There has been so much talk about inflation, especially about higher gas prices. Joe Biden, because he's President, catches the blame for everything that goes wrong. It comes with the territory, but it's not always fair or accurate.

The pandemic shut down "everything," including the supply chains. Everyone knows that. Then, when pandemic restrictions eased, two years of pent-up demand crashed into an economy populated with empty shelves. Scarcity of product leads to higher prices. Everyone knows that, too. The price of gas has recently dropped about a dollar. A gallon now costs less than $4. Mr. Biden was castigated over the jump in gas prices. Does he now receive thanks — or at least forgiveness — for the price drop?

Let's look at some of the good things which have been achieved under President Biden:

· The devastating pandemic has been (essentially) brought under control;

· The moribund economy has been revived, with unemployment dropping from 6% to 3.9% and 6.5 million new jobs created his first year (the most in history);

· A $1.2 trillion infrastructure package (bipartisan) was passed and has already brought structural improvements across the country;

· We have rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, and we are again dealing with climate change as a priority;

· NATO has been reinvigorated and the U.S. has been a staunch supporter of the Ukrainian people while maintaining a measured response to Putin's aggression;

· The first gun-safety bill (bipartisan) in 30 years has been passed;

· The attempted coup on Jan 6, 2021, is being fully investigated. New details about the plot and its participants continue to be revealed;

· Bills related to making voting easier, protecting the rights of LGBTQ Americans, creating a path to citizenship for the "Dreamers," paycheck fairness, expanded background checks, and lowering prescription drug prices have been passed by congressional Democrats but are being blocked by Republicans.

It is safe to say that none of these good things would have occurred under the previous administration. And we don't have to look at or hear that foul, lying traitor every time we turn on the TV or look at the paper!

Only a militant member of the "I hate all Democrats" group would disagree with what is written above. Everyone else should feel good about what has been achieved. And we all should recognize two things: Many more good things can be accomplished if more elected Republicans will support measures which they know within themselves are good for the country — rather than blindly doing what party leaders tell them.

The other thing we all must recognize is that many things will be lost or never occur if today's version of "Republicans" take control — nationally, state-wide, or locally. The examples are already out there.

And do not forget: Today's Republicans are still controlled by Trump. It has been clearly shown that he is a traitor. Anyone running for office who still thinks he is worthy must be voted out.

Kevin Kennedy is a resident of Frederick County.

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Absolutley Mr. Kennedy. Truthful commentary! The only alternative to the Democratic Party is the radical/extreme Republican Party. They're now coming for your Social Security and Medicare. Somebody needs to let the MAGA's know this. As always, Democrats are the only party trying to build back better and greater than we have ever been before as a nation. Better roads and bridges. Better schools and higher ed for better paying jobs. Better access to affordable healthcare and medications. Cleaner and safe streams, oceans, water, and air. Democrats walk-the-talk in their leadership. Radical/Extreme Republicans talk about guns and the unborn and that's about it.


I don't have the time or energy to refute the lies put forth by the Democrats and reiterated by Mr. Kennedy. The pandemic was over by the time Slo-Joe took office, thanks to the previous President. Gas prices were more than half of what we have now, thanks to the previous President who had us energy independent. Bragging that gas is now under $4, when it is $3.99, is very laughable. It is also sad that Slo-Joe went hat-in-hand to the Saudis and came back with nothing. Let's not forget the military killed at the airport in Afghanistan due to his poor policy decision. Lets not forget the skyrocketing murder rate in this country because Slo-Joe and his Lefties condemn police and make heroes of the thugs like Michael Brown, Travon Martin, George Floyd, and Brittney Griner. Slo-Joe has made more dependent on China and has done nothing to end the Ukrainian War, which is being used to further the interests of the CIA and Pentagon. Congress is just as worthless since they are tied up with the bogus Jan 6 Committee Investigation. No legal determination that it was an insurrection, but you keep calling it that. Jan 6th pales in comparison to the actual insurrection in May 2020, when for 3 days the Left burned, destroyed, looted throughout Lafayette Park, arsoned St Johns Church, and threatened the White House. Over 100 police officers were actually injured as a result, and yet, no investigation here. Hopefully, the mid-term elections will make a big change for our country.

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You not only have no time or energy, you also lack facts. The protests that turned violent in Lafayette Square did not migrate down to our Capitol Building, which was breached by violent protesters intent on disrupting government business.

The pandemic is not, and was not, over when Biden took over.

You cite 3 murdered black men and one imprisoned black women as thugs. What about the white men who murdered them? What about the dictator holding the woman?

Get some time and expend some energy.


Thank you, Kevin Kennedy! President Biden has done an enormous amount of good and he will continue to lead us with truth, intelligence and integrity-


Please, oh please...keep telling this to all your friends, neighbors and acquaintances wherever you go, leading up to November's election. Let them know how a Progressive Democrat sees the world.

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Excellent Mr. Kennedy.

Doc Samson

"And do not forget: Today's Republicans are still controlled by Trump. It has been clearly shown that he is a traitor..."

FACTS! [lol][rolleyes][lol] Pretty sure I haven't listened to or followed much, if anything, from or about Trump, since he left office. I get most of my Trump news from the Pr0gs here who seem more than a little obsessed. PP tape still a thing? Because I remember when it was inevitable that that issue would doom him. Wha happened?

Disclaimer: Trump in no way told me to write this and I am totally NOT getting $5 for every post I make that is construed as "pro" Trump. Honest! [beam]


Judging from a bunch of Tuesday primaries, your first sentence is exactly true. If you abandoned Trump after January 20, 2021 for a stay at a monastery, then good for you. I had you for one who was plugged into Fox News like the "Vulcan Mind Meld".

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Yup, Bose, exactly

Mr Incredible

It makes me smile to see how badly Trump messes with liberals various mental illnesses on a daily basis. The man has been gone for over 18 months, and still drives them insane. You libs really should see a shrink about that. As for what has happened since bidens handlers came into office, the list is long and undistinguished. We had a disastrous withdraw from Afghanistan, one of the biggest military goat ropes in American history. Russia rolled into Ukraine. China has been giving biden the finger since he bumbled into office. Domestically, we have seen gas prices triple, inflation return to Jimmy Carter levels and for the first time since WWII, FOOD SHORTAGES. Can you imagine? Food shortages in the United States of America. And what is the administrations plan to fix the shortages? Say that truckers need to drive more. I didn't think there was anyone less intelligent in the administration than the VP, but Booti edge edge is giving her a run for the money. And on top of it all, we're in a recession by all previously used definitions, brought on by bidens war on the energy sector. And the lib solution? Change the definition of "recession". I mean, why not? This bunch has changed the definition of the word "vaccine" and "woman". Why not keep going? November can't get here soon enough, not just to get rid of the heat and humidity, but to get rid of this bunch of democrat clowns that are destroying the country.



Catherine Giovannoni

Well said, Mr. Kennedy. We can add to that list. President Biden called in his State of the Union speech for legislation to help veterans who suffer from diseases caused by burn pits. Last night, he and Democrats overcame Republican opposition to pass that legislation and help our vets. And, he's cut the Trump deficit by over a trillion dollars. Given the dismal state of the country when President Biden was inaugurated, he's made wonderful progress.

Doc Samson

Do you even understand why Repubs "opposed" the legislation?

From Newsweek:

"The PACT Act as written includes a budget gimmick that would allow $400 billion of current law spending to be moved from the discretionary to the mandatory spending category," the release read.

It went on: "This provision is completely unnecessary to achieve the PACT Act's stated goal of expanding health care and other benefits for veterans. However, it would enable an additional $400 billion in future discretionary spending completely unrelated to veterans. By failing to remove this gimmick, Congress would effectively be using an important veterans care bill to hide a massive, unrelated spending binge."

Gee, you'd think if Dems REALLY cared, they wouldn't have tacked that on, amiright? Sometimes, you have to look beyond the surface to understand...

Mr Incredible

Wanna know why there was opposition to the bill? Because democrats "poison pilled" the thing with 400 BILLION dollars of spending tacked on. Spending that went to the general fund, not veterans. The republicans simply wanted the money to be spent on veteran issues, not funding studies about drag queens or whatever else the dems wanted to spend money on. Once some parameters were put in place, it passed. Imagine that


Yes...they passed a nearly-half-$trillion bill labeled to help Iraqi veterans fight the after-effects of burn pits using OPM ("Other Peoples' Money, rhymes with opium), but only 11% of that was dedicated to that said objective; the other 89% was pure pork barrel spending designed to line the pockets of politicians and their favored constituencies, such spending to be paid for by normal American citizens through higher taxation and inflation. Progressives, of course, don't think about these things...they obediently believe what they are told to believe.

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Hasn't even Twomey admitted the "gimmick" spin was a lie? But do jump on it!

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