On March 30, Dale Carpenter’s Open Forum took Kevin Kennedy to task for expressing his negative opinion of our president. Mr. Carpenter concluded his piece by writing, “May we all reflect upon how our words define us, and how privileged we are to live in a country that allows coexistence of contrasting views.” It is heartening that Mr. Carpenter, as does Mr. Kennedy, uses his Open Forum to validate those ideals. In contrast to what we get from our president, this type of back and forth is healthy for our nation.

Readers would have been disappointed in Mr. Carpenter if instead of specifically pointing out the areas in which he and Mr. Kennedy have disagreements, he had attacked the other man’s physical appearance. He didn’t make an issue of whether Mr. Kennedy was overly tall, too short or had a physical disability. He didn’t say Mr. Kennedy had a face no one wanted to hear from, and he didn’t bring up whether Kennedy was too fat or too thin. And even though the two men are politically polar opposites, he didn’t stoop to calling Mr. Kennedy “low IQ” or “dumb.” He simply said the man was not in position to know.

Mr. Carpenter didn’t encourage some goon to “knock the crap” out of Mr. Kennedy. Nor did he suggest the police should be “a little rough” on him. He didn’t offer to pay some anonymous person’s legal fees should they assault Trump’s antagonist. No, he used his intellectual gifts to rebut Mr. Kennedy’s arguments.

Mr. Carpenter is also to be commended for not resorting to silly nicknames. How juvenile it would have been if Mr. Carpenter had dubbed Mr. Kennedy “Mr. Peepers,” “Mr. Magoo” or “Dumbo.”

Knowing he would be defined by his words, Mr. Carpenter did not resort to lying. His Forum is basically a true account of his liberal foil’s writings. One takes comfort that Mr. Carpenter is not so insecure that he would find it necessary to use lies in order to pump himself up. So Kevin and Dale, go at it. Your robust and civil exchange of ideas is what Star readers and the nation should expect from two intelligent people in disagreement.

Donald Sears is a resident of Frederick County.

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Doc Samson

No problems agreeing with this. The issue many of us who are of libertarian or conservative inclination have is that the Left consistently holds us to standards that they almost NEVER hold themselves to. I can't tell you how many columns I've read or people I've spoken to who wish Trump would stop with the personal insults or who think the upcoming stimulus package is a bad idea, thus demonstrating that they are capable of being critical of his behavior and aren't mindless supporters like the Obama-bots we see commenting here everyday. Meanwhile, the Left routinely engages in insulting, derogatory, or demeaning behavior/comments and it gets excused or ignored. It shows a level of hypocrisy that teeters on the edge of mental illness...

Spock Here

"mindless supporters like the Obama-bots we see" could never be thought of as insulting, derogatory, or demeaning.....right, doc?

Doc Samson

Never said that... spock.


Well said Mr. Sears. Thank you. Like you I enjoy a well written debate by our fellow readers.

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