Hackney is needed on the School Board

We moved to Frederick County from New Jersey. We own a home in the Stonewall District and first met Dr. Diana Hackney as she went door to door for registered signatures so she would be placed on the ballot. We liked her right away. While we have no children in the school system, we are taxpayers, and we have read the paper. We are aware of the challenges in the schools with the teachers, with the need for facilities, with the growth in our area, with the divide between the Board of Supervisors and the School Board, and with the aftermath of COVID.

We have candidates who have run unopposed for multiple years and only lost when they have been opposed. It seems that voting for someone who has been on the School Board for such a long time will produce continued past practices. Aren’t the biggest issues being expressed right now part of what was produced by past leadership?

We think it’s time for an individual who has proven success working with opposing parties. Someone whose students expressed directly their support and the impact she has had on their lives. We already voted for Dr. Diana Hackney and we have only known her for about six months.

She will bring fresh perspectives on updated research and will be available to parents, students, business owners, principals, graduates, residents from other areas now living in Frederick County, grandparents, taxpayers, bus drivers, food workers, and, most importantly, students.

She is very clear that she is running for this office because she wants to serve all and not be influenced by party-loyal decision-making.

The students need someone who will put them first. She has a proven record of success on how to engage students in learning, fund staff and facilities, address adult literacy, support both athletics and recreational opportunities for students, and stay ahead with innovation.

She believes in volunteerism and bringing the community together for a common cause can make things happen that don’t cost a lot of money but will give a premium education and learning experience to all.

She will bring the highest quality of skills with a proven success record in curriculum, facilities, new approaches, consulting skills, strategic planning, solving problems beyond identifying them, unbelievable fiscal accountability, and an uncanny ability to find funding. She will focus on a positive impact for our children who will lead the future.

Go to her Facebook page — Hackneyeducationforall — and see the evidence of not only her experience but also her successes.

Her platform is named “education for all” for a reason, and she lives by it so our investment in our children in the future will be an educational one, a healthy one, and a successful one. All no matter what career path fits their desired choice.

Carole and Rich Johansen are residents of Frederick County.

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And where does she stand on Critical Race Theory and teaching sexuality of 4th graders? You know these things matter a lot more than having a pretty smile.

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