Coming to a public library near you!

Can it really be THIS bad for America’s kids? It is.

The far left, controlling today’s Democratic Party, poses the greatest single threat to America’s children — the PERVERSION OF THEIR MINDS, even as AOC’s “caring” crocodile tears falsely lament “children in cages,” “drinking from toilets” along with other power-politics absurdities designed for ignorant consumption.

Under this façade, the sexual-gender revolutionary left is literally hellbent in destroying the well-being and sanity of children. They do NOT care for children’s welfare, only for their perverted agenda.

Proof? Beginning in the womb, 63-plus million “well-beings” are ripped to shreds, now arrogantly touted by leftie tee-shirts: “God loves abortion, ”Abortion is freedom, “Shout your abortion, ”Safe, legal, shameless.”

But from that slaughterhouse, let’s travel down Main Street to the public library where perverted insanity is on display, where soccer moms/dads applaud as junior bounces with delight at the sight before him.

There “she” (he) sits— a deeply troubled, mentally ill, arguably demonized-man, in full female attire/makeup, and in some libraries adorned with a horned/dragon-headed demon headdress! Welcome to the rapidly growing national trend called “drag queen story hour”— child mind-bending entertainment in many nationally tax-funded public libraries, all in the name of creating a “more equitable, diverse, and inclusive society” (their words). Further, “DQSH teaches children to follow their passions (and) explore unfettered exploration of self.” Also, the American Library Association in is full defense/support of DQSH;

It doesn’t stop there. Another soliciting quote from the DQSH website: “... events are happening all over the world at libraries, schools, bookstores, museums, summer camps, afterschool programs, and other community spaces!” Indeed, we have one right here—Hampton Roads, VA!

The stories? Focus is entirely centered on happily adjusted homosexual families, charmingly delivered, all to the delighted applause of attending grownups.

The real intent? An instigated epidemic of “early-onset gender dysphoria”— a pseudo-scientific name for the deranged belief some children are trapped in a body of the wrong gender. Couple this with sophisticated puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sometimes sex-reassignment surgery— mission accomplished. An insane LGBTQ child conquest, fully backed by far left “caring” Democrats.

Can we know what drives this perversion toward the innocent? Corrupt darkness hates innocence. Its despair can somewhat be relieved in destroying others, providing some gratification against their own abominations. This is deceit in its darkest of moral forms, an easy blank slate for the revolutionary left.

Beneath leftist veneer of constant self-virtue promotion and accusation toward everyone else not agreeing (“haters”), there lies a deepest darkness— a political-cultural movement and worldview directly opposing God’s laws and plans for mankind, from which America’s next generation must be extricated and subsequently sucked toward the vacuum of their own abyss. What we see on vivid display is the result of what happens when we try to be our own god.

The once highly honorable Democratic party has dropped the ball. Think about that when you vote “blue.”

John Lewandoski is a resident of Winchester.

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And another politician has been caught red handed possessing and uploading child p*rn. Allowing sexual perversions to be put out into the open just make this a common occurrence.

Spock Here

Folmer is a LaRock wannabe. Very anti gay, but, that aside, I'd wager it's straight men who like looking at this stuff. You continue to equate child p*rn and abuse with gay consenting adults


Remember when the h0m0sexual gang argued what they did in the privacy of their home was their business. Well, look at them now. FORCING people to cater to them or be shutdown and now CHILDREN in public schools exposed to their urges as some strange health education indoctrination. No surprise this is the latest. HOME SCHOOL OR PRIVATE school now...if you care about your kids.


Them drag queens gonna turn yer kids gay!!! Kill them pervs! At the very least, lock them up!! Send them back! Wait, isn't Trump's BFF Rudy Guliani quite fond of dressing in drag?


Please do whatever you want in private. Leave children alone.


Extreme take, as always, CRT. Could you tone it down a bit?


ACTUAL women - especially those who consider themselves "feminists" (the genuine movement looooong defunct thanks to the organizations' allowing themselves to be hijacked & hoodwinked by homosexual causes and pro-abortionists) ought to be outraged by the despicable, derogatory, overtly-sexualized manner that "drag-queens" depict womanhood. Nope! Instead you applaud them, fawn over them, and believe you are ever so special in accepting their generic dehumanization of women and allowing innocent little children to be subjected to their raunchy parades and disgraceful sexually explicit diatribes. Fanatical fringe groups are just great or women and for children!! Hooray, hooray!


Are you kidding me. Disgusting.. if only the queens knew how ridiculous the look. Why do we have to do this. If you want to have story hour why do you have to make an arse or yourself.ore children have enough to worry about as spock stated why add more to their innocent brains. If you want to be queenie, do it at home or in presence of adults. Leave the innocent children out of it.

Spock Here

So the biggest threat in this entire country, to our children, is this? ''An insane LGBTQ child conquest, fully backed by far left'' It is really a shame we don't see this kind of outrage over the fact that many children don't have clean drinking water, enough food, can't afford school lunch, don't have adequate medical care, and focus on that. Don't go and don't let your kids go. Volunteer in a homeless shelter and see where some real issues are.


No, Spock, he actually said that the far left is the biggest threat....which is true. He then goes on with these "events" as a sample of the far left's worldview and work.


I believe the far right is bigger threat. White supremacy. Antisemitism. Misogyny. Xenophobia. I'd much rather have a drag queen reading to my children than someone like Richard Spencer or David Duke.

Spock Here

Aren't Richard and David part of the "very fine people" crowd? They could read "Jews will not replace us."


CRT, the far right has no chance of gaining any real power. They are a tiny crowd that, from all accounts, spend all their time fighting one another. The fact that you make them such a big bugaboo is a boon to them.

Spock, you continue to spread the "fine people" lie that has been proven over and over again to be a lie. If believing a lie makes you happy (and they seem to make liberals very happy as they believe so many of them), fine. Spreading them, however, just makes your position weaker. You look like a party hack. You aren't one, are you?


Exposing CHILDREN to h0m0sexuals is child abuse. People who allow these people to do this without removing their kids from their presence are complicit. Its clear where this gang are headed. Dont provide the bait.


You don't ACTUALLY have kids do you CRT? Good Lord.


There is hunger and homelessness all over the world. That should not prevent sanity at home. Not every idea the Left promotes has value; in fact it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen one. Going off the deep end should not require us to tie your rope to the legs of our children and grandchildren.


So until clean water is solved we add to the problem with gender confusion? Sure, you go do that. WE chose to REFUSE these mental cases an audience. Mkay.


The FACT that these feeble-minded twisted people are hawking their perversions on the public doesn't make it LESS detrimental because some people don't have enough to eat or clean drinking water??!! They're ALL threats. How does your mind manage to warp a "really bad thing" concept?

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