It is very disappointing to see the decline in education outcomes in Virginia documented by falling test scores. Sadly, this could have been avoided and can be reversed. Here are my suggestions.

Critical Race Theory Denial must end. On Aug. 5 Democrat Paul Siker’s letter to the Loudoun Times-Mirror made this delusional statement,

I have spoken with multiple LCPS teachers, all of whom support what Superintendent Scott Zeigler and the Loudoun County School Board have stated repeatedly: there is no alternative academic framework focused on promoting revisionist history or reverse racism, or Marxism, or Communism being taught in our schools."


I agree with this statement from PACT (Parents Against Critical Theory). website: “There is absolutely NO training, education, lessons, discussions, meetings, “groups”, etc., happening in LCPS that is NOT 100% centered around race, racism, “dismantling white supremacy”. This website has done the digging and shows the receipts for CRT curriculum paid by Loudoun Schools, they show the actual correspondence referencing how to teach CRT and much more.

Siker may be talking to teachers, but not the ones I’m talking with. My teacher friends are so fed up with being force-fed the CRT racist garbage that they are quitting in droves. Now classes are being filled with long term subs and teachers who don't have a professional teaching license.

After Democrats' allies, the teachers’ unions, successfully fought against reopening schools, we should be laser focused on catching up on the basic necessities of learning. The forced equity advocates are seeking to replace academics with indoctrination, and the timing couldn’t be worse.

I have seen Delegate LaRock’s outline of priorities focusing on keeping schools open and getting back to basics to achieve “Excellence in Education.”

Dave LaRock’s leadership is what we need.

Matt Leeds is a resident of Berryville.

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Need not say any more about Larock. Should be voted out of office when time comes.

Just another on of Trumps sheep.

Catherine Giovannoni

Dave LaRock couldn't fix a flat tire. He's been in office for years and has done nothing for education. In fact, he's pretty much done nothing about anything. Hasn't passed any bills. Got kicked off his committee so he can't even participate and speak for his constituents. Well, to be fair, he has been busy supporting the cop-killing insurrection and getting convicted of various offenses. Let's retire this embarrassment and elect Paul Siker. Paul is positive, confident, and competent. He's an intelligent centrist who will do what's best for his constituents. Phyllis Randall recently noted that Paul Siker is "someone who actually practices his faith through his work with our most at-risk communities and non-profits" and that he is "the true definition of a servant leader." Please vote for Paul Siker.

Mr Incredible

There are no "Centrist" democrats. As for Del LaRock, any one that commutes towards DC is surely appreciative, as he has worked hard at getting rid of the seemingly thousands of red lights down Rt 7 and had the road overpassed instead. He's deep into transportation issues and probably did more for the issue yesterday than the local waste of air, Wendy Gooditis, has done since she was put on the committee with no experience at all. Oh, and it's kinda hard to get things done when you're in the minority and the democrats take absolutely nothing you propose into consideration, as they did with spending the leftover covid money recently.

Spock Here

Yes Catherine [thumbup][thumbup]


“There are no Centralist Democrats.”

How would you know? Like other Trump Toadies, you live in a Fantasy World of Lies and Conspiracies where Tinkerbell whispers in your ear.

To be honest, how do we take seriously anyone who takes their information from:

1). A pathetic old man and pathological liar who lost an election

2). Make believe little fairies 🧚‍♂️

john brown

larock is a traitor and a racist

Vote Blue!

down the list to save our Democracy from these traitors

john brown

LOL...."Critical Race Theory Denial" .... "even a broken clock is right twice a day"...LOL

Yes, one must stay in denial of the historical truth and Critical Race Theory to be a member of the tRump cult.

This old boy starts drinking real early ...LOL

Mr Incredible

Unfortunately, edjumicashun in givmint run publik scools is broken on the Federal Level. The no Child Left Behind initiative, with the resulting SOL's, has been a disaster for learning with the end result of teachers teaching to test in order to have an acceptable pass rate. The Department of Education has been an abject failure since it's inception, with American children going from number 1 in the world to somewhere around 25th, last time I checked. The DoE needs to be abolished and control of the schools returned to the state level. Failing that (and it certainly won't happen with democrats in power) the whole of our Western based education needs to be re-evaluated. And it certainly won't hurt to boot liberal administrators making six figures from the system, either.

Old Western Man


john brown

we can always put the children's education in the hands of folks like you and jerry falwell jr. ....

john brown

From just this forum we can all see that those lacking in education, common sense and the academics are overrepresented by those on the white nationalist right ... you have to be dirt bag stupid to support the likes of a donald tRump


Mow much more mediocre can you get?

Doc Samson

I don't know Bry, "mow" much more poorly can yu tipe? What's the sage advice u giv to those whose typing skillz are not perfect??? [beam]


Twaddle alert! CRT is not being taught in area school systems. Period. Much of what has been "approved" as subject matter dances around actual history - because the reality makes some uncomfortable. Mr. LaRock is the last person to bring improvements into any area where civic responsibility is required. He was one of the misguided that wanted to negate the will of the people in the 2020 election. He was on hand for the insurrection on Jan. 6. He is the one convicted of trespass and destroying another party's political signs. He is also enjoying an accomplishment batting average of 0% in Richmond. He has passed no beneficial legislation and has voted against common sense bills that would improve the lives of Virginians. There is a social cost to those of us living in the district by having a non-working delegate in Richmond. We need a serious Delegate working for us in Richmond - and that is Siker - not LaRock.

Catherine Giovannoni



Mr. Leads, the author of this letter is deluded about many things. I would never follow his advice.

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