It was disappointing to hear a legend, Mr. Clint Eastwood, disavow President Trump and endorse Mr. Bloomberg for President recently. I truly believe that Mr. Eastwood is a living legend, but even before his candidate’s poor debate performance, I strongly disagree with his choice.

I visited Mr. Bloomberg’s website to see what he says. It is filled with all the buzz topics for the progressives and doesn’t sound at all like the conservative he used to be. It’s okay to change your stance, but in this case, I believe Mr. Bloomberg has changed everything he used to believe in for one purpose: to be elected to the presidency.

There are no conservatives that I know who are not interested in the climate. They want to prevent harmful things from occurring to our world. But the difference between today’s conservatives and the progressives, like Mr. Bloomberg, is that conservatives don’t want to destroy America or American jobs in the process. Medicare for all, the Green New Deal, shutting down the coal industry, basically taking jobs away from tens of thousands of American workers with sudden changes will not help America. It will devastate our economy and move us perilously close to the status of a third world country.

People like Mr. Bloomberg and other Democratic candidates say they want to create many new jobs in green energy and beyond. The federal government doesn’t have money to pay for these jobs. Neither do the taxpayers. The private sector cannot pay for these jobs unless the industry is profitable for them. What Mr. Bloomberg and others promise is many free things for people. Wiping away college debt, free tuition for college, abortion on demand (any stage of pregnancy), open borders, the list goes on and on.

I am personally disappointed with Mr. Eastwood. Although I don’t like tweets or disparaging remarks, I do like a person who does what they say they’ll do. Mr. Trump has gotten a raw deal and who could blame him for standing up for himself. America doesn’t need Hollywood or fictional heroes. They have the real deal: President Trump.

Eric Redmon is a resident of Winchester.

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The fact is that most people post on a pseudonym is because the internet is rife with ad hominem attacks on a poster's politics, religion, personal bent, beliefs, gender identity, or ethnicity. This tread is a perfect example. Right, Low Octane?

Don Specht

And of course no one noticed when the Star decides not to post a comment such as "Did anyone notice that all the Trump supporters post anonymously?" The best way to stop election interference is to ignore the possibility, I say.


A bit paranoid? Russkies gettin’ to ya?

Don Specht

Notice that the Trump supporters all post anonymously.


And so do a large number of anti-Trumpers. Your point? Besides your skewed, one-sided vision?


I like the work of a lot of actors/actresses, artists, and musicians. I don't give a hoot what they think politically or who they endorse. I don't know why they think it makes any difference what they have to say.

Spock Here

Clint rambles on to an empty chair at a political convention and you go gaga....yet he shows disgust for a man who is, well, disgusting, and he's history? Fascinating.


Sorry Clint one of my favorite actors. TRUMP 2020


Just watched a 60 Minutes segment about the Trump fake news story for a Democratic party server in Ukraine. A complete fantasy, produced in whole cloth out of thin air. Boy, do we need a change!!

Spock Here

What is really fascinating is the people who believe that tripe.


You believe demokrat tripe. That isn't fascinating. It's just plain sad.

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