Mitch McConnell wrote an op-ed about the insurrection and impeachment trial in the Wall Street Journal on Feb. 16, 2021, and stated that “American citizens tried to use terrorism to stop a democratic proceeding they disliked…There is no question former President Trump bears moral responsibility. His supporters stormed the Capitol because of the unhinged falsehoods he shouted into the world’s largest megaphone.” McConnell said further that “(Trump’s) behavior during and after the chaos was unconscionable, from attacking Vice President Pence during the riot to praising the criminals after it ended.” After the impeachment vote, McConnell took the floor and called Trump’s inaction a “disgraceful dereliction of duty.” As McConnell admitted, the election fraud claim was a lie. The Attorney General, heads of all intelligence agencies, rulings in more than 60 court cases, and the secretaries of all 50 states agree that the election was the most safe and secure in modern history and that President Biden won the most votes in election history.

The question now is whether the judgment of our elected representatives is so flawed that they believed and perpetrated this dangerous Trump lie in the face of uncontroverted evidence to the contrary. If so, any such representative does not deserve to serve in any local, state, or federal offices. Such belief reveals a fundamental character flaw in that they are either unable or unwilling to discern the truth from a lie.

I congratulate the true conservative Republicans and the Democrats who saw through the Trump lie from the beginning and stood strong. Together they represent the majority of Americans. That should give us all solace. But we must go a step further. While we know that Delegate LaRock has exhibited this detrimental character flaw by not only supporting, encouraging [and attending Trump’s rally on Jan. 6], we still need to know whether any other elected representatives took part in any way. Did Delegate Wiley support, encourage or attend? His aide went to the [attended Trump’s rally on Jan. 6]. Did Wiley believe or encourage the election fraud lie? As a resident of Frederick County, I have a right to know.

Further, I have grave concerns about the judgment of the local Republican Party. At the meeting on Saturday, February 20, 2021, held by Back Creek Supervisor Shawn Graber, with Brandon Monk, Frederick County School Board member, and Bill Wiley, 29th District Representative, as additional speakers, masks were not required, and more than 50% of the attendees did not wear a mask during the 2½-hour meeting. While some of the attendees drank coffee and ate fruit, 90% of the time there was no reason not to protect the health of all in attendance by simply wearing a mask. It is such actions that again cause concern about the judgment of the Republican candidates. Individual freedoms do not overtake the health and safety of others. We need to elect representatives who are responsible and respect the truth. Again, Mr. Wiley, I have a right to know if you can stand up for what all medical experts have said is the right thing to do to protect your constituents. Your actions Saturday raise grave doubts.

Delmara Bayliss is a resident of Frederick County.

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Gov Ralph Northam announced today that he is lifting some covid-19 restrictions. 1.7 million Virginians are pre-registered to get their shots on including myself and husband. Due to ingenuity of American private-sector, J&J will also be releasing vaccines and we all can be vaccinated at a faster rate. Good news indeed!! Covid-19 case counts and hospitalizations in VA are on the decline...why spend so much time on mask wearing now? Of course we cannot let our guard down now - we still need to be cautious, but signs are looking good and let's get down to business, focus, and improve the lives of our residents. Shawn Graber brilliantly laid out the issues confronting our Frederick county now...let's focus on the 1) radio second opinion vote and get an efficient and cost-saving system 2) cell towers and how private property owners can share their tower with neighbors in accordance to appropriate rules 3) rid the "Deep Equity by Gary Howard" curriculum in Health class - this ideology has no place in our school systems and parents need to speak up - thanks to Winsome Sears, running for Lt. Governor who diffused the very uncomfortable and confrontational situation by comparing and contrasting Equity vs. Equality - she eloquently laid out her father's journey in America and the case for Equality where everyone has the same opportunity but outcomes could differ due to varying efforts and talents. Capitalism as taught by Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell, economists I studied and learned at Boston University, is what made our country great -marxism and socialism doesn't belong here and never will - it is not in the American DNA.

john brown

The republiclan judgement came into question when they nominated for president a 6 times bankrupt, three times married, pathological liar, confessed sexual predator and seditionist tRump


Because there was no measurable voter fraud and President Biden won a free and fair election.

Now, please sit down those in the Trump Cult and try to activate a half a brain cell while I explain elections: for over 200 years of elections there have been glitches; there have been human error; and there has been mischief. I think we would have noticed the kind of machine needed to flip almost 8 million votes.

Mischief makers are arrested. We can discuss the postal worker in West Virginia-a Trump Cult member-who dumped mail in ballots. He was arrested. We can discuss the man in Pennsylvania-a Trump Cult member-who tried to register his dead mother and when that didn’t work he tried his dead mother in law. He was arrested. Then we had the mail in ballots under the rock in Arizona. Voters were supplied with new ballots so voting was smooth. The offending individual was determined not to be mentally capable to be tried. There’s always going to be a few who voted who weren’t eligible or who died before Election Day, these are found and removed.

The absurdity of your argument is that there is Only fraud in the states Trump lost but won last time. Obviously, in every other state the election process was an epitome of purity and honesty. You Trump Cult people are laughable and truly pathetic.

Your candidate lost-thank God. 8 million voters wanted someone more competent. Move on with your life.

So that’s how elections work. What you Trump Cult Members have is a pathetic man-child, a pathological liar, poor loser, con man and grifter. It truly overwhelms me that you allow yourselves to be so easily duped. I’ve been voting for 50 years. This election was no different than any other. Trump Cult Members need to get over themselves.

john brown

let beezy keep sending his dollars to tRump's latest scam...this one is far more lucrative than tRump univesity...the bulk of his cult feel they could never get into anyone's "university" but they can surely send their dollars to tRump for the "steal"


Trump was acquitted of incitement of the mob he sent to overthrow an election. There isn’t a human in this country who doesn’t know that happened because 43 Republican sniveling coward members of the Senate couldn’t vote the honest and decent way. You notice I didn’t call them Senators as that is a position of honor. They have none.


That’s the trick Beezy, no one has to prove there “wasn’t” fraud. That’s not how it works. Has anyone here in Winchester and Frederick County inquired at the election offices if there was any sign of fraud?

Why hasn’t Republican election officials in these swing states started screaming fraud! And they were threatened! And they were forced! Well, the only Republican election officials I saw ( not just Georgia) were assuring their voters and voters nationwide that their elections were honest and fair and run according to the law. So there you go.

Trump Cult Members are a sad and desperate lot. I read 40%+ would like their own Trump party. I’d love that. Divide the Republican Party and Democrats will win, win, win. 😃. What’s not to love ❤️ about that!

john brown

beezy ran after talking stupid


Delmara Bayliss, you seem convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that the presidential election was free of voter fraud and that Mr. Trump was guilty of inciting a riot at the capitol.

If there is insufficient evidence to prove election fraud then there is insufficient evidence to prove a lack of election fraud. If there is insufficient evidence to prove incitement, then there is insufficient evidence to prove the opposite. Mr. Trump was acquitted of incitement charges at the impeachment trial.

You have no right to accuse others in this state or any other states regarding matters that remain unproven.


Over 60 courts cases, over 80 judges, and the Supreme Court who didn’t waste their tax payer time, said no evidence and simply no case.. Your wishing it to be so does not allow Trump to win an election where he was soundly trounced.

You’ve been duped by a grifter. That has to be embarrassing 😳


Thank you Delmara....all excellent points you raised. Local celebrity / home-grown terrorist Thomas Csldwell of Berryville is currently under investigation and is said to have hosted a meeting at his home. Perhaps it would be helpful if the local elected officials in attendance at that meeting could come forward with information they have, rather than waiting to be tracked down by investigators using cell phones etc... Can a fine reporter at the Star kindly ask David LaRock if he was in attendance at that meeting? Anyone else want to enlighten us on who attended and what was discussed? Still so many unknowns to unravel from this big spool of lies....

John D Copenhaver

Thanks to Ms. Bayliss on attending and speaking up at the Republican town hall. I hope local Republicans will carefully consider the issues she raises.


And what exactly is your complaint? Golly, I see a lot of things that could help a lot of people even a “tree hugger” 🌲 like myself. The shame that Medicaid be offered released prisoners.

Is it perfect? No but it’s something and will do a lot of good. I know you conservatives lose sleep over the idea that someone could receive a benefit from the government that wasn’t a tax break for the wealthy and wealthy corporations. There are some of us who do care about the middle class and the poor and prefer our taxes go there.

Practice deep breathing. It may help you sleep.

Spock Here

Some people just don't get it that people are still suffering from this pandemic, will continue to suffer as well. The botched response has left many in need. And now, I guess Texas will be upset at their "handout" as well.....Federal Socialism to Help Texas Recover

"Some of the costs of recovery will be handled by the federal government. President Biden said Friday that he plans to sign a major disaster declaration for Texas, freeing up funds that can be tapped by individuals who have been impacted, as well as by the state and local governments."


Wanted to bring to your attention the following info about the "Biden" $1.9 trilliion relief package. It can be found here: For those that are too lazy, I'll summarize: Unemployment benefits would come with a weekly $400 bonus on top of regular payments, and last for up to nearly a year and a half. Under this plan, 53 percent of Americans would get effectively receive a raise for being unemployed.

• Creates a program that through September 2021 that would pay 85% of a person’s COBRA premiums when they leave a job, including by quitting. Subsidies would come in the form of an advance refundable payroll tax credit. • Democrats blocked an amendment with Hyde language that would ensure that federal

benefits used to pay for COBRA health insurance premiums are not used to provide abortion services.

• Maintains ability for Planned Parenthood to receive PPP funds. • Stimulus checks could go to families where a parent is an illegal immigrant.

• Allows subsidies paying for 85 percent of COBRA premiums to go to illegal immigrants.

• Allows funding to go to colleges that have partnerships with companies that are owned or controlled by communist China. Democrats rejected a GOP amendment to fix this.

• Allows funding to go to colleges and universities that have partnerships with Confucius Institutes. • Provides $50 million in funding for EPA environmental justice grants, a thinly-veiled kickback to

leftist environmental groups.

• Extends PPP funds to violent criminals, including those guilty of assault on a police officer and

nonconsensual sexual crimes.

• Expands Medicaid eligibility, for five years, to incarcerated individuals 30 days prior to their release.

• Prioritizes funding based on identity politics while ignoring rural businesses and communities.

• Gives billions in subsidies and loan forgiveness worth 120% of debt to farmers and ranchers on

the basis of race and ethnicity.

• Gives $800 million in additional foreign food aid. • Incentivizes harmful Medicaid expansion by increasing newly expanded state’s base FMAP by

five percentage points for two years. Not only does this hurt state budgets, it also brings our

nation one step closer to a complete federal takeover of our health care sector.

• Increase the size of Obamacare premium tax credits for existing beneficiaries.

• Effectively place an excise tax on everyday Americans’ pharmaceutical purchases by removing

the Medicaid AMP rebate cap, which could create instances where drug manufacturers are paying Medicaid to supply drugs.

• Expands Medicaid eligibility, for five years, to incarcerated individuals 30 days prior to their

release and to women for 12 months postpartum, an unrelated provision that should be considered on its own merits.

• Provides additional subsidies for LIHEAP ($4.5 billion), a program ripe with fraud, waste, and

abuse, that President Trump even sought to eliminate.

• Extends 15 percent increase in SNAP funding through the rest of FY 2021.

• Provides nearly $600 million for additional paid leave for federal employees and postal workers.

• Would increase the Child Tax Credit (CTC) by $1,000 per child over 5 and $1,600 per child under

6. For 2021, the credit would be fully refundable. Would double the maximum EITC benefit to

workers with no dependents.

• Would increase, by 20%, the maximum amount of federally subsidized wages for paid leave.

Would allow self-employed people to claim up to 60 days annually worth of federally subsidized

paid leave.

• Removes state matching requirement for the Child Care Entitlement to States (CCES) grant program, along with an almost 20% increase in funding for this program.

• Would, effectively, implement the Democratic Butch Lewis taxpayer bailout of pensions plan.

john brown

so now you are concerned about spending? I woud much rather my tax dollars be used to feed poor kids (SNAP) than to provide an unfunded tax cut for billionaires like the republiclan doled out. Again, as Democrats, we care about the people (food and health care) more than the billionaires and corporations.

Spock Here

How dare he! I hear he provided socialism aid for Texas, too. No "trickle down"? Oh, the horror! Novel approach, empathy and compassion, as well as helping folks get back on their feet.


Can't discuss the matter at hand?

Catherine Giovannoni

I agree with the author. But expecting Bill Wiley to do the right thing is a mistake. He was holding super spreader events, inside, even this past summer. It's no surprise that, even as the risk of infection is coming down nationwide, the NYT still lists the risk of infection in Frederick County as "extremely high."


As citizens, the most powerful weapon we have is the election booth. Republicans have proven to be sniveling cowards, irresponsible and out right arrogant in fighting the Covid-19 virus (don’t forget we are approaching a half million deaths), and perpetrators of lies and conspiracies. Why would you vote for people like this?

Vote. Them. Out. Of. Office. It’s as simple as,that.

Spock Here

Sigh. It is fascinating how these elected officials know more than doctors and scientists. I guess they are all "stable geniuses" And to be fair, it's democratic officials as well.

john brown

CA you identify these Decocrat officials that are denying science and calling Covid a hoax, encouraging people to not wear mask and saying the older population are more concerned about getting the economy back to pre pandemic levels than living. I have not heard this nonsense from any elected Democrat. Please identify these "democratic officials" so that they can be held out for scorn as well.

john brown

please Star add an edit function for us ten thumb folks


Yes, I see what you mean. However, moments of very bad judgment-not excusing it-and total irresponsibility because a politician wants to a....skiss Trump who made irresponsible Covid behavior a political statement of supporting him or not are not quite the same thing.

One is a really dumb and irresponsible act. The other is a purposeful decision to save or enhance one’s political position at the expense of thousands of lives. Unfortunately for Trump cult members, this virus killed without becoming political.

Spock Here

While democratic officials are not denying science as far as I know, they have been known to break their own rules as dictated by scientists. Gavin Newsome's "birthday party" for example. Certainly not as bad as the Rand Paul ignorants, but, still....

john brown

Individual bad decisions and encouraging masses of people to go against the science is not the same to me...I encouraged all to wear masks and not congregate but there was a time or two were family caused me to do things not recommended. We know the difference personal bad acts and encouraging all to be bad actors and there are literally no Democrats giving anti-science advice on Covid, literally none.

john brown

I get really annoyed with folks using this republiclan platform issue whataboutism. They have only two rel platform issues ...hypocrisy and whataboutism.

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