A relative recently sent us a listing of the awful things that Trump has said and done, both before and during his presidency. All verifiable, these are the kinds of things which should be — or should have already been —"deal-breakers" for American voters. Included in the list were actions such as:

• Going bankrupt at least 6 times but refusing to release tax records;

• Committing over 20,000 lies;

• Putting refugee children in cages;

• Eliminating long-established environmental protections,

• Soliciting election help from Russia, China, Ukraine;

• Choosing to believe foreign dictators over U.S. Intelligence;

• Referring to our free press as "the enemy" (and so on ...)

Any one of those — all by itself — would, with any other president, cause the majority of Americans to rise up and say, "This is NOT the type of person that we want to be the 'Leader of the Free World.'"

But, unfortunately, all of those despicable actions (plus scores more) were only a prelude to 2020. His response to 3 different crises has shown us how ignorance, incompetence, and a total lack of concern for others is a most dangerous combination. Instead of leadership, this charlatan has :

• Minimized — for months! — the growing seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic

• Lied about the number of COVID cases and the number of deaths;

• Refused offered help from the WHO and from other countries;

• Refused to use the advice of medical professionals;

• Given support to those who resisted cooperating with the basic safety measures to slow the spread of the virus;

• Focused on the stock market, instead of on the plight of working families being hurt by the recession;

• Promoted potentially harmful drugs as "miracle cures";

• Given NO condemnations of the police killings of unarmed Black citizens;

• Had tear gas and stun grenades used against peaceful protesters in D.C.;

• Continued to try to eliminate health care coverage during a pandemic (!);

• Has done NOTHING in response to U.S. Intelligence that Russia has paid bounties for dead American soldiers in Afghanistan!

And that sordid list does not even include actions such as how he uses the Attorney General as his "fixer" and as his "enforcer".

Some facts related to the COVID-19: The U.S. and South Korea each confirmed their first COVID cases on January 20. Korea immediately responded with testing, safety measures, and contact tracing. Trump treated the COVID as no-big-deal for months. As of this writing, the U.S. has had over 3 million COVID cases and 132,753 deaths. As of this date South Korea has had 13,137 cases and 284 total deaths. Compare those totals. South Korea's society is essentially back to normal. Who knows when ours will be.

This president's "performance" is well beyond "embarrassment" or gross "incompetence."He is DANGEROUS. People are dying because of him. And elected Republicans do nothing to stop him. For more years of this?? NO way!

Kevin Kennedy is a resident of Frederick County.

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I stopped taking seriously the opinion piece at the first line about going bankrupt 6 times. Scanning the rest of the piece is a simple restatement of all the talking points of the party that wants to see President Trump removed. Really? Can you not find any one thing that our President has done? A very sad perspective.


I'm voting for Trump. Again. He's for America first. Joe Biden just wants his son to have a cushy job so he can pay his drug debts and child support.


I’ll tell you what is DANGEROUS, Mr. Kennedy. Your supposed truthful facts listed, most of which have already been proven wrong. It sounds DESPERATE to call someone a liar when you cling to your own. Please spare the honorable people on both sides of the aisle, and tell us more about how Mr. Biden will help ALL Americans and not bring the puppeteers hammer down to polish off a great Nation. Y’all won’t be happy until America is renamed, people flood through our borders unchecked, and everyone gets a paycheck without working. Please give the hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying Americans a break.

Spock Here

Do tell us which of Mr. Kennedy's assertions have been "proven" wrong? And why your assertions are not, in fact, the "fantasy of the cult."

I'm voting for Joe because he'll take away our incandescent lightbulbs BUT he'll abolish those nasty suburbs, at last! And I have a raffle ticket for a massive hair sniff!!

Doc Samson

When someone posts something as "fact", it is incumbent upon them to provide sources that indicate they are not merely speculating, like providing citations in a research paper. If I can read two articles that come to very different conclusions on an issue and one of them provides more context or provides more data, I'll be more likely to buy into whatever conclusion that article draws. For example, when the MSM ran all the terrible, very bad pictures of the children in cages and claimed it was Trump's doing, only to find out that, oopsie, those pics were snapped when your boy Obama was in office, well, I wouldn't find those outlets very trustworthy. You progressives, on the other hand, couldn't let something little like that get in the way of your TDS and just moved on to something else... [rolleyes]


Mr. Kennedy -- You said everything is verifiable. Please post a link to the 20,000 verifiable lies in speadsheet format or apologize for a misleading statement.

And you think Mr. Trump is dangerous? Please read the documents related to the

Michael Flynn case and you will discover that the Obama/Biden administration actually tried to interfere with an incoming administration. Nothing on your list is as serious as that. If Biden wins and the incoming administration puts in mailing-in voting, you can kiss your republic/democracy good-bye. The year 2020 will be the last election for the United States as you knew it. You have less that four months to do your homework. Watch news on all sources including both CNN and Fox News. You must get a balanced view for the 2020 election. The future depends on it.

Jim McCarthy

Kudo to the Star for publishing an opinion that once would never see itself in print in this newspaper. There is hope for balanced editorials in the Star.

Doc Samson

Uh, Jimmy, where have you been? The Star has been publishing KK's letters for quite some time...

Admiral Emluk of Borbistan

Trump is incompetent and dangerous to the well-being of the country.


Joe Biden will save us? hahaha God Bless Donald J. Trump. Kennedy sounds like lying Adam Schiff!

Spock Here

A vote for Joe is a vote to abolish our suburbs!

Ken Kovach

THANK YOU, Mr. Kennedy for taking the time to set the record straight. Our country cannot survive another four years of Trump. They’ve tried their word spins, lies, and lame excuses for all their failures but, the facts you cited cannot be denied by reasonable thinkers.

Doc Samson

The hilariously pathetic irony of the "Party of Diversity, Science, and No Racism" picked a racist, little girl hair sniffing, mentally failing, rich, white guy as their candidate cannot be denied. They claim to hate Trump SOOO much and yet pick a candidate that has all the flaws (and more) they claim make Trump a horrible president?!

If Trump wins again? O... M... G... [lol][lol]

Spock Here

Vote for Joe! He's going to abolish the suburbs! Yay Joe! Dementia J. Trump says he'll be announcing "many exciting things over the next 8 weeks, things that nobody’s even contemplated, thought about, thought possible w/ levels of detail & levels of thought that a lot of people believed very strongly we didn't have in this country.”

Spock Here

The "Law and Order" president. Sad!


Are you related to Joe Biden?


All true. He must go. See The Lincoln Project, and Republicans Against Trump groups. They have come to the same conclusion.

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