For all of us residing in the Stonewall District of Frederick County, apparently, we have a newcomer independent wanting to represent us on the Board of Supervisors, running on a platform of nothing more than “it’s time for a change.”

It's a common theme — someone moves to Frederick County, complains about everything, and attempts to tell me how bad I have it. Really? Do you have anything constructive to contribute? I have not read one thing or plan this independent has to make my life better. Just ramblings about how screwed up he thinks things are and that it’s “time for a change.” Give me a break. I’ve heard this nonsense before from gloom and doomers who have nothing to add but can save us poor, unsuspecting voters.

We have lived in the Stonewall District of Frederick County for 25 years. Judy McCann-Slaughter has successfully represented us since 2016. We enjoy a wonderful quality of community and life due in no small part to her action, attention, and labor for the citizens of Frederick County. Her passion and commitment to public service are demonstrated by results, not platitudes.

Judy’s track record is the practice of sound fiscal judgment and long-term vision. We enjoy one of the lowest tax rates of any jurisdictions around us. We have an excellent public school system including new middle and elementary schools. We have well-managed, equipped and funded public safety services. Judy led the initiative for a new communications system. There were also improvements to road and transportation infrastructure including the new crossover to 522. Additionally, there was new commercial and industrial business.

Please join me in supporting Judy McCann-Slaughter to continue representing us on the Frederick County Board of Supervisors.

Judy’s experience, serving on the Finance Committee, Transportation Committee, Metropolitan Planning Committee, Public Safety Committee, Conservation Easement Committee and Economic Development Authority is invaluable to the residents of Frederick County.

Stan Crockett is a resident of Frederick County.

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I would welcome a new face to get around the good ole boys. May be new eyes can help this community and put it back livable.


Heaven help us and issues aside, how long does one have to live here to be able to run for office? Sometimes I am in awe at how unwelcoming some folks in this area are and how arrogantly they can demonstrate it.

Joe Crane

Ms. McCann-Slaughter is the quintessential RINO, a big-spending Liberal who should be removed immediately. Theo is a fiscal conservative who is needed on the BoS.


C'mon Joe get back under that radical tea party rock that you crawled out from under. Give us one item of proof that Ms McCann-Slaughter is a big spending Liberal

We will wait.....


Well have you looked at your property tax bill recently? My house evaluation went up and my tax rate went up as well for a 12% increase. Who every you are hiding behind a false name, you are kind of dumb not to notice that. Mrs. Slaughter has been on the Board for long enough to have a record. So what has she done other than be a rubber stamp for the RINO's? It is time we had someone really concerned about the community to represent Stonewall and the county as a whole. Theo is a long time immigrate who has realized the American Dream and wants to work to build a better community here.

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