As reported in last Friday’s edition of The Winchester Star, the Frederick County Board of Supervisors voted on Aug. 14 to strike LGBT protections from the county’s anti-discrimination policy. I find this decision distressing, and I hope that the Board of Supervisors will reconsider its position.

I have had the joy of working alongside many talented, dedicated people who are members of the LGBT community. These men and women pour their hearts into their work. They bring fresh ideas, passion, and integrity to their roles. They are the kind of people any organization, including Frederick County, should be proud to have in its ranks.

Unfortunately, the Board of Supervisors, at the urging of Republican Delegate Dave LaRock, has chosen to deny them the protection of fair employment practices.

LaRock calls members of the LGBT community “aberrant” and “disturbing.” He claims that teachers do not have the right to be “openly homosexual in the classroom.” These archaic ideas have no place in our hearts, in society, or in Frederick County offices.

The elected officials in Frederick County should stand up to this hatred by adopting policies that encourage diversity and defend human rights at the local level. Above all, the members of the Frederick County Board of Supervisors should base their decisions on the well-being of their constituents, not on the opinion of one outspoken bully.

Katie Horn is a resident of Stephens City.

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A classic from the Don Lemon school of debate: when your argument is too weak to carry the day, always drop to the level of ad hominem attack.


Has anyone been fired in the FredCo govt offices for being a homosexual? No? You are complaining about something that's simply not an issue here. You want to force your beliefs on others and use local and state laws to do it, plain and simple. LaRock is doing the right thing and I'm glad to see someone with the courage to stand up to the crybullies of the local rainbow mafia.


Local rainbow mafia rotfl! Rep. LaRock went on someone's property to manhandle a sexy business sign he disagreed with. Yep! He stole someone's business sign. Another guy that breaks the law when it suits his most base needs.

Chris 22602

The real blame lies with our local bigots, especially Blaine Dunn. He’s the one that pushed this repeal. Loudoun county has an anti-discrimination policy. Other counties do too, saying that state law is the issue is “fake news” or “alternative facts.” Dunn is a backwards, racist, misogynistic, and homophobic Trump supporter. That’s what this is about, and the rest of the supporters who went along with him are cowards who lack the basic human decency to stand up for the protection of all lives, all religious beliefs, and all of God’s children. Dunn and LaRock are the types of Christians who cherry-pick the Bible to pursue their own agendas. They are both disgusting examples of humanity and it is WAY past time to vote them out. #DoneWithDunn

Steve Cunningham

You Chris seem to be the real bigot here, labeling people with false accusations "both disgusting examples of humanity ". If you are looking to blame someone, maybe you should look at the county attorney. He could have cleared up real quickly if this was against the Dillon Rule. Blaming Blaine Dunn is unfair as he was just going by what seems to be current Virginia State law. Blaine Dunn has done more for the citizens of Frederick County and Red Bud district in our small history. If you have a problem with Blaine give him a call, he is one of the few elected representatives that will communicate with anyone on any issue, he doesn't run and hide like many of our supervisors.

Spock Here

It is time for Dave to come out of the closet. He's a classic example...

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