It is unfortunate that we, as patriotic Americans, must endure witnessing by far the most corrupt administration of our lifetime. I was in high school when our nation had to deal with Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal and then the Clinton indiscretions in the 1990s which led to his impeachment in the House of Representatives but these events pale in comparison to what is happening right now.

In spite of the Mueller Report, which was totally misrepresented to the American people before it was redacted and released to the public by our corrupt Attorney General Barr, which basically backed up Democratic accusations that the Trump campaign gleefully accepted Russian disinformation and interference in the 2016 presidential election, but was cowardly watered down by Special Counsel Mueller and forwarded to Congress.

This president proceeded to bribe Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to manufacture dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter. There has been no evidence previously or since that the Bidens did anything wrong, and we heard absolutely nothing about this from the Republicans until Joe Biden emerged as Trump’s main rival.

The whole scheme was a go until a whistleblower initiated an investigation, and then all of a sudden we heard the infamous “I want nothing” “no quid pro quo”. That is until he got caught. Now the Republicans, in a desperate effort to mount some sort of defense of their leader, want to reveal the identity of this person, which is totally irrelevant since the emergence of career diplomats and Trump appointees have volunteered to tell the truth about what they know of this matter.

Trump’s OWN appointees have corroborated these accusations. Mike Pompeo, Mick Mulvaney, Rudolph Guiliani, Ambassador Sondland, Attorney General Barr and others are all in this up to their necks. If not for courageous , patriotic and honest American career diplomats and staffers , the upcoming 2020 elections could have been a repeat of 2016.

We have heard testimony that the Ukraine election interference narrative is actually a narrative created by Vladimir Putin and is being passed along to unwitting Americans by the Republican party and congressional Republicans in particular. If Democrats did this they would be branded communists by Republicans.

The upcoming election will put Republicans on notice. This is the United States of America. As loyal Americans we cannot and will not tolerate this blatant abuse of power not now, not ever. Let us send these political zealots away , far away from public life. Let us impeach them at the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 3 , 2020.

Christopher M. Sosnoski Sr. is a resident of Frederick County.

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I am reminded of religious fanatics who's world would collapse if they had any knowledge of Greek or Hebrew or real biblical scholarship. The Democrats have build up a house of cards based on their own ignorance and willful ignoring of their own past. Of course there is logic behind this ignorance. Their leaders use lies to prop up their their base and keep them riled up. Opposition research is a common thing and not restricted to the Republicans or the military. The Democrat hands are far more dirty than the people they are going after. It kind of reminds me of how upright and pure the members of the Klan portrayed themselves as. But then they were Democrats too.

Spock Here

Once again Sparky delivers his high fructose irony. "Religious fanatics" like those who think your mob boss is the "chosen one"? Using "lies to prop up their base and keep them riled up"--like about 10,000 lies in the past 3 years? Oh, and of course, that notorious democrat David Duke is simply tickled white sheet that tRump is president because he likes that gosh darn klan that has "very fine people" in it. Get a clue Sparky, an attempted bribe is not "opposition research."


If you believe in Humanity, as you espouse, then you should believe that there is some goodness in everyone, Spock. Despite a persons past, the color of your skin, and what they may say yesterday, today, or tomorrow, everyone is capable of being good.


The only political zealots I see are the ones who have been crying "impeach, impeach" for three years.


Impeach Republicans ? What would the Democrats focus on without hatred of their opposition? They can't focus on America's needs now, their positions, their salaries, their power is more important, they have made that blatantly obvious in their constant pursuit of impeaching a Republican President.


Funny how your version of the USA has no mention of Joe Biden and his son, and twist and turn exhaustive investigations to your own conclusion. America has many more serious problems to deal with instead of the Democrats never ending parade of charades.

Spock Here

Joe Biden and his son are not the issue here. Why did congress not open an investigation 3 years ago? Why did beavis not ask his AG to investigate him? I hate to go down memory lane, but, if the last name was Obama in this little slimy mess, would you still say "America has many more serious problems to deal with."?


If Obama were president, we WOULD have a LOT more serious problems.

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