that cannot be good for Mother Earth.

Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree that humans are having an extreme impact on global warming. When the Surgeon General declared smoking hazardous to your health, there were probably three percent of physicians who said it was not; they may have even smoked. These scientists are not liberal puppets, and they do not produce fake news. They are scientists. They have no reason to lie. Climate Change transcends political doctrine.

Friends have said, “Why should we cut back on our pollution and economy, when China is worse than we are?” China is the No. 1 polluter. We are No. 2. That is of all the countries in the world. China is investing much more than we are in cleaner solutions. They know not only is it an attempt to save the earth, but there is potential for an economic boon. Pointing fingers at China is like saying everyone cheats on their taxes, I might as well too.

Friends have said, “Climate is cyclical, we are just in a cycle.” That is a correct statement and these changes have occurred over tens of thousands of years, not during our short lifetime. It tickles me to hear people on a very cold day say “See, there is no global warming”. The year 2016 was the warmest year on record. It is not an anomaly, as many recent years have set records. Look at satellite photos that show the polar ice caps melting at a rate of 12.85% decade. Do the math, it won’t take long.

We are dying in our own filth. If it were not for governments, we would still be using Johnny Houses (dumping coliform into the water table), and throwing our sewage and dishwater into the streets. We need strong leadership of both parties to protect us from ourselves.

This is not a liberal conspiracy. What difference do taxes, the economy, health care, gun control et al. make if we cannot breathe? We are not talking about our grandchildren, we are talking about our children.

Alson H. “Skip” Smith III is a resident of Winchester.

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China is #1 and we #2 in carbon output. Emerging nations India, Brazil et al are racing to catch up to us in order to expand their economies for their expanding populations.


AND anything and everything can be and most often is politicized. Pulling the truth out of the politics is never easy.

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Excellent! Those harping about the cost don't seem to realize that to do nothing will mean it will cost more down the road. But, who cares, we'll be dead, right? Careful though, if you're "born again", bring your face mask with you and curse granpa for hiding his head in the sand


Skip, you might want to check your sources a little more carefully. That 97% that you quote was not accurate. They asked scientists if they believed in Global warming. Of those who replied (about 35%), 97% said they thought humans were responsible. So you have 97% of 35% or about 34% of scientists who believe as you do. Further, you need to separate global warming from pollution. They are not the same. The United States is far from being a polluting country. We are one of the cleaner ones. Our worst pollution is due to the poor democrat leadership in our major cities. It was clearly shown in the political rallies held in Washington DC that conservative did not litter while Liberals cared not for their city and littered everywhere.

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"Our worst pollution is due to the poor democrat leadership in our major cities. It was clearly shown in the political rallies held in Washington DC that conservative did not litter while Liberals cared not for their city and littered everywhere." Sparky, as usual, doesn't cite a source for this "clearly shown" "fact". What a shameful statement.


Well, liberals are messy. That much is true.



"Based on well-established evidence, about 97% of climate scientists have concluded that human-caused climate change is happening."


You hit the nail on the head Mr Sparkman.... separate pollution from global warming. The reason they dont is because its easier to flim flam people who are against pollution into buying the global warming nonsense if they push the 2 together. Of the so called scientists in this sham, How many of those are climatologists? The leading climatologists I have heard do not agree with the notion of man made global warming.


The scientists have no reason to lie? Sure they do, because if the climate change hoax was solved, they would be out of a job. Remember Jimmy Carter wearing a sweater during his state of the union speech and how we all had to get used to global cooling? Then Al Gore switched it to global warming. Well, you can't have both so "they" switched it to climate change.

Yes, we can, and should, do all we can to clean up our act, but we have to do it within the bounds of economic reason, because in the grand scheme of things there is nothing we, as humans, can do to change the climate or the weather.

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