The majority of Americans understand what the Black Lives Matter movement is about. According to Pew Analysis, 64% of all adults support it, which is about 200 million people. Considering the magnitude of these numbers and the outrage over George Floyd’s modern-day lynching, there has been very little violence. Peaceful protesting has been the norm across the country as it was in our town. But when we watch the news, it’s easy to lose perspective. The negative gets our attention so that’s what the media gives us. And there are always a few deceptive agitators on the streets. Their goal is to demonize this movement and divide us.

Diane Dimond is also a deceptive agitator. Her platform, as a syndicated writer of political columns, is, for us, our local newspaper. Over the course of two months, three of her opinions were published. Collectively, they attempted to promote fear while demonizing and illegitimatizing the BLM movement.

On June 9th, she gave us “Enemies of the state.” She said enemies are among the BLM supporters. And she called them the left-wing, the radicals, the terrorists, Antifa, and the people who hate capitalism. On Jun 30th, “Crimes Against Common Sense” was her number 2. This time, Dimond was more brazen as she planted her divisive ideals in the form of questions. She wrote, … “Why isn’t it OK to state the obvious that ‘all lives matter’? And, let’s consider the recent move to destroy our history. …(Their) radical ideas like disbanding law enforcement, criminal takeovers of inner cities and controlling others’ conversations is just plain foolish.” And finally, on July 18th, she wrote, “Hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter Movement.” Dimond mentions several cases of blacks killing blacks that she calls, “Shameful” and said, … “They have no regard for life” …. She labels supporters of BLM as Marxists that want to overturn capitalism in favor of communism. She ended her last column by saying, … “I often wonder what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks would think about today’s movement for racial justice. I believe they would be greatly disappointed.”

Well, Diane Dimond, I believe our founders would be greatly disappointed in your divisive columns. For they, too, were treated unequally, and the British refused to address their grievances. So, in the first sentence of our Declaration of Independence, our founders demanded “equal station,” which in their words, “the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them.” To achieve it, a little tea was spilled, lives were sacrificed in the Revolution, but in the end the foundation was laid for basic human rights for all. Now, 244 years later, we are still aspiring to ensure everyone has “what nature’s God entitle them.” So, isn’t it unAmerican and unChristian to not embrace this next progressive step in democracy? Americans are united and our unifying message is “Black Lives Matter” and, there are no “BUTS” about it.

Ken Kovach is a resident of Frederick County.

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Thank you, Mr. Kovach. The rightwing propaganda machine seems to tighten its grip as its constituency shrinks.

Doc Samson

"The rightwing propaganda machine"??? Oh, you mean one news channel that's just barely right of center most of the time (other than their opinion shows) and talk radio? Wow, quite the competition to Hollyweird and the constant blathering of daytime talk shows and the mainstream media... [rolleyes] Good grief, Charlie Brown...


Go to BLM's site and read their official principles. Just one: "We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure. . ."


@Doc Samson - you are absolutely right about November. There is a major storm brewing and its due to arrive in November!

Jim Matthews

I encourage everyone to google "Black Lives Matter and Marxism". There is much written about the subject from many sides. However, to state Diane Diamond's opinions are divisive is not fair as many will feel Mr Kovach's opinions are not informed ones.

To jump "all in" with BLM one should first see what they are getting with their money and their support.

Doc Samson

@Jim - Ken doesn't seem to grasp the fact that 90% of the MSM is "all in" on supporting BLM, regardless of what they actually stand for and promote... smh.

Spock Here

Of course. The KKK used fear tactics too. So did the Jim Crow laws. As did those who fought the suffragette movement. Jim McCarthy. Our president learned from all of them. Fear. Build a wall. Stop the "caravans". Keep suburbia "white." SAD.

Bernie Mac

You are a liar! President Trump never said "keep suburbia white". Nor was that ever implied. You are a liar!

Spock Here

"The suburban housewives of America must read this article. Biden will destroy your neighborhood and your American Dream. I will preserve it, and make it even better!" It would have been a great slogan for the 1960 election. You seem extra cranky today. Losing your bot job soon?

Doc Samson

@Bernie - Isn't it amazing? You can catch them out in blatant, obvious lies, time after time, and they just move on like nothing was said. It's sociopathic. I'd love to see the next edition of the DSM include Trump Derangement Syndrome! November can't get here soon enough because one way or another, "s" is gonna "htf"...

Spock Here

You can catch Trump out in blatant, obvious lies, time after time, and the cultists just move on like nothing was said. Fixed it

Doc Samson

Funny, but do try to stay on the subject at hand instead of deflecting. I don't have any recollection of anyone here putting Trump forward as always being right. See true conservatives and/or libertarians focus on the issue, i.e. what is actually happening in what we like to call "reality", rather than worrying about defending every little thing any politician says. You, otoh, simply cannot focus on anything beyond that because actual facts and real world examples seem to be beyond your ken...

Spock Here

Uh huh

Doc Samson

Well, glad we can agree on... something.

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