As I began browsing research for an up-to-date climate change essay, I reflected first upon President Trump. Why is he opting out of the Paris Agreement? Unconvinced I’d find anything of substance there, I shifted my gaze to more familiar ground. Empirical evidence.

Empirical evidence? Facts, the result of observation and documentation. Once known as scientific method. Now replaced by feelings and baseless utterings. But I digress.

In earlier climate change essays, I wrote of glacial ice covering New York. It melted. Global warming. Then I added that our planet has experienced at least five major “ice ages” followed by melting. But that didn’t “feel right” to the climate crowd.

So, for this article I considered drawing attention to more recent discovery. What I call dirty-fingernail science to set it apart from computer modeling. I was all set to factually report on the ANDRILL project. This multinational initiative has been investigating the climate and tectonic history of Antarctica. Drilling. Ice cores. Dirt. Mud. Living creatures long frozen.

Had I pursued that story, readers would have learned of drill cores telling a story of Antarctic ice sheets advancing and retreating more than 50 times during the last 5 million years. Our planet was at times warmer than it is today. Global sea levels rose and fell leaving behind a trail of evidence.

But then, I realized empirical data doesn’t weigh much in the minds of today’s liberals. So, I returned to thinking about Paris Accords and Trump. What I found astonished me.

At the heart of the Paris agreement are “nationally determined contributions.” This is akin to asking the hungry wolf to guard the hen house. “The Paris Agreement requests each country to outline and communicate their post-2020 climate actions, known as their NDCs.” These actions become “contributions.”

With reference to cash contributions, I found only this. “The Agreement reaffirms that developed countries must continue to provide public funding for developing countries.”

Aha! Now we’re getting somewhere. This is beginning to “feel good.” At least for liberals.

Then I went looking for financial facts. Where would I go but to the Standing Committee on Finance whose 2018 report might show Paris Agreement revenue and expenditures? In the absence of actual fund-flow, I found only plans, summaries, recommendations and such.

But I did not come away empty-handed. I did find a plan to “integrate gender considerations into its work, emphasizing the relevance of gender-responsive access to finance in the implementation of climate action.”

Now there is a sure-fire way to combat global climate change! Gender considerations!

That’s when I reminded myself. This is a United Nations project!

Back to President Trump. Had he discovered that public funding from developed countries was to be so used?

Or did he read the other report? The one that reveals that only the United States had reduced its 2017 carbon emissions by 0.5 percent, the most of all major countries! And that without the Paris Agreement!

Gosh! Is it possible? Trump did something right!

Frank Tilton is a resident of Lake Frederick.

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actual data on emissions


In 2018, Trump's first full year of presidency, US emissions rose by 2.7%. This is the second largest annual increase since 2018. ( Not that Trump is necessarily to blame, but his policies do promote increasing fossil fuel consumption. 2019 will be one of the five warmest years ever.


Trump - America FIRST! That's what sane people want.

Spock Here

So cute to see the "great and unmatched wisdom" from a guy who went broke from mismanaging casinos.


According to the left, Trump is completely incapable of doing anything correct at all at any time in any place. Even if he started to follow their party line (what little there is of it that doesn't obsess on him), the left would swallow their own tongues rather than emit even one positive word. It is the TDS and its final stages OMBD (Orange Man Bad Disease).


Yes. Trump 2020


He does a lot of things right. Ticking off libs means the right things are happening.

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He is ticking off more than liberals. When do you think you might just realize that it's the fact man is bordering on insane, it doesn't matter what cult he claims to lead? It's not a right or left issue, that's what is pathetic about your "leftist lib" babble.




That’s the important part that you just don’t get. Trump, better than anyone, knows that there are some In the ranks of Republicans that disagree with him. He will however continue to be pro America while he is there. He, unlike his naysayers, has no proven hidden agenda. America has seen through the truly deceitful and frankly, America bashing lies of the Left.

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Pro America? The spineless one who cannot take criticism is pro Him. His agenda is him. You guys are very illiterate..his tweets say it all. Impeach Romney. Fun stuff for sure


I am many things. Illiterate is not one of them. Neither do the labels, oft bandied about by the left... ignorant, fascist, racist, me. I am not a knee-jerk supporter of anything, but I thoughtfully way evidence, facts, morality, outcomes, and cost before I take positions. I do not belong to a cult of Trump, but I voted for Trump, imperfect as he is. I would do so again, given those who run against him and their scary policy positions.


uggh...weigh evidence. Fat fingers.

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