I was so disappointed with The Winchester Star for the last few weeks, but they ultimately came through and it was worth the wait.

Every morning I look forward to the Lockhorns cartoon and the most recent Trump edict. I almost always get a chuckle out of both.

But recently Trump has been noticeably absent — I’m not sure why. Thankfully, The Winchester Star published a report on Trump in the July 8 paper, and Trump has come through once again.

At a time when the coronavirus numbers are rising in most of the states, especially among young people, Trump is using his power to force international students to attend only U.S. colleges and universities that include some in-person classes. They cannot attend U.S. colleges and universities that only have online courses, like Harvard University.

It is like working on a crossword puzzle trying to figure out Trump’s logic:

1. Trump has been concerned for a long time about the spread of the virus from foreign nations, but Trump is now forcing international students to attend only U.S. colleges and universities that have at least some in-person classes where they are more likely to spread the virus

2. Those international students who do come to the U.S. for education are often among the brightest and the best and many of them would be welcomed by many of us U.S. citizens to stay after their training and contribute to our society. It seems like Trump’s bias against foreign people is not restricted to the mostly hardworking Latinos on our southern border who also contribute to our society.

3. As a physician I do not understand any measures that do not take seriously the recommendations of the U.S. government-funded Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Forcing in-person attendance at U.S. colleges and universities is certainly not taking seriously the rapid and sometimes fatal spread of the coronavirus. 130,000 have already died, and the numbers are rising. How many deaths will it take for Trump to take this virus seriously?

Andrew White is a resident of Winchester.

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Spock Here

"went to great lengths to do...." what exactly? Lied about dismantling the pandemic office in the White house. after experts in Trump’s own government had conducted exercises showing a pandemic could cause death, disability and job loss that would harm the economy. 2018. Other than prohibiting Chinese from coming here early on, (which was at first met with loud protests from the leftist socialist marxists, etc) it was mismanaged in various ways, (public records), he then took a nap, and woke up only to spin the following lies:

“When you have 15 [positive] people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero." Feb. 26 Doctors and scientists disagreed.

“This is their (democrat, aka, far leftist marxist socialists BLM ers) new hoax, ...“We have 15 [coronavirus-positive] people in this massive country and because of the fact that we went early, we went early, we could have had a lot more than that.” Feb. 28, politicization begins.

“Anybody that needs a test gets a test.” March 6

“Nobody could have ever seen something like this coming.” March 25. Lie. Doctors and scientists had, in fact, been warning us about this "hoax".

Hyping a speculative, untested drug as a coronavirus treatment..March. Who profited from this scam??

"It's just like the flu", "We'll be open by Easter". The one truth he told stands out still:“I don’t take any responsibility at all.” Pathetic. He didn't cause it, but he sure hasn't "gone to great lengths", no matter what spin.

Cuomo needs to be investigated and held accountable. On the surface he's said that he needed to free up beds for patients. At best, a horrible choice, at worst, criminal. Where should he have sent them remains a question.

Whittmer's particular "sin", as I remember was she refused to open up when "himself" was promoting "liberation" and all the kooks went to the state house breathing and hocking gross stuff onto the police they love so much. I could be wrong, correct me. I tend to get lost in details when answering so called experts who pervert facts to suit their narrative.

Doc Samson

"I tend to get lost in details when answering so called experts who pervert facts to suit their narrative." Well then, maybe you should just learn when to shut up and listen to someone other than a DNC approved bot... or don't, and just keep doing what you don't like others doing... [lol]

Spock Here

A pointless remark on something that quotes the president's lies about the virus/ Why even bother?

Doc Samson

Again, you point out the obvious (yes, I'm aware that I sometimes make flippant or trollish remarks), only to indulge in it yourself... [lol]

Whistle Dixie

"How many deaths will it take for Trump to take this virus seriously?"

President Trump went to great lengths to protect Americans against the COVID projections that were provided to him and his administration. The lack of cooperation with the Chinese and the ensuing COVID-19 mathematical models led to gross over-projections by all involved. However, President Trump and his administration were able to greatly reduce the coronavirus transmission, thus achieving the goal of reduced numbers of COVID deaths and a lesser demand of hospitals and associated medical facilities from COVID infections.

As America went into lock-down, except for essential workers, we all watched how our economy was negatively affected. We all saw how school closings and job losses affected millions of families. We all saw how people were banned from visiting their loved ones in nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living facilities. We all watched the effects of 'supply and demand' as necessary items were not available in stores. And we watched our Nation lockdown as we began to protect our own, and our country from Coronavirus.

It stands to reason that America's immigration and travel policies had to be adjusted to accommodate the COVID-19 lockdown.

"How many deaths will it take for to take this virus seriously?" The question you asked is nothing but biased rhetorical cynicism. Instead, let me posit this question:

How many deaths will it take for those who believe in Leftist ideologies to understand that their beliefs are futile, even deadly?

President Trump is not guilty of ignoring the threat of COVID-19. President Trump is also not guilty of sitting back and letting the Coronavirus run-its-course. President Trump was proactive and our Nation did not suffer the deaths that may have occurred from COVID-19.

"How many deaths will it take for Trump to take this virus seriously?"

President Trump is not guilty of sending school-age children into the close quarters of the Nation's classrooms. Trump is also not guilty of allowing urban protests and riots to take place. Further, President Trump is not guilty of placing infected COVID patients into nursing home facilities where they infected, and killed, elderly people in New York.

"How many deaths will it take for YOU to take this virus seriously?"

Will you hold Governor Cuomo accountable for killing elderly people who were intentionally exposed to COVID-19? The AP reported that more than 6,400 deaths were linked to Coronavirus in New York’s nursing home and long-term care facilities.

Will you hold Governor Whitmer accountable for her risky policy during the BLM/Antifa protesting and riots? COVID infections will definitely increase. How many deaths will it take for Governor Whitmer to take this virus seriously?

What about the BLM/Antifa free-for-all protests-turned-riots-turned-murders during the watch of Governor of Washing, Jay Inslee? How many deaths will it take for Governor Inslee to take this virus seriously?

Lives matter.

Leftist opinions really don't.

Doc Samson

Good thing the Leftists have settled the science - &

Never, ever admit that something... anything ISN'T Trump's fault, amiright? It's almost like you plug your ears and chant loudly every time a fact doesn't fit in your pre-designated pigeon holes... [rolleyes]


Trump's failures are glaring regularities that do great damage. Nobody has to hunt for them or pick and choose them from out among his good deeds.

Doc Samson

Hey! Good job ignoring science that you don't like! Stay on the right side of history! Go with the mob, crowd, or whatever you're calling them... they always do what's right! Talk about "magic thinking"... [lol]


I'm not the one ignoring science....the vast consensus of what scientists agree upon about this virus.

Doc Samson

"I'm not the one ignoring science..." Mmmkay, I'm sure you spend lot's of time reading contrasting articles and draw your own conclusions... [rolleyes] It's okay, we all know your programming won't allow you to say otherwise, bot...


The Winchester Star has pretty much become the "Associated Press Star." Sad!


Looking at the magic thinking and fact twisting of the Covid "truthers" (most all of whom are Trump supporters), I would say that no amount of deaths will make a difference. They can explain it all away. If 130,000 dead does not cause them to pause and take note, nothing will, I am afraid.

Spock Here

"Many people have said" it's almost like he's putting people at risk on purpose. I cannot imagine why he would do that.....


He’s not, Spock. The man has been put through every ringer y’all can find for almost four years. There is absolutely nothing, anywhere, that our President would wish harm on fellow Americans, and to indicate such is part of the problem.

Spock Here

Thinking this crook and his grifting administration has been put through "every ringer" is playing into his "I'm the victim here" game, and that is part of the problem.

Doc Samson

So weird how the Left's "investigative powers" don't function when it comes to anything Clinton or Obama related... [sleep]


Have you read Trump's twitter comments, redmon?

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