Conservatives generally make up the most economically successful classes in society.

This position gives them a great stake in political outcomes. Conservative thinkers such as Russell Kirk emphasize stability and view tradition, norms, and laws as the conservators of freedom and civil society.

The conservative Hamilton admonished the liberal Jefferson: “Your people, Sir, are a great beast!”

The founders designed a Constitution reflecting their fear of unbridled populism. They established the Electoral College, indirect election of senators (initially), a “checks and balances” system with three independent branches of government.

Yet recently, conservatives appear to have opted for populism.

We now witness appeals to culture wars and division. Xenophobic, anti-immigrant rants are inserted in speeches. The vulnerable and marginalized are subjected to demonization and derision. Racism and police brutality rear their ugly heads. Civil unrest is aggravated by heavy-handed tactics. Clumsy paramilitary operations of dubious legality or surreptitiously unleashed in the dark of night.

The conservative Edmund Burke observed, “We can have civil liberties only to the extent we practice moral restraint.” There is now the absence of moral restraint in high places. The pretense and posing as strong is often unmasked by displays of weak character.

The Founding Fathers were influenced by the Enlightenment, an intellectual approach imbued with rational analysis. Today, science is sidelined if it causes any discomfort for the narrative promoted by politicians.

Facts are no longer relevant as any unpleasant truth is dismissed as fake news. Evidence-based solutions to problems are swept aside to promote candidacy over candor.

Thomas Hobbes posited a “social contract” where some liberty is handed over to government authority in return for the benefits of domestic peace and protection. However, currently, it appears the government itself is disturbing the peace and leaving many to feel not only not protected but actively threatened. Thus the social fabric becomes torn and frayed.

Toward the end of this century, historians are likely to look back at this time with the question: Why did the conservatives destabilize America?

Warren D. Golightly is a resident of Frederick County.

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Bernie Mac

Golightly is full of hot air. Spouting nonsense and lies. He gives no examples of his accusations. Because there are hardly any to quote. But there are plenty of examples of the Democratic Party and its supporters championing rioting, arson, violence and destruction of private and public property. For some reason, Golightly can't see it. Open your eyes and walk away from the Democratic Party. It's not too late.

Doc Samson

@Bernie - They are willingly trapped in their own House of Mirrors where everything is distorted to the point of caricature. It's a disturbingly mentally ill mash-up of 1984 meets the The Outer Limits. It is almost funny to read the fears and musings of writers from the 80's/90's who trembled and wailed anytime conservatives controlled anything. Now that the Left has been in control of almost all media, courts, schools, etc. for the last 2-3 decades, their "cancel culture" has become exactly what they were sooo afraid of and they still portray themselves as victims... [rolleyes]

Spock Here

Oh, yawn at the word salad babble full of idiotic opinions. "Doc" probably thinks he "wins" with this mix of gobblengook (Like glasses or a beard, this mish mash does not make you look intelligent)

Bernie Mac

I understood everything Doc wrote. It wasn't difficult. Perhaps you are just being obstinate. Like a Democrat.

Spock Here

toddlers usually understand other toddlers, while adults cannot

Doc Samson

"toddlers usually understand other toddlers, while adults cannot" You clearly don't know much about human interaction or early childhood development or have the ability to put yourself in another's place...

Any, yeah, I do win because I can carry a rational discussion, see another's POV (usually), admit when I'm wrong (again, usually), etc., like an adult. Also, my glasses and beard boost my IQ by at least 10 points...


Conservatives are NOT anti-immigration. We are anti ILLEGAL immigration. BIG DIFFERENCE. But, I guess when you have no leg to stand on, crying racism and bigotry are your only go-to options.


Yep. That's the rhetoric liberals always fall back on.


I think Sanders was on to something, though he lacked the backbone to stick with it. He called it crony capitalism though in actuality is the old familiar fascism from Roman times. Fascism is actually when big business combines with government to gain control. Big Business provides the money, and Government provides the monopolistic laws to benefit big business. Massive regulations prevent competition creating monopolies such as Google and Facebook. Amazon is not quite there yet but almost. And who is the Government benefiting from the larges of big business? It is not the President. It is both the Dimocrat party and the "protected class" of government employees including Senators and Congressmen needing cash for reelection.

Yes, we are in an age of popularism. We have liberal populism of demonstrations, trashing public areas and rioting, and we have conservative popularism of demonstrations without trashing and without rioting. We have liberal cancel popularism calling for businesses to bow to and support liberal objectives or be destroyed. We have conservative popularism supporting Chick-Fillet and Goya foods.

The liberals have decided on the Communist model of destroying society to rebuild it they way they think best. It has never worked before and has killed hundreds of millions of people in doing so. But why not try again?

The Conservatives say society and civil behavior is worth preserving and a slower evolution of society works just fine as it has in the past. No sense in burning it all down.

john brown

Well put Mr. Golightly, well put.

Spock Here

Conservatives were taken over by greed and kompromat and turned into trump cultists, a toxic combination. Gone is the fiscal conservatism of yore. Replaced by evangelical faux pro lifers. They follow a man who cannot form a sentence, cheats on everyone including his wives, vows to protect suburban housewives from "them", ignores science, and lets Putin do what he wants, because he admires authoritarians. I admire the true conservatives who stand against him.


You have nerve to say trump supporters or trump ignores science when you apparently are pro choice. You can't understand the science that shows life begins at conception? Please. And you willfully overlook the sexual misconduct of biden. Sniffing and groping women and young girls in public. And can't form a coherent sentence if his life depended on it. And refuses to take a mental acuity test. Your comment is full of double standards and hypocrisy. Deal with the issues your candidate has before once again trashing Trump. God forbid Joe is ever given our nuclear codes.

Spock Here

Feel free to get back to us when Joe courts racists, when he marries a former model, when he has an affair or 5 with racy stars, when he plays golf and ignores a pandemic, when he grants Putin tacit permission to pay bounties for allied soldiers, when he breaks every commandment your god blasted down, when he spends his day rage tweeting and slurring his way through a presser, those "yo semites" and "thighland", and has a stream of conciousness babble during an interview, proclaims his superior intelligence for remembering "person, woman, man, camera, tv," when at least 8 people in his current and past administration are indicted, some found guilty, and some jailed. Last but not least when he paints his face a bizzare color, can't walk without weaving, and asks scientists about injecting lysol to cure covid. Until then, isn't there a hydroxychloroquine orgy you have to get to? Don't be late, god forbid.


When Joe courts racists... would you be referring to any of his vocal and active supporters currently demonizing people with white skin?

Doc Samson

Aw, somebody is getting cranky when his candidate is criticized. [lol] Are you capable of any rational thought at this point? I ask seriously because anyone capable of such can n easily see via multiple videos that racist Pedo Joe has a long list of criteria that you all claim to "hate". Weird that you seem VERY willing to go to the mat for him. Irony, thy name is Spock... [lol]

Spock Here

Poor white victim being "demonized" because of white skin...Like a cop shooting you in the back while you're running away? Shot while your asleep by a cop? Shot by white goobers for jogging? Handcuffed "by mistake"? Yeh, it must be rough. Not at all cranky "doc." Amused at the continuous attempts to make Biden into some grotesque version of trump...pointless, and will probably backfire by trump eating his own shoe on camera while ranting about the suburbs. Enjoy your hydroxy! I'll be busy scheduling my hair sniff with Joe.

Bernie Mac

Spock, you are sounding like a racist. Albeit, a black racist.

Doc Samson

"Toward the end of this century, historians are likely to look back at this time with the question: Why did the conservatives destabilize America?"

Uh, what? I guess Warren didn't have a problem with all destabilization in the 50's, 60's, and 70's? True conservatism is the modern day "counter culture" and the Prog-Lefties have become what they claim to hate. Why else would they nominate their very own version of Trump to replace... Trump? The Twilight Zone meets 1984...


Hogwash. Both parties have changed, Mr. Golightly. The fault of Republicans is that they have remained on defense for too long, a side the liberals love to keep them on. Without, at least, the attempt to quell the significant social unrest, where, sir, do you think we would be?

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