Some people are truly exceptional

“Amazing.” “Incredible.” “Awesome.” Is our vocabulary someday going to be limited to these three words? They no longer have any meaning. It appears they are applied to every person who walks upright and has a pulse.

Someone’s child or grandchild sings a song, does a dance or otherwise acts cute. It is very shortly posted on social media with at least one of those words included in the explanation. I hear on TV about a grade school student who is “amazing,” etc. because they study hard, make good grades and are polite to adults. I did the same things growing up, under threat of having my butt whacked.

Any musician, rap artist or other performer receives the same glowing accolades. They prance across a stage in front of adoring fans, screaming out profanities under the mantle of free speech, and are praised as “awesome,” etc. And let’s not forget the overpaid, overhyped professional athletes. They can bat, kick, or carry a ball with more accuracy than us mere mortals. Therefore they are written up in the sports section as “incredible,” etc. Oh, you poor little three words. You must be exhausted.

Please indulge me for a moment — I would like to present my own list of people for whom I believe these terms are more appropriate. This list includes, but is not limited to, the following: Medal of Honor recipients. First responders. Medical missionaries. Non-violent civil rights leaders (think MLK). People in Foxe’s “Book of Martyrs.”

In our history, none of these individuals were seeking their own fame or glory — in fact, they despised it. As they are doing today, they were trying to relieve suffering, right wrongs, serve a higher purpose, obey the commands of their God and generally do good in the world. Like so many of our Greatest Generation, which is quickly vanishing, they saw a sometimes unacceptable (and in many cases horrific) situation and stepped willingly into harm’s way. They entertained no thought of “likes” on Facebook or any other foolishness. Many of their stories will never be known, due to their choice. You won’t see them featured on any reality shows, win any Emmys or participate in public feuds about character. They are above that. May their “amazing, incredible, awesome” tribes increase.

Judy Melton, Berryville

Judy Melton is a resident of Berryville.

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One of the very best opinion pieces I've ever read......kudos!


Great forum, Ms. Melton. Thank you!


In the land where merit has been made a racist word all one need do is look at the output. Mediocre and some people overburdened carrying others load is what you get. And looking at who pays the vast majority of the federal income tax...Id say its very racist.


That's awesome.


Well said. Other words having lost meaning are "fair" and "justice"; of course, there are many more. And to paraphrase Ecclesiastes: "hyperbole, hyperbole; all is hyperbole".

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