My name is Josh Ludwig and I am the Republican nominee in Shawnee District for the Frederick County Board of Supervisors. I am running to fight for full transparency in our county government, and to ensure that traditional family values and individual rights are not trampled upon by mandates, infringements, or private agendas. Every business is essential, and every child deserves a fully open school free from political indoctrination.

I decided to run for supervisor because I agreed with many others that recent county actions were contrary to the community’s beliefs and desires. I disagreed with raising taxes on our family-run restaurants at the height of the pandemic, for example. I was dismayed by the lack of transparency on decisions and spending. I want county spending to be fully transparent, so we can identify and eliminate waste, prevent corruption, and focus our spending where we want it. I want to know my children are attending schools that are focused on education, not political subjects mandated by Richmond.

I ask for your vote as someone who has no personal or professional conflict of interest. I have no business within this county, nor do I get paid by Frederick County. Unlike one of my opponents, I have no conflict of interest requiring me to promise to recuse myself from any votes. Conflicts of interest lead to bad government, and recusals mean Shawnee District loses its vote on important matters.

I believe our county government should work to defend all our rights against state or federal infringement. The board should resist state guidelines that do not match our values and should push back especially hard against mandates that we believe are unconstitutional. We cannot afford to have our businesses, schools, and churches shut down again. This trend of the state declaring it knows better than Frederick County how we should live, and taking away our right to live as we choose, is dangerous.

Our board joined the vast majority of Virginia counties in declaring us a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Yet soon thereafter Frederick County became the first county in Virginia to enforce Red Flag laws — an enforcement that was immediately overturned by a judge. An opponent of mine said that he works for a Constitutional Office and doesn’t like Red Flag laws, but that such laws must be enforced because Richmond said so. This is exactly wrong. Unconstitutional laws should not be enforced — that’s the point of a Constitutional Office.

These are just a few areas where your vote will make a difference. A vote for me is a vote for freedom, for small and effective government without conflict of interest, and for a conservative voice on many other issues. You deserve to see where every tax dollar is spent. You deserve to live as you choose, not by decrees from Richmond or Washington. I will fight for these principles.

Josh Ludwig is a resident of Frederick County and Republican nominee for the Shawnee District seat on the Frederick County Board of Supervisors.

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john brown

Get rid of the right wing nuts on the BOS .... Vote Kennedy!

Vote Blue to bring sanity back to Frederick County


Other than the daily crossword, I always enjoy the usual cast of characters here trying desperately to change someone's mind. The obvious futility is the best part.


While the excuse makers continue to deride the citizen's candidate, you have to check their credentials. To them, big government, unchecked is the answer. They never apologize for the harm the Left is doing to our children, our tax payers, and our small businesses. To them, only they, the elite, know what is best for you. How about a citizen being involved in the decision making? He has all the skills necessary other than being a politician out to get rich. Josh is a real person, a real American with four children who during the shutdown, looked at his children's school assignments and was horrified at what he saw the school teaching and not teaching. The Left doesn't want to talk about that. The enormous spending is wide open to corruption with it's secrecy. He is a project manager in aerospace and has the skills to oversee our community's spending. And best of all, unlike the liberals deriding him here, he is a conservative family values guy.


OK Ludwig is a nice guy. Other than that what are his issues? (None) What is his plan (keep Frederic County mired in mediocrity). What is his reason for running? (The GOP was not radical enough?). What is his purpose? (interfere with School Board decisions). Are we that dumb to fall for the fake politicians again? Wasn't Biden bad enough?

john brown

this from a January 6, 2021 traitor who supported the coup....


Did you know his stepchildren turned Sparky in to the FBI?

Doc Samson

#noonecares! Please take your irrelevancy elsewhere, l'il peenut...


What are your credentials, Sparky?


Thank-you Mr. Ludwig! A vote for you is a vote for sanity to return to the constituents that live in our beautiful Frederick County. The FCPS is blindly following whatever comes out of Richmond and this is unacceptable. We need strong leadership for our children so they can grow to become respectful, hard-working, constructive, decent, and productive members of society; something we are used to as Americans living in the USA that catapulted us to greatness. You have my vote!


Unfortunately for missliberty, Ludwig is not running for the School Board. The Frederick County Tea Party went out and found the most far right radical candidate that they could find to attempt to drive a wedge in county business. Frederick County can not tolerate the radical views that Josh Ludwig espouses.

Vote for Warren Gosnell and bring civility back to our Board of Supervisors and give a voice back to the taxpayer!!


Sorry to differ with you GreaterThanScott, but Josh Ludwig is a successful engineer that will bring a no-nonsense approach to a local government that will improve efficiency and decency. As a Board of Supervisor, he will ask for transparency in our FCPS school budgets to uncover the corruption and wasteful spending that exists e.g., equity curricula. Currently, the evil that exists in our nation today is being uncovered and is quite transparent for all to see. I was surprised to hear that Gosnell defends and supports the Red Flag Law. He followed the law to the letter to convict a local Winchester lawful gun owner. It back fired, no charges were filed, and the judge overturned it immediately. Gosnell should have initially pushed back on this 'over reach' and flawed law but never did. Ludwig would have, and that is one of the many reasons he has my vote.

john brown

josh will spend his time and efforts continuing to support the Big Lie and the author of the Big Lie. fighting against the federal and state governments about issues having nothing to do with the needs and advancement of Frederick County residents


Meanwhile as john brown rehashes old, broken DNC talking points ignoring the fact that his guy will bring more of the bad, broken Biden policies to Frederick County. We have seen the destruction of the Biden administration in 10 short months, we do not need more of that in Frederick County.

Let's get back to responsible representation in Frederick County and vote for Warren Gosnell and give the taxpayers a voice in their government again!!

Old Western Man

How revolutionary in a world craving serfdom. Well said Mr. Ludwig! Count me onboard. [thumbup][thumbup]

john brown

"serfdom"?.....this from tRump cultists is laughable

Catherine Giovannoni

A vote for Mr. Ludwig is a vote for more of the same. More of the same wasted time and tax dollars as the Board of Supervisors fights Fox's silly culture wars instead of focusing on the needs of Frederick County. More of the same juvenile shouting matches and nasty personality wars. More off the same refusal to serve the needs of ALL of Frederick County's residents. Fortunately, the voters in Shawnee have a chance to rid the county of the one-party rule that has led to our Board of Supervisors being an embarrassment. They can vote for Richard Kennedy who has the maturity, the Chamber of Commerce experience, and the vision to do what's right for Frederick County. Please vote for Richard Kennedy.




Fortunately for the voters in the Shawnee District they do have an option so that they are not supporting big party politics. Richard Kennedy will bring the failing Biden agenda closer to home in Frederick County. They are doing enough damage nationally and statewide. The Frederick County taxpayers have a choice in voting against partisan politics and give a voice back to the taxpayers in voting for Warren Gosnell. Mr. Gosnell is not beholden to any political party and can focus 100% on doing the taxpayers business for the benefit of the taxpayers.

Vote for Warren Gosnell for Shawnee District representative on the Board of Supervisors!!


OK Gosnell is a nice guy. Other than that what are his issues? (None) What is his plan (continue as is). What is his reason for running? (gain enough experience to run for sheriff). What is his purpose? (draw votes away from Republicans). Are we that dumb to fall for the fake politicians again? Wasn't Biden bad enough?


Here you go DavidSparkman, google is your friend....

No we are not dumb enough to fall for fake politicians again, that is why we see through the Tea Party's efforts to disguise Josh Ludwig as something other than the radical, right winger that he is.

Warren Gosnell will bring a voice back to the Frederick County taxpayer with no ties to either of the local partisan political parties. It is time to bring government back to the people!!


Is Sparky no longer "backing the blue"? How shocking...

Doc Samson

Oh, my! If this is crazy, radical, right wing ideology, sign me up! [lol]

Well said, sir! [thumbup]

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