In the fourth paragraph of his excellent March 1 Open Forum “This Isn’t My Republican Party,” Mr. James Sherry lays out his conservative principles.

And as an unabashed liberal, I agree wholeheartedly with every one of them.

1) Limited government: I agree. The question is, “How limited?” Surely, government must play some role. I suspect that Mr. Sherry and I would debate how much government is too much, but we agree on the limited government premise.

2) Free-trade capitalism: I agree with the premise. I’m all for capitalism, but with limited, common sense and necessary restrictions, which we can debate.

3) Reducing the national debt and working toward a balanced budget: Agreed. But how much debt is too much? Let’s discuss.

4) Second Amendment rights, freedom of speech, freedom of (and from) religion: Agreed. But with sensible limits.

5) Equality of opportunity: Yes, for everyone. But equality is an aspiration that has not yet been realized in America. Shouldn’t a government that promises equality work to achieve it?

6) Individual responsibility: I’m all for being responsible and facing consequences — applied equitably to rich and poor, male and female, straight and gay, black and white, the powerful and the weak.

7) The rights of unborn human beings: Agreed. I don’t like abortion, either. But very often after “the unborn” become “the born” they also become the unhealthy and the unaffordable. So when parents can’t afford pre-natal care, hospital care, well-baby care, childcare; when they can’t afford health insurance; when they can’t take their kid to the doctor or dentist, what role should government have?

8) Family as the bedrock of decency: Agreed. I like family and I like decency. But as Mrs. Doubtfire said, “There are all sorts of different families.” Single parent families, blended families, mixed race families, families with two dads or two moms. They’re all families, and they can be as bedrock decent as any traditional mom and dad family.

9) Education as the key to individual success: Agreed. And individual success enriches society as a whole. Should government subsidize its citizens’ education as a wise investment in the nation’s future?

10) Sane and charitable immigration policy: Yes, sane because our nation needs immigrants for its economic well-being. And charitable, because immigrants are God’s children, too, and they’re here for the same reasons our own immigrant forefathers came here.

11) Voting as a civic duty: Agreed. And government has a responsibility to make legal voting as easy and accessible as possible for all citizens.

12) Color-blind justice: Agreed. Another as yet unrealized promise, and it’s government’s duty to fulfill it.

13) Rejection of hatred as a basis of policy: Agreed. And it’s fair to demand our government to examine its policies and root out bias.

Maybe Mr. Sherry, the conservative, is actually a liberal. Or maybe I, the liberal, am actually a conservative. Label us as you please, but we’re typical Americans who agree on the fundamentals. We just need to have a civil conversation about the details.

Roger Kalin is a resident of Winchester.

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There is a large intersection between Conservative and Liberal today. The word Liberal has it's roots in the Latin for Liberty. The Left today is all about controlling the masses, and liberty gets in their way. That is why the left is for politically correct speech. What they define as hate speech is exactly what the Constitution sought to protect - speaking truth to power. The other restrictions the Left is pushing are to protect Government (power) against those who would restrict government. BTW the entire Constitution is about restricting the power of Government. Those for big government are constantly trying to find work-arounds to anything restrictive. Government was not meant to solve all of our problems because government is very ineffective and inefficient when it comes to problem solving. We are not supposed to be a government of the Elite, by the Elite and for the Elite, but that is what we currently are experiencing.

Spock Here

"Jews will not replace us" is speaking "truth to power"? Who knew? So what are you two lovebirds wearing to the inauguration tomorrow? If you're not under surveillance that is.

Doc Samson

Where did you find that "quote"? Another Teen Vogue expose?

Spock Here

I am not sure actually if Teen Vogue reprinted the videos of the WS chants during Charlottesville or not. But it was on live TV....even Fox, I imagine.

Doc Samson

Excellent points that the Left won't be able to comprehend...


I think we can all agree that Mr. Great doesn’t have a clue to what he’s talking about. It appears he only watches the lies and propaganda on Fox News. Mr. Great, take the plank out of your eye before you criticize the mote of dust in mine.

Bernie Sanders and the few in Congress simply make the most noise. That still doesn’t negate the work they are doing to help the desperation of the American people while Republicans do nothing.


Mr. Sherry, you are a liberal like Alan Dershowitz. There are very few of you left. Almost all of the Democrat party is not liberal but PROGESSIVE. Almost all are socialist and want to take away our rights under the Constitution and shutdown all dissent. If only true liberals would stand up and take back the Democrat party. Trump is not the problem in America. The problem is the progressive, totalitarian spirit that has gripped half the country and it's anti-American.

Spock Here

You don't seem to realize that we voted out the regressive "totalitarian spirit" last November because he was, in fact, the problem. And, we fixed it. You are welcome.


You also “fixed” loss of 11,000+ jobs, gas prices going up, exacerbated the illegal immigration problem, soon to be high inflation, and the list will grow I’m sure.


Speaking of working for the common good: Republicans have no concept of what that means. Now, as a total body, they are working to destroy the Covid relief plan. This plan benefits All Americans and not just Republicans or Democrats. This plan will feed the hungry especially children who are not political at all.


Mr. Kalin, your thoughts are very positive. Everyone should be working for the common effort to create the common good. However, this is not what was discussed in Mr. Sherry’s essay.

Mr. Sherry lamented the condition of his Republican Party. It is not the party of Lincoln, or Reagan, or Bush, or really no one. Now, it’s a party led by a pathological liar, con man, and grifter and most Republicans seem to accept this. We now have Republican Senators who are trying to rewrite history: The insurrection on January 6th was let by Black Lives Matter or Antifa, or maybe space aliens. We all know that is a lie. Fortunately, FBI Director Wray, under oath, debunked that thought very quickly. The criminals and traitors were Trump followers, White Supremacy members, QAnon, Proud Boys, Oath Takers, and other criminals. It appears space aliens were not involved.

Nevertheless, Republicans are making this effort to create a new fiction, a new lie, a new conspiracy. This is Mr. Sherry’s party. I have no doubt Mr. Sherry voted for Trump in 2016. I would be curious if he voted for Trump in 2020 knowing the chaos of the Republican Party by then.



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