The following is the text of an email I sent Tuesday morning to Frederick County Board Chairman Charles DeHaven and Gainesboro District Supervisor Douglas McCarthy:

The front page of today’s Winchester Star has an article about the possibility of Frederick County shifting to the State of West Virginia under a long ago but still valid U.S. Supreme Court decision.

Given the collapse of integrity and respect for Constitutional rights now on display in Richmond, I STRONGLY SUPPORT the concept of a plebiscite here, NOW. We would not be leaving Virginia — Virginia is leaving us!

I would eagerly vote for such a shift and believe it would command very widespread support. Indeed, if something like this does not take place my wife and I are now buying a home in Berkeley Springs and will shift our legal residence to West Virginia anyway to rid ourselves or Northam, Herring, and the rest of the “liberal loonies.”

Please read The Star article and consider bringing this concept before the Board of Supervisors for action.

It’s too bad all the counties up and down the Shenandoah Valley and I-81 corridor can’t vote on such a proposition. The extremism in Richmond is going to lead inexorably to the partition of the once proud “Old Dominion.”

Louis H. Knapp is a resident of Frederick County.

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Good Morning, The letter says you will leave. I doubt you will once you realize they pay higher state, local, and gas taxes for less services. We will see you in Winchester when you have any health issues.

Why is there so much hate out there. VA is changing more that I expected and in many ways more than I want but it is still a state I doubt I will ever leave and my guns are not going away.

I might just be required to do a background check or only buy one once a month. If I need a background check for everything else in life why not a gun.


If people would prefer to be residents of W. Virginia rather than Virginia, nothing prohibits them from moving.


You could always move to Richmond, cuphaus. Blue nanny-state city, jack-hammering history, eroding rights in favor of state'd probably love it there.

Spock Here

Yep, all the coal they desire, no "city slicker majority rule". No Marxist socialist blue nannies lurking to snatch them. Why would they want to stay, after all.


The real problem, Spock, is that blue state snowflakes are never content with letting people matter where they move. Nanny statists are not happy until they can force their way on everyone else.

Spock Here

Oh my, I think, if I understand them correctly, the blue nanny socialist Marxist followers of Lenin feel that WVa deserves all the trump cultists they can get so the cultists are out of their blue snowflake hair. There the cultists can await the Rapture. Have fun!


Better the rapture than the ripoffture the demokrat socialist Marx loving statists offer. Thank you Spock for agreeing that leftists are detrimental to true liberty and justice.

Spock Here

And I thank you for showing us all your lack of reading comprehension skills, as well as your spelling deficiencies, on a daily basis.


Oh Spock, if Iyou liberal elitists couldn't feel superior to someone else, how would you be able to live with yourselves? Glad I can be of help. Thank you, in turn, for being our local CNN. The more you speak, the more normal people tune you out.

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