Have you had enough? Is there any more that you need to see to recognize that we have a “leader” who is not just embarrassing or incompetent, but is actually DANGEROUS?

Many who knew this individual before 2016 knew that he was not qualified to be President. A few even said that prior to the election. As his presidency proceeded, the evidence steadily accumulated: Those who had predicted that he was inadequate to the job were, regrettably, exactly correct.

Trump’s response to the first major crisis of his presidency has been a cruel reminder to us all that it is essential for our country to have leaders who possess at least SOME aspects of good character. None of our presidents has been “perfect.” A few of them have been graded by history as being “not very good,” and even the ones who are most highly regarded had faults.

But a “Report Card” for this one would look like this:

Temperament: F

Knowledge: F

Integrity: F

Before anyone acts outraged, let’s look at how public knowledge about the coronavirus grew — along with some of the responses by our President and his loyal followers.

• In January, German scientists developed a test for COVID-19, and the World Health Organization offered the test to countries around the world. The U.S. refused the offer. The President dismissed the coronavirus as no big deal, said that people should not worry, and predicted that the virus would disappear when the weather got warmer.

• Meanwhile, 60+ other countries immediately put the tests to use (South Korea can now test 10,000 citizens per day) and took medically appropriate steps with infected people. It has been learned that people can carry the virus — and infect others — for 14 to 24 days before they show symptoms. Countries with testing have a level of control over the virus.

• Trump, with his focus clearly on his reelection chances, continued to down-play the danger, and he lied about the availability of tests and vaccines. He prohibited advisors from giving figures on the number of people infected, and he asserted that he knows more about the virus than the scientists.

• Flights from other countries, including from heavily infected areas such as Northern Italy, were not restricted until just recently, and there were no tests for arriving travelers. Trump implied —and the most shameless of his sycophants opined — that the whole situation was a “hoax” promoted by Democrats. Trump NEVER takes responsibility for anything negative; instead, he tried to pin blame on Barack Obama.

Space does not allow for a full litany, but this should be enough for anyone to understand. Because of the unconscionable delays in acknowledging the pandemic — and taking action to contain it — countless millions of people are already facing financial crises. And an unknown number who might have survived may die.

Trump has been obsessed over November’s election. A political sign for the times:

4 More Years??

NO More Years!

Kevin Kennedy is a resident of Frederick County.

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Mr. Kennedy thinks very highly of himself, but lacks any kind of perspective. While he would do a better job than the President, there is no other leader in the world who we can point to who is doing a better job for a country as divided as the USA. With Democrat leaders fighting the President in the beginning of the crisis, he took the right actions. He has used his bully pulpit to get most companies into helping America (GM is the exception). The story of China suppressing the disease may be true or not true. But their smog problems meant that the big city dwellers all had masks and used them frequently. Lets be kind and commit Mr. Kennedy and all the rest with Trump Derangement Syndrome to Mental Health care before it is too late. When Trump is reelected, Mr. Kennedy will have a major breakdown and may become a danger to society.


Thank you, Mr. Kennedy! I love it when y’all show us your true colors.


In response to your question “have you had enough?”: YES!!! We had enough of BHO and his regime selling us out to the enemy and living a luxurious life of vacation after vacation after vacation, so we voted for Donald Trump. Trump is NOT a Washington insider, and he has more money and assets than any of them combined, so he can’t be bought like his predecessor. As for his qualifications, well, let’s start with him having A LEGAL, VALID birth certificate. That, in and of itself, makes him leaps and bounds more qualified than BHO, but let’s look at the rest of the criteria.

Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution sets three qualifications for holding the presidency. To serve as president, one must:

• be a natural-born U.S. citizen of the United States;

• be at least 35 years old;

• be a resident in the United States for at least 14 years.

And he meets all 3 requirements. His great business sense, his love for this nation and the American people, his intelligence, and the fact that he just doesn’t care what people like you think and he is NOT politically correct are some of his top assets. And unlike many of the past presidents, he actually lived up to and fulfilled his campaign promises. I’m not a fan of everything he says, but I am a fan of everything he has done for us. As for his “focus clearly being on his reelection chances” causing him to drop the ball on the timely response to the COVID-19 crisis, well I have to ask…..where were you the last couple years? Did you miss the impeachment circuses? It’s not like he was sitting around twiddling his thumbs. He was a little busy with that diversion. How much time, energy and MILLIONS of dollars were wasted on that side show that the democraps kept fueling???

People like you are so filled with the media-fed hatred for this man that you can’t see past their backside to really get a good look at all the good he has done for the America people because of his love for this country. You want people like creepy Joe and Bernie in office to turn this great nation into a socialist/communist regime? Well, we, the AMERICAN people, will not stand by and watch our country go down in flames because of knee-jerk liberals who want everything handed to them for free. We want a president that will stand for us, our constitutional rights and our liberty which is exactly why we will vote him in again.

4 more years?? I say YES!! God bless America, and God bless President Trump!

Spock Here

I didn't know they were letting asylum inmates out along with the nonviolent criminals.


Wow v65babe, I just got home from work to read the updates and I have to say that your post has been the highlight of a bad news week! Thank you, and God bless!


With the volume muted on the television set, I'd give Trump a C-. When I read what has been said, I contemplate lower grades. When I read most of your comments, I give you a combined B for humor, C for knowledge, A for vitriol, and A+ for getting on one another's last nerves. That's not all of you, of course. You know who you are ;)


Maybe Trump could make a healthy donation to his AMAZING charity to prove he cares about the Americans lives? Oh wait, he AND his adult children no longer have a charity...because they were forced to disband it because they are con artists who were stealing/misappropriating the funds. Less than 3weeks ago he called this pandemic a democratic hoax to ruin his great economy and hence his reelection. The most joyous i’ve seen him of late was when he heard news that mitt romney may be infected. Congratulations team Trump, look at all the winning around you and take the credit you deserve for making America great again.



All has been quiet in the Winchester Star’s Open Forum. Day after day, the spaces are filled with words from the conservative syndicate writers, sharing their word spins that validate the majority of the locals. Then you submit a letter that stirs everyone up with the facts!

Spock Here

Loving the trips down faulty memory lane, Obama didn't do this, or that, or Poor Mr. Trump is bashed daily by the "dimicrats" and that's nasty because he's doing just everything so right, unlike Obama who did everything wrong wrong wrong!!! Better wash those hands and check your temperatures and remember:

Obama's ludicrous press briefings stroking himself and ignoring, and disagreeing with, doctors and scientists right in front of the cameras, lying about things he actually was on record saying, contemplating sending people back to work while the Ebola cases were rising exponentially. Remember?

Daily deriding "fake news" that Ebola was a hoax republicans started because he was just impeached for bribing a foreign head of state, and republicans were "out to get him" Then insulting the press like a 2-year-old for asking "nasty" questions that "made him look bad." The time that both republican and democratic governors had more leadership in their pinky fingers than POTUS did and the POTUS couldn't manage to get supplies to the front line medical workers. And oh my, those garbage bags medical workers were wearing because Obama had delayed coordinating the supply chain in a prompt manner. And that time Obama stood in front of the American people and said he "took no responsibility." Y'all remember that, right? Right. 80,000 Ebola cases, over a thousand dead. Fun times!


Helpful, Spock? Please tell us how.

Steve Cunningham

We can always count on Kevin Kennedy to be an idiot!!

Spock Here

Yes, Steven, but then, you come on.

Steve Cunningham

And then of course Spock we have your stupid, snide remarks with spelling names incorrectly you pompous moron.


Mr. Kennedy's message is always similar to the Emperor's in Star Wars: "Let the hate flow through you."

Spock Here

The hate in Trump is boiling what's left of his brain away


Spock, you never cease to amaze. I’ll take what you call Trumps “hate” over your misguided love of our country, any day. At least he is trying to move us forward. You wouldn’t last a day with a fraction of the hate this man has had piled on him. Try 3+ years. We know you.


"Countless millions are facing financial crisis?" How is any of this Trump's fault? The country is shutdown because of the virus, the governor's did the job they are supposed to do, as heads of their states, they shut down businesses.

Blame game, that's all Democrats offer. In January they were busy getting Trump impeached, or have you forgotten where all their effort has been since 2016. Their TDS is worse then the virus because they lack the ability to focus on anything than getting Trump out of office. I'm amazed the man can continue through the daily onslaught he has received, while not taking his salary as President, by the Democrats & the press, as well as Hollywood actors.

Frankly with your raging TDS, it doesn't matter what he does, it will in your altered mental states, be wrong.

China gave us this virus, period. You want cheap manufacturing, you sent it there, this is your thank you. Therein your blame should ly, whenever you resume normal thinking.


Awesome comment, ralcabin. Their hatred of our President is all-consuming to them. America has already taken note.


Exactly correct, Mr. Kennedy. This President's lack of leadership has only fueled his desire for more praise. His rambling and sometimes incoherent press appearances only prove his unfitness for office.

What is worse is that his followers are now taking his advice. One man died due to the President's comment that Chloroquine was shown to cure the disease. Without guidance, the person took the chemical they used to maintain their aquarium and died. The President who stares at an eclipse without protection cannot be trusted to hand out medical advice.

I guess the entire country is paying so that some of you can "own them libs"...


Wait, you claim someone died taking Trump's advice, then you claim they did so "without guidance" -- which is it? Too clever by half, you are.


Another anonymously brave troll...

"Without guidance" from a medical professional. Please, if you can't keep up, wouldn't being silent behoove you more?

Steve Cunningham

Bryan, you can't even defend your own idiotic remarks [tongue]


Trump has medical professionals that he has been listening to, Drs. Fauci and Brix to name a couple. You have to wonder off the plantation sometime to find the truth. Take a listen:



*Birx, not Brix


There is nothing President Trump could ever do to satisfy progressives. Thus, he should never try or give them anything. I believe the majority of voting America knows that President Trump is going a great job and that he will be rewarded for his hard work this November by a large victory over the dementia challenged Joe Biden. Speaking of poor Joe, at the rate he is declining, I am not sure he will even be the nominee.

Spock Here

Maybe Biden and Trump should get medical brain scans and see who's competent? You are reiterating Eric and Jr's talking points

Spock Here

Oh, I see you think it's ok for the leader of the free world to not "give anything" to people who disagree. Yeh, cuz presidents always do that, especially in a pandemic


Cherry picking lib. Trump cancelled flights from China coming into the US back in January and all you leftists could say was "RACIST!!"

Spock Here

And then he took a 3 month nap

Spock Here

Thanks Mr. Kennedy. Listen to the doctors and scientists and governors, even the ones who are "not nice" to him.


Mr. Kennedy had nothing to say when the Swine flu took a 1000 lives before Obama acted on it. Mr. Kennedy is a dishonest, Democrat (but I repeat myself) hack.


Nor of course did this dull-witted demagogue apparently believe that Obama's flagrant refusal to shut down borders with Africa during the Ebola epidemic citing, you guessed it, perceived "racism" as opposed to the very real potential threat to American lives. Had he been president during this outbreak, the thunderous roar of airplanes overhead would still be resounding as we write. Trump has done all he has the power to do to get us through, God-willing, this unprecedented era.

Spock Here

"Dull-witted demagogue"? Oh, the irony!


Completely different types of contagions, completely different types of response. Good try, anonymous one.


Both are viruses, both originate from foreign countries. Do try to keep up, wannabe wise guy.


Who are you, really?


I am Spartacus!


Thank goodness the governors and local officials of the states have taken the lead on this crisis. The lack of leadership from the White House should be an eye opener for all.



Spock Here

The governors will save us


Mr. Kennedy is absolutely correct. The pattern of President Trump's missed opportunities and judgemental failings around coronavirus crisis is well documented. Had he acted forcefully as early as January on the unanimous advice of healthcare experts we would have far fewer than the 1,000 coronavirus deaths we now have in the US. He is not up to the job of President of the US and needs to be replaced by a competent leader next November.

Spock Here

Why ask the healthcare experts when he had a "hunch."?


Our country’s willingness to outsource its sovereignty to other countries gets the failing grade, and you, Mr. Kennedy, are the opportunist.


Wait, did we lose soverignty at some time?

Doc Samson

Perfect response and one that no Leftist will understand...


Care to explain yourself? And also, what is your real name?

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