As a senior who was raised in the days when we were taught the history of our nation and to be guided by logic, it saddens me to observe the thoughtless rants by our current population who apparently are a product of the liberal indoctrination that’s been taught by our educators over the past decades. Respect for one another’s views based on our parents’ values and the resulting compromises in issues regarding what’s best for our nation are apparently no longer valued. Even our national Congress is gridlocked by two radically different ideologies without consideration for how these two systems have historically played out over the years in other nations when they’ve been tried.

The most current blatant illustration of how prejudiced we’ve become is illustrated by the ridiculous arguments of those opposed to guns. A recent typical response heralded by those opposed to firearms is to revile us Virginians as people “who make it possible for men to go about in public with their high-powered phallic symbols on prominent display.” Then claiming that NRA’s Wayne LaPierre “supported legislation that would have facilitated approval for military-grade weapons, including fully automatic machine guns, hand grenades, bazookas, and anti-tank weapons,” which is an absolute fabrication. They then follow up with the usual admonishment to vote Democratic.

The current cries to redo the instant background check system is being advocated by both sides but doesn’t describe the radically different desires of either side. One side wishes to rewrite the legislation so that no current firearm could be transferred without a stringent in-depth examination of the person receiving the weapon. This could prevent gifting a gun to a son or other family member without governmental permission. This could also block the transfer of historic firearms that are family heirlooms.

The finally admitted end goal of the liberals is to remove all guns from our citizenry even to the extent of repealing the Second Amendment. The other side considers increasing background checks to include those with mental problems who are diagnosed but who are not institutionalized. Most, if not all, of the mass murders have been committed by mentally disturbed people, but due to their individual rights not to be identified as such have never been added to the background check lists.

I recall when 50 years ago we as a nation released all those institutionalized who were then sent out onto our streets if not deemed to be an immediate danger to themselves or others. All of our mental institutions, like St. Elizabeth’s in D.C., released most of their mentally disturbed inmates. Now we’re reaping the results of those decisions by allowing unbalanced people to pass our background checks.

Such is the paradox we find ourselves in that we want to give all these people their rights, but the only way we can prevent them from purchasing firearms and using them to kill us is to apparently try to remove all guns from our country. That solution doesn’t even address the use of illegal guns by criminals.

The point of all this is that the gun issue is not defined by the instrument used by the bad guys, the issue is what to do with all those who misuse their firearms. When are we going to deal with all the mentally disturbed people of all ages who are among us and are bent on doing us harm? Only then will we truly address the issue of mass murder.

John Mallery is a resident of Berryville.

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I do not own a single gun, but I believe firmly in the right of individual citizens to own them. Those who want to push for confiscation are deluding themselves. Guns have been a part of American life and culture from the beginning. If that changes, it will be a social/generational change and not one wrought legally by only a fringe of the electorate.

Spock Here

A shame that the "liberal indoctrination" bill from the Obama administration--that prevented those with mental illness from obtaining a weapon of war--was rolled back by the current idiot in chief


It was a last minute rule enacted by Obama in his last days in office. It was over-reaching and too vague, which is why Trump appealed it. Obviously you didn't read my response last week to you from NBC explaining why. You're too full of yourself to read a good contradiction to the baloney you spit out daily.


I don’t understand people who love guns. I simply don’t. I don’t understand “gifting a gun”. If a gun is historical, put it in a museum. Will we EVER be able to predict who will unlawfully shoot a gun, or successfully diagnose and predict who is mentally ill? How will we ever be able to protect ourselves from the mentally ill gunners if we cannot identify them or predict their dangerous behaviors? Fact is, we may never be able to do this so that argument from the gun lovers is spurious and distracting. It is not a solution.


Well i dont "understand" gay atheists. Does that mean we should round y'all up and get ya off the street?. I think not. Do you not have anything that is a sentimental object to you that you want to hand down to a relative?. Again criminals do not care how many laws there are. Our mental health system is broke. I to remember the mass exodus from mental facilites that were released on the streets. Heck even hinckly was released. What message does that send


And i dont understand gays ir atheists. What if I deemed you a danger to society? Should we round y'all up and get rid of ya? I think not. Do you not have a sentimental object you want to keep in family when you pass away?. Again criminals and sickos will not follow laws. If they want guns they will get them. Even hinckley was released. What message does that send. I too remember the mass exodus of mentally ill released back to our streets. What a shame on the people that allowed that to happen

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