Dear Frederick County Board of Supervisors:

My name is Elliot Foy. I am 17 years old and I am a senior at Millbrook High. I recently read an article in The Winchester Star, “Frederick County Supervisors Rescind LGBT Protections for Staff.”

A surprising vote of 6-1 to rescind a recent change to the county’s anti-discrimination anti- harassment policy that protected LGBT county staff from discrimination. I see many places where the county attorney answered with “I don’t know if it’s appropriate to give a legal opinion in this context,” to any follow-up questions that were asked. So tell me, if it is not appropriate for you to answer questions regarding the subject then why is it appropriate for you to create an extremely broad opinion on the subject?

This is a subject that is extremely touchy to me, because I am a person that knows exactly what I want to do with my life and am extremely passionate about it. These dreams of mine ultimately are getting torn down by people who are uneducated about what they are addressing.

I’m not critiquing anyone’s opinion, or telling anyone that they cannot have their own opinions, I am only saying that it is safe to be educated before taking something like this away from a minority group of people that are discriminated against almost daily — at their jobs, in schools, and in public. Minding their own business and living their day-to-day lives.

In the article it states that Dave LaRock said in a phone interview that the state should not provide special rights or protections for “chosen sexual habits.” In an earlier article for a Loudoun County publication, he compared gay people and “gender impersonators” to smokers, saying, “Like smoking, homosexuality has many health-related consequences.” This law that is being rescinded is purely based on his uneducated opinion.

Which all in all is completely unfair and is in its own way discrimination. These statements are filled with homophobia.

These unfactual opinions lead to violence against the LGBT community and are exactly why protections for non-discrimination are needed.

The LGBT community is a community representing people who are judged every single day of their lives for living a truth that although they did choose to express, they did not choose to be born into.

Now, going back to the subject of me knowing what I want to do with my life and being extremely passionate about the career that I’m choosing. LaRock previously said that “transgender people have a mental disorder and that it would be ‘very disturbing’ if they were able to teach a kindergarten class.” I want to know if this would be “very disturbing” to someone because of their preconceived personal opinions, or if it would be “very disturbing” to someone because transgender individuals don’t have the ability to teach without their identity getting in the way?

I am a transgender man planning to go into education after I graduate. I may not know what grade I would like to teach yet, but a kindergarten class is on that list of possibilities. I’m proud of my identity and I choose to be an active member of the LGBT community, but I do not plan to step into my classroom and speak about my gender identity to young and growing minds. I want to be an educator because I want to impact students, to make them excited and eager to learn, to make children appreciate their education.

Thank you for hearing my story and hopefully listening.

Elliot Foy is a resident of Frederick County.

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Ms. Foy, please stop letting people abuse you and get help. You are a woman, no matter what you believe you might be and no one here hates you because they refuse to comply in what you've been deceived into believing. Stop allowing the enablers to hurt you further and seek help, you have to fight this as it will lead to even more self-mutilation and abuse down the road. I'm sorry that people have taken advantage of you and I hope that you reconsider going any further down this painful road.

Spock Here

No day would be complete without an attempted exorcism by you. Mind your own business


Right, let the poor girl become another pawn by people who obviously care nothing about her well-being because they want to push an agenda. You're so caught up in being "cool", it has blinded you. Sad!

Spock Here

I've never been "cool" and don't intend to start. If you have up close, personal knowledge that he's being manipulated, becoming a pawn, people are interfering with his well-being, and know who is doing this, you should report it to the authorities and get social workers involved. If this is just one of your blanket debunked theories about sexuality, I would say it doesn't concern you. I would hope his parents and community are supportive. Just maybe, he doesn't need your opinions


What exactly has been debunked? I thought you were a man of science, but you're arguing from an emotional standpoint. There's no gene that defines same sex attraction, same could be said for gender dysphoria, just unproved theories and hearsay. No one likes to see others suffer, especially children, and this young lady is obviously in a state of suffering, Instead of pushing her further into her confusion and encouraging self-abuse, why aren't you concerned about her parent(s) and peers that encourage her to further self-harm? If science and nature reject such behavior, why would you defend it? Regarding the "call the authorities" comment, what good would it do since they have mainstreamed perversion into society? You think "coon man" Northam would sick AG Herring on the parent(s)?

Chris 22602

There are absolutely genetic factors to sexual identity. Here is just one example of what scientists are discovering, one of the places they are seeing a difference is the tip of the X chromosome.

Chris 22602

Results: A significant association was identified between gender dysphoria and ERα, SRD5A2, and STS alleles, as well as ERα and SULT2A1 genotypes. Several allele combinations were also overrepresented in transgender women, most involving AR (namely, AR-ERβ, AR-PGR, AR-COMT, CYP17-SRD5A2). Overrepresented alleles and genotypes are proposed to undermasculinize/feminize on the basis of their reported effects in other disease contexts.

Conclusion: Gender dysphoria may have an oligogenic component, with several genes involved in sex hormone-signaling contributing.



When someone holds an opinion that differs from the opinions of others, even if the opinions of others be popularly held ones, it doesn't make that person uneducated.

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Good for you Elliot!


Kudos to Elliott!


BRAVO! More power to you Elliot.


Here's the issue. People in the LGBTQ community want SPECIAL penalties for violence and discrimination against them. No. We're all human beings. Just because some neanderthal is so threatened by an LGBTQ person they decide to beat up, kill, or discriminate against them doesn't make the crime any worse than the same neanderthal doing the same thing to someone else. Look, I don't agree with the life choices of the LBTGQ community, I don't believe it's anything but a lifestyle choice. BUT, just because I don't agree with you, doesn't mean I condone violence or discrimination against you either. We are all human beings. We just have the gift of our own opinions and the ability to express them.


Maybe you should look up the legal definition of a hate crime and why there are some on the books today. A crime committed against a person, not just against an individual, but to incite against a whole class of people, is a hate crime.


Kind of a shaky definition.

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