We the people of the United States own the Federal Courthouse in Portland, Oregon. The DC news channels won’t show you what the courthouse and surrounding stores look like today. But you can see the carnage by simply Googling Portland Federal Courthouse Images. Recall the Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler and Democratic Governor Kate Brown didn’t want federal agents in the city to stop the rioting and protect the city. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the mayor and governor did nothing to stop this destruction of property. You can see that other stores and shops look just as bad. This will not cost $3,000 to clean up; the clean-up will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our federal government should sue the city of Portland and the mayor and governor for the cost to clean up “our” Federal Courthouse. We should not pay a penny, and I’d be quite happy leaving the outside as is so the people of Portland can drive by and look at it for the next 50 years. Imagine if the Winchester of Frederick County courthouses looked like the Federal Courthouse in Portland? How about if our walking mall was trashed like downtown Portland? The two mentioned Democrats and those reading this editorial think everything can be made right and fixed at “our” expense. I’m sure Mr. Wheeler has already put in a call to the governor to ask Washington to pay for the clean-up. Biden would say yes and pay to clean-up the mess. Trump would say no to cleaning up the mess at our expense. What would you say after you look at a dozen pics or so and which candidate do you agree with? Welcome to the right side.

Scott Miller is a resident of Frederick County.

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I agree...this is an outrage and we should all be sick and scared to death. The violence, the lawlessness, the destruction....all a part of Donald Trump’s America. Not much law and order that i see...just lying and covering up about the pandemic while claiming credit for things he didnt do, and passing the buck on things for which he is responsible. Unfollow Trump on twitter TODAY! Throw water on the witch and watch her melt!


Scott, Scott. Tsk tsk! We all know how vile historical reminders can be! I’m certain that the “leaders” in Portland have absolutely no intention of cleaning their courthouse up! They want it removed, like the statues. After all, it’s just an old worn-out relic of our Nation’s past - her legal system.


Without law and order, there is chaos. Since Portland wouldn't protect itself and denied protection, Portland can pay to clean up it's own mess out of it's citizen's pockets. Bunch of fools that they are. Hopefully, they will think twice about voting for a liberal the next time.


lol... you're one to talk, coward

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