It has been our honor to serve the members of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative as directors. We strive to provide safe, affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy with outstanding customer service by a caring and dedicated workforce. Per recent JD Power satisfaction rankings, an overwhelming majority of you are pleased with our service. It saddens us to see this amazing organization under attack by agenda driven candidates who do not have your best interests at heart. These “REFORM” candidates use hyperbole, half-truths, innuendo, and falsehoods to malign REC, directors and management, and our exceptional employees. They desire a takeover to pursue a radical environmental agenda. They gained no traction so have pivoted to an attack on REC’s governance. Let’s set things straight:

Our election process is fair, open, designed for maximum participation and mirrors that of public companies and many cooperatives. Members have three clear choices: abstain, vote for the candidate of choice, or allow the board to vote their proxy.

While board meetings are closed (as are a vast majority of cooperatives and public companies), we provide an annual meeting for members to interact with directors and voice concerns. We schedule “Get Connected” events in our territory to meet members in a casual environment. The recent event at the Frederick fairgrounds was a resounding success. Members can also meet with directors at any meeting and can communicate with us via Our directors are also accessible and visible in their communities.

WE ARE TRANSPARENT. Our Document and Governance sections at provide information including policies, rates, bylaws, our Strategic Plan, tax filings and audited financial statements.

REC has an “all of the above” approach to delivering a varied portfolio of energy; balancing affordability, reliability and safety with the additional expense of renewables. REC currently has 30 megawatts of solar in our portfolio and led efforts to develop legislation expanding distributed solar generation. This market, which has been nearly closed for members due to mandatory limits grew by 500% on June 1 and will expand 900% over 10 years. REC spearheaded efforts for State Corporation Commission approval of “Cooperative Sunshare” allowing Members desiring additional solar participation to purchase blocks at a fixed price. We appreciate the role of renewables but WILL NOT force additional costs on our Members especially since it would disproportionally impact lower- and middle- income Members.

Managing an electric utility requires time, effort, and an understanding of the industry. REC’s Director compensation is on the low-end for similar sized Cooperatives and pales in comparison to public utilities.

Elections have consequences. You can continue with proven, effective and experienced leaders who strive to keep rates as low as possible and deliver outstanding customer service or an agenda driven slate of candidates who will most likely cause a rate increase. We humbly request your support. Please vote for Michael Lindsay, Linda Gray, and J. Mark Wood. Vote your proxy card in July’s Cooperative Living or via the SmartHub at Please visit our personal website at for more information.

Michael Lindsay, Linda Gray and J. Mark Wood serve as directors for Rappahannock Electric Cooperative.

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