The following is the text of an e-mail sent to my congresswoman and senators today.

“I have observed with dismay, indeed growing disgust, the farcical parade of missteps and fumbles emanating from House Democrats in their blind pursuit of impeachment. This whole process can best be described as either ‘The coming out party of the Deep State’ or ‘Bonfire of the Vanities.’

House Democrats are acting like a gaggle of Lilliputians bent on harassing Gulliver. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler comport themselves as sneaky little jerks operating well beyond their level of incompetence; they are miscreant bit players in a misdirected “Kangaroo Court.” Nancy Pelosi is an unconvincing, pompous, self-righteous, and self-worshiping “Queen of the Harpies”: her sanctimonious protestations are utterly unbelievable and blatantly hypocritical. It has gotten to the point where, when any of the above show up on radio or TV broadcasts, I change the channel or turn the show off.

There is abundantly little evidence at hand that President Trump has committed any serious “high crimes or misdemeanors” except from the perspective of Democratic extremists who are classic “sore losers” and have been pouting since their defective candidate lost the last presidential election. Instead, what is now transpiring is a blatant effort to nullify the will of the American people as expressed at the ballot box in 2016 — and a misfiring attempt to poison the environment for the 2020 election. The Russians were accused of electoral malevolence before, now the Democrats are engaged in electoral malevolence. Where are the adults who will spare us this “Theater Of The Absurd”?

While this disgraceful, politically motivated farce continues, the real “people’s business” is being neglected: Budgets, especially for our Armed Forces. Essential immigration reform to keep the nation from being overwhelmed through porous borders. Gun safety improvements. Prescription drug cost control. International trade treaties. All require judicious compromise, but are lost in the seething cauldron of vendetta-like, hyper-partisanship and petty maneuvering pervading Washington, attributable principally to the peevishness of extremist House Democrats. Shame on them.

President Trump has many flaws, but the bumbling House Democrats make him look statesmanlike by comparison. Just as Republican overzealousness during the impeachment of Bill Clinton helped that worthy gain reelection, Democratic overzealousness seems very likely to help make Trump a winner in 2020. Certainly, he will get my vote, and I am making substantial contributions to other Republican candidates, especially for the Senate.

I used to be a “Scoop Jackson” Democrat, but it will be a cold day in Hell before I ever again vote for a Democrat for any office higher than the local dog-catcher. Leadership demands more responsibility than they can muster these days: Democrats are lost in their own nastiness and vituperation.”

Louis H. Knapp is a resident of Frederick County.

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I could post many nasty comments sent to our Dem. Reps. from Trump supporters. In Frederick and Clarke how many Democratic signs have been damaged each year. It's always ours. I will continue to donate time and money to my candidates as the writer of this article will to hers.


Those type of commenters, on either side, are reprehensible. Name-calling, property destruction, and thuggery have no room in any intelligent discussion.


Why are Democrats so nasty these days? Could it be the lies and distractions arent working as well? CHeers


If justice truly prevails, the river of deceit will lead all the way to its mouth: Mr. Obama. All was planned before he walked out of the Oval Office.


What ya gonna do spock when Trump wins re election. Whine for another 4 years. Get over yourself, democratic candidate hillary lost the election. The Democrats need to work with this duly elected president. Imagine what could have been accomplished

Spock Here

What ya gonna do rat when Obama wins re election. Whine for another 4 years. Get over yourself, republican John lost the election. The Republicans need to work with this duly elected president. Imagine what could have been accomplished. Have some tired old hypocrisy with your coffee this morning. y'all just crack me up


You would be the one to know what a regular cup of hypocrisy tastes like Spock. Try cutting down some. It will help those delusions of “truth” liberals spout while trying to silence those they disagree with in the name of “freedom.”


Well put. With the election in Great Britain as an example, Dems should start running for cover. Pelosi showed the first crack when she finally agreed to a vote on our trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. The world not only turns, it is turning conservative.

Spock Here

Sparky continues his delusion in equating Trumpism with conservatism. The GOP no longer exists. Long live the cult

Spock Here

Ahhh the "President Trump may have his flaws" defense. Gotta love the deflection and projection about a man who has lowered the bar so far for this office that even Thanos has trouble finding it. But do carry on, it is fascinating to see the straw grasping


This is the thing you marx cultists don't understand: it is not and never has been about "Trump the man." You and your ilk have made Trump a symbol in a cultural battle. Your over the top pronouncements and dire prognostications only add armor to him and make his supporters willing to stand even more strongly for what he has come, rightly or wrongly, to represent to them (us, as I count myself among them). You mock because that is, unfailingly, your way, but you fail to realize that you only add strength to the iron of a cause you so look down upon. So, keep at it, I say. You are our local CNN.


Well stated, Ping, thanks.

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