As solar homeowners, we are proud of the contributions our family is making to our energy grid and our environment. Our decision to “go solar” was made, in part, by our ability to recover a majority of our investment via the process of net metering.

As our energy needs vary from month to month, net metering allows us to “bank” our excess solar production for those times when we need it the most (e.g., the heating and cooling season).

Recently, a petition was filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC Docket EL20-42) that asks for a federal takeover of local solar energy policy and attempts to roll back states’ rights. This petition must not be allowed to move forward. The federal government has no business imposing its will on families and businesses that made the choice to take control of their energy future.

It is particularly disturbing to see attempts to fast-track an anti-solar and anti-states’ rights petition during a global pandemic. More than 2.2 million families and 100,000 businesses have invested tens of billions of their own funds in solar energy. Approving this ill-conceived petition will threaten this choice. As our homes have become our sanctuaries, locally produced solar helps safeguard our families against the increasingly unpredictable electricity grid.

Help protect our state’s right regarding energy choice for families and businesses that choose to invest in solar. FERC Docket EL20-42 must be rejected, ensuring our state’s ability to set its own energy policy. Sign the petition at

Michael Murphy is a resident of Boston, Virginia.

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