After reading about the actions of certain Republican members of the Frederick County Board of Supervisors, I felt compelled to issue this response, which is not devoted to the nonsensical arguments to make a county a “constitutional sanctuary.” The mere proposition of this proposal demonstrates a profound ignorance of the Virginia Constitution, law, and constitutional interpretation. As ignorant and incorrect that argument is, I am far more disturbed by the statements made by Republican leaders in our community.

Prominent Republicans called duly elected Virginia officials “tyrants” and encouraged residents to “take the tyrants out of Richmond and replace them,” to engage in civil disobedience, and to “take our state back.” These Republicans have lobbed incendiary rhetoric against duly elected officials in a manner all too reminiscent of the vitriolic bile spewed in the prelude to the January 6 insurrection. It is an embarrassing low for our county.

We are a democracy. This means that there is a vote for who governs, and the individuals with the most support win. If someone you do not like wins, that is not tyranny. It is democracy. If an issue is voted upon and you do not get your way, that is not tyranny. It is democracy. Somehow, prominent Republicans in this county have confused democracy with tyranny and terrorism with patriotism.

Further, the idea of “taking back Virginia” raises a question that these same Republicans fear to address in the cold light of day. From whom must Virginia be taken back? Those who disagree with them? But what if the people who disagree with these supervisors make up the majority of the state? How is a minority seizing control of a government from a majority in any way democratic? That is the action of a military junta, not a democracy.

Time and time again, it is Republican members of this community who call out for undemocratic, totalitarian action. The Frederick County Board of Supervisors is entirely Republican. You do not see Democrats calling for individuals to “take out the tyrants” and take back our county. Despite believing those Republicans to be incompetent, Democrats do not call for their illegal ouster. This is the sickness of the Republican party — it festers nationally and has sadly reached our county as well.

Delmara "Deetzie" Bayliss of Frederick County is the Democratic candidate for the 29th District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates in the Nov. 2 election.

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Be thankful Congresswoman Weston was elected and will likely be re-elected. Otherwise we could get someone like Trump: a narcissist, sociopath, pathological liar, bigoted racist, and sexual predator. We can add traitorous sniveling coward, too.


🥱. Please stop boring us. If Republicans had a majority in Virginia, you’d be singing a different and likely traitorous song 🎵. It appears all you can do in whine.

Old Western Man

Predictably vapid. Particularly entertaining though, Ms. Bayliss decries her oppositions “incendiary rhetoric” as she parrots incendiary phrases such as “insurrection”, “terrorism”, “military junta”, and “totalitarian”. Perhaps Ditzy should check her own rhetoric before pontificating to those who’s vote she seeks.

Civil disobedience, is as old as the American Republic. When tyrants trample upon the rights of a political minority, they should be opposed. This is as true today as it was in 1960, 1860, or 1760. History suggests we dismiss such movements at our peril. Taking power back from tyrants is a proud American (Liberty or Death) and Virginian (Sic Semper Tyrannis) tradition.

Aside from the prescribed Article V amendment process. The US Constitution and Bill of Rights are not up for a vote, ever. State Constitution amendments are on occasion, but not via Governor or General Assembly fiat. Such is the beauty of a Constitutional Republic’s protection of the rights of a political minority from Democracy’s tyranny of a political majority.


Except that the majority seems absolute when held by the GOP. Show me in the Constitution where the Senate had any power to withhold a vote on Supreme Court nominations by a sitting President.

Now, Republicans want their power to be absolute under the auspices of the filibuster. McConnell needs a fresh diaper every time its abolition is brought up. They want their power to be absolute by authorizing state senates to overturn any elections that do not go the way of the GOP.

So, please do talk to us about tyranny.


A left wing radical progressive is not reason to be disqualified. You throw around big words where you don’t even know the meaning. Did you get your cue from tRump today where mouth frothing Neanderthals are told what garbage to spew?

Not that any of you have an original thought.

Old Western Man

Entertaining your bogus unrelated distractions, the advise and consent clause is not a rubber stamp for Senate action. The Constitution does not dictate how the Senate is to fulfill advise and consent, and the history of the body clearly reflects that they have and can withhold a vote if they so choose.

As for the filibuster, that is a political tool as old as the Roman Republic. Our Senate incorporated the rule as a mechanism to ensure that there was broad support for momentous legislation affecting all citizens, rather than the narrowest of political majorities merely inflicting their legislative will upon a political minority. This higher bar helps stabilize society from radical legislation swings and immense societal disruptions each time political power shifts.

As for State legislatures role in the election process, that is at the crux of the 2020 election concerns. Please precisely cite how the GOP is authorizing state senates to overturn elections.

In every instance, one illegitimate vote disfranchises one legitimate vote. For those that claim to care about the sanctity of voting, not ensuring each vote is legal thoroughly discredits that stated objective.


Which states are trying to use their legislature to overturn elections? Most actively, Arizona:

Texas Republicans called on state legislatures to overturn results after the election. Then, 17 GOP led states tried to encourage the Supreme Court to overturn the election. Zero evidence to support their claims then. Zero evidence to support their claims now.

As for Advise and Consent. The framers put this in to ensure small states had a say in the appointment process, not so a single party could outright obstruct the other. When Republicans continually filibustered court appointees, Harry Reid eliminated the filibuster for all but Supreme Court nominees. Even he understood the importance of those appointments. But McConnell eliminated the filibuster for those appointments to jam Neil Gorsuch through the system. The intent of Advise and Consent was never to obstruct without cause. Here, instead of me explaining it, read it for yourself in Federalist 76. Pay particular attention to the 3rd paragraph from the bottom: The GOP led Senate not even “considering” Merrick Garland tells me they have no true concept of Constitutional intent.

Voter fraud? Ha Ha Ha. Even the ultra-right Heritage Foundation found only 1328 “confirmed” cases of voter fraud out of 155 million votes cast in 2020. (Actually some of these had nothing to do with ballots cast, but rather people trying to get onto a ballot and falsifying signatures on petitions or other infractions). The Washington Post reports that there were fewer than 2 dozen. Here, read a little truth on the situation: But I am curious about why you do not consider what the former guy and the GOP did to subvert the will of voters in the last election as voter fraud? In fact, trying to negate at least 8 million votes nationwide (or “just 11,780 votes” in Georgia) is far worse than a convicted felon trying to cast a vote.

We can argue the merits of the filibuster all day long. However, in tradition it was, as the Senate itself calls it, “talking a bill to death”. Why not reinstate the requirement that you stand before the floor if you want to filibuster? My biggest concern is around Constitutional issues such as voting rights. If the GOP wants to subvert voting rights by “filibustering” legislation, then go to the floor and present your case or elimnate the filibuster for legislation that concerns voting issues. Why are Republicans so afraid of ensuring a person’s right to vote?

On second thought, maybe I should be more concerned about voter fraud:

Old Western Man

[rolleyes] @CG As expected, much ado about nothing. One obscure Representative nobody knows outside of Tuscon is hardly the GOP. That said, according to your article her bill does have some positive merits for electoral recording and transparency. Sounds like a credible point for some legislative compromise. Certainly you aren’t opposed to electoral transparency, or are you.

As for challenging election outcomes let us not disingenuously pretend that 2020 is the first, when we have the election hysteria of 2016 and 2000 to fondly reminisce over. Or more significantly the election of 1876. These states challenged and they lost, big deal. Move on.

Regarding the Senate employing the filibuster to block appointments, a 2011 Congressional Research Service report documents 13 nominations never reached the Senate floor and another 13 that reached the floor never received a final vote. The hyper-judicial activist Garland must be lucky 14.

Good of you to concede that voter fraud exists. One is too many, but 1328 disfranchised voters will be glad to know that you and your ilk don’t care a whit for their voting rights. Why are democrats so afraid of protecting the voting rights of legitimate voters.


"Ditzy"? That shows us all of the character you possess if in your opening statements you make misogynist remarks.

Good bye.


Delmara Bayliss showed that she is a left wing, radical, progressive. To me, she has clearly disqualified herself as a candidate with her rant. The voters do NOT want another Wexton who only represents progressives and has her own agenda. If you want democracy and you want a voice, then do not vote for Bayliss. Agendas don't want to listen.




🥱. Boring again. Deflect again. Not defend your positions again. Those of the Trump Cult of Lies and Conspiracies are rather useless. They’re in no position to criticize.


The founding father of the Republican party, Abraham Lincoln, spoke of "government of the people, by the people, for the people." The leaders of the Republican party today reject that, apparently believing that the people are not to be trusted. Their motto is "government of Trump and his toadies, by Trump and his toadies, and for Trump and his toadies."

Spock Here

Al Gore and Hillary Clinton did not call for people to come to DC and "fight like He*l" and promote an attempted coup.

Catherine Giovannoni

Ms. Bayliss makes excellent points.




Oops.....More socialist noise. America haters.


You cant define socialism. Stop using words you dont know


Do you even understand the difference between a political system and an economic system?


He doesnt know what that is. He just knows his daddy used them words "back in the day" and spat after every time he said them. Amazing that his daddy is now on Social Security.


The more you write, the more you prove that you know very, very little except the progressive close-minded groupthink you gorge on daily. Can you even come up with ONE original idea or thought? So typical. So boring.


🥱🥱🥱. Is that Rightside babbling? People who live in Fantasy Lands of Lies and Conspiracies that undermine our Democracy just aren’t taken real seriously.

They’re treated as the dangerous traitors they are.

Ken Kovach



The GOP is now fully the party of cowards. They fear democracy. They fear losing their elected positions. They fear non-white votes. They fear any change in societal mores. They fear non-Christian beliefs (ironic since they uphold beliefs completely in contrast to the Christian beliefs I was taught). They fear science. They fear poverty for themselves. They fear public examination of their actions. They fear…themselves.

Virginia has changed. More of us have opened our eyes to what is right and just. We have opened our eyes to what actually functions in a democratic society, and I don’t think we will be going back to the dark ages of our history. Rather than pretending you can turn back the calendar, Republicans should accept these changes and let go of the culture wars. Present some useful ideas for a change. Democracy by its very nature is a “liberal” idea. Imagine how much more so that was true 250 years ago. And yet we hear Republicans cite the founding fathers as if it is justification for repression and suppression. We were founded to be a “liberal” nation. To be a light against the monarchies and autocracies of the 18th century. Republicans represent a movement to return to living under the rule of King George. Where a handful of elites burdened the general population with paying the price of their high living. Paying the price of their wars. People like Donald Trump got 5 medical deferments during the Vietnam War while playing tennis, but a lot of kids from Winchester went and fought like they were ordered to do and some never came home. Upton Finley Ashley, Lawrence Eugene Fletcher, Charles Herbert Hodson Jr., John Franklin Morrison Jr., Donald Keith Powell, Robert Allen Washington, and I am sure there are some I have missed. It always amazes me how so many war thumpers are from the GOP, but when I check their backgrounds, they have no military service. Absolute gun-wielding heroes in their own minds.

Ms. Bayliss states this correctly. The fear driving the call to “take back Virginia” comes from only one side. The cowards unwilling to stand for the democratic ideals of our nation.




And these same Republicans would force in the same racist voting suppression laws if they had the majority. They are dangerous people.

john brown



Exactly. This pandemic was an "inconveience" to a lot of people; to insinuate that Richmond had some insidious plot to subvert the democratic system is preposterous. Why are our local supervisors having this tantrum?


Remember, Bryan, their “leader” tRump threw/throws tantrums when he didn’t/doesn’t get his way. This is who they follow.

For a grown man who is a politician to throw a tantrum over a loss and now his actions threaten the very foundation of our democracy seems absurd.

It is happening.


They are like six-year-olds.


Bryan you owe 6 year olds everywhere an apology! :)


True. [beam]

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