My concern has reached the point where I must ask your serious help to report and publicize more vigorously and directly the unfolding story regarding the so-called “whistleblower” complaint and U.S. congressional impeachment effort that our own first-term U.S. representative is deeply involved supporting behind-the-scenes but will not help her constituents keep track of what’s happening.

As background, not to blow my own horn but to establish bona fides up-front as both 75-year-old senior citizen/military veteran who served as congressional aide on Capitol Hill 1973 to 1981 along with our own former marvelous Congressman Frank Wolf, please know the so-called “whistleblower” behind the effort to subvert our government is a longtime paid political staff appointee known by Jennifer Wexton and others.

Jennifer Wexton for months has denied my requests for daily printed copy of the Congressional Record. She uses the ruse of telling me how to follow House proceedings “online” instead of complying with simple requested hard-copy of daily published transcript by mail each day right in this citizen’s hands, for which her quarter-million-dollar office account has been generously endowed at our taxpayer expense.

This is an outrage whereby real transparency and accountability are thwarted. None of us can spend time each day following or reading Congress proceedings “online,” so by not having the Government Printing Office simply send a published Congressional Record as printed, our Congress lady denies me and every other requestor the very service for which she was elected, and is our foe instead of friend in public office.

That’s the beef to be overcome. Our priority must be to help Marine Corps hero Rob Jones in Loudoun County who’s already announced his effort to reclaim Frank Wolf’s Congressional seat in our behalf next November 2020. Let’s get it done.

George Archibald is a resident of Berryville.

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You sure do write a lot to say so little. So, here, as succinct as possible given your tome, is my response. Yes, I have beliefs. I lampoon because those I lampoon have done likewise (just like you!) No, I am not a misogynist or a racist. No, I don't want nationalized health care (it would be worse than the DMV), but health costs are an issue. Those seeking refuge (whose lives are in danger from oppressive regimes) should be taken in. Those seeking opportunity have legal ways to do that. No borders means no country. Children in cages is a liberal dog whistle and the policies warped by your description started under your beloved Obama. Mass shootings are a grave concern, and Constitutional rights are as well. Who has asked Salman for a favor? Is that like Teddy Kennedy asking the Soviets for one? I live with myself because I am extremely well read on a vast variety of subjects and I am not easily led by people who think they know better than we poor peons (ie "tolerant" liberals like yourselves and the elitists you support). I insist that the government is of, by, and for the people, not big brother dictating our daily lives to us because it "knows better" than we do. If that is what you want, go to China. The difference between us seems to be that you are arrogant in your self-perceived knowledge and desire for a nanny government and I am abrasive in my alarm that somehow educated people can believe that is a good idea given historical abuses and in my desire to have as much freedom for myself and others as we can possibly have. If what I see on these pages and on the streets of Portland are examples of your idea of "fair, decent, and tolerant", then I have some suggestions where you all might put that. If I am sassy, vulgar, crass, or impudent....I am a mirror. Look in it. Learn something yourself.


This is a response to hagansan's was put in the wrong place.


So perhaps Puck is more thoughtful and considerate than I gave credit for; it looks like he may be more progressive than either of us realized. Better that than the clown car of insults, taunts, ridicule and howls that we’ve come to expect from the ultra-conservative commentators here.

But the rationale for empiricism is based on evidence. My primary field of concern is climate change; as evidenced in the tsunami of science which is now confirmed by countless observations of the world we live in. Calling it ‘nonsense’ won’t stop it. It doesn’t matter how many Neanderthal deniers howl and bray in defiance of the evidence, the facts are still overwhelming. As Neil deGrasse Tyson says, “That's the good thing about science: It's true whether or not you believe in it. That's why it works.”

Our reactionary friends spent so much effort insulting other readers they failed to even address the irrational position authored in this Forum. Time and again we hear from the conservative viewpoint in the form of ridicule and vulgar, insulting lampoon. The debate would be better served by offering a rationale for one’s position in simple, reasonable, and empirical language. If you can.


Perhaps better served if all sides did so. The progressives on this site have their cr*p flinging monkeys as well.


Archibald is a nut. His "military service" as he calls it, was being a journalist.


Local Crackpot wants taxpayers to foot the bill to copy and mail something he could easily access online.


Correction for you CRT.... "some OTHER crackpot". Someone might mistake that you are speaking of yourself.


It only took five mouse clicks to find an online copy of the Congressional Record. It's a big PDF; four days of proceedings amounts to a record of 75 pages. Anyone can review the record page by page or, if one really wants to, print out any one or all of the 75 pages.

For Archibald to insist that a Wexton aide do this scut work for him and put it in the mail so he can wait a week to see it defines common sense. Isn't it apparent that any whistleblower would likely be a "paid political staff appointee"? Clearly he has some other ulterior motive which seems primarily aimed at irrationally criticizing Jennifer Wexton. Archibald should restrict his whining to real issues.


Real issues wouldn't affect your blind obedience to democrat party lines either.


Oh, Puck- it must be so hard living in past centuries.


Well, haggisan, I actually live in the present. I don't hug a party line like some...ahem...unmentioned folks seem to do on a daily basis (an attitude which is very much "living in the past"). I have beliefs, and I defend them and vote for who has the best chance at doing so. The democrat party seems so incredibly far to the left that there is no way I could vote for them with any good conscience. This leaves me with only one way to cast an effective vote, and that, sometimes unfortunately, has me voting for the Republicans.


So, Puck has beliefs?? I’ve been watching your comments for some time now, and all I see is what you ridicule and lampoon. Let’s see—can we assume you’re opposed to human bondage? How about women’s suffrage, equal rights and a livable minimal wage? Should the measure of a person be where they came from or the color of their skin? Should a nation that can afford seven nuclear aircraft carrier task forces be able to offer medical care to its citizens? Should people be put in jail for seeking refuge here? How do you feel about stuffing toddlers into dog cages? Is it OK for children to be slaughtered in their schools by armed psychopaths? Would it be OK for our leaders to ask Crown Prince Salman for a “favor” regarding opposition candidates –remember he’s an absolute monarch so it’s perfectly legal for him to murder anyone—Khashoggi, or 17 y/o protestors, or anybody—is that OK?

Finally, on what evidence do you base your insolent and dismissive attitude about climate change? How can you so flippantly disregard the evidence presented by NASA, NOAA, the USGS, and every science academy on the planet? With the turning of the new century bringing the warmest years ever recorded, with July the warmest month ever recorded, with greenhouse gases threatening to literally burn the human species off the planet, you go for the sassy vulgarity of crass insults and impudence? What have you read? What have you studied? How can your attitude possibly be based on any kind of rational foundation? In summary, How Can You Live With Yourself?

Progressives believe in a society that is fair, decent, and tolerant. We look for the truth in the evidence that's all around us. There’s no perfect solution to the myriad of problems that face our nation. But we can only hope to cope with the challenges of the future if we Get Real, Get a Grip, and insist on upholding the principle that government can be an instrument for good in the lives of the disenfranchised.

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